At this moment, whether you’re physically coupled up with your Twin Flame or not, their Higher Self is right here with you. They are always available to communicate with you. You can receive guidance, support and love from your Twin Flame at any time when you tap into their Higher Self.

This is something many students of Twin Flame Ascension School do. And, who knows? Maybe you’ve done it naturally and just were not aware of it!

In fact, Shaleia often naturally channels Jeff and Grace without intending to, because it feels normal. You and your Twin Flame are One eternally, so it should always feel natural to channel their Higher Self. You don’t need to be “special” to do it.

What is Twin Flame Channeling?

Twin Flame channeling is the ability to connect with your heart space, in that place where you are already One with your Twin Flame. Is the place inside of you where you know who you are as a Divine being. Is the place within you where you KNOW you can’t be separate from God, nor from your Twin Flame. You find this place through the heart, not the mind or psychic ability.

How Twin Flame channeling looks like

Twin Flame channeling is always going to bring forth messages that are most relevant for your life right at that moment. For example, when Jeff and Shaleia were really focused on their life purpose, her third Twin Flame, Grace -their daughter- was communicating with them. This happened naturally as a result of coming into Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Grace was already working together with them in their life purpose, even though she hadn’t been born yet. Shaleia communicates with Jeff and Grace in her heart. Through this Twin Flame channeling, Grace helps Jeff and Shaleia with their mission.

Get started with Twin Flame channeling

Before Jeff and Shaleia came into Union, Shaleia was always tapping into Jeff’s Higher Self. Shaleia did that by getting quiet and finding a silent, safe space. For example, this could be your bedroom or even your yard if you can’t get a quiet moment in the house. If it makes you comfortable you can turn on some meditation music, light some candles, or set out some crystals. Do whatever creates sacred space for you.

Then get really quiet and go within. It might help to have a notebook and pen to write down any messages your Twin Flame has for you. The messages might be symbolic. For example, Shaleia created a poetry book a year before she met Jeff, and she channeled beautiful Twin Flame poetry simply by tuning into the place where she and Jeff were One. She knew that it wasn’t just her writing poetry about Jeff, it was Jeff and Shaleia writing poetry about each other.

Jeff was tuning into Shaleia too, even though he was not doing it the same way. Before he met Shaleia, Jeff wasn’t deliberately going into trance states to communicate with Shaleia’s Higher Self. Yet he was still able to tap into that love in his core. Twin Flame channeling is about tuning into your Twin Flame’s essence to co-create with their Higher Self.

Does my Twin Flame know I am channeling them?

Your Twin Flame is not necessarily going to know that you are doing this. They won’t suddenly call you and say, “Hey, were you just channeling my Higher Self?”

Channeling your Twin Flame’s Higher Self is more like tuning in a radio station. The signal is there for you to “catch it”, listen to it, but no one at the radio station will be tracking down on your radio to see if you were listening to them.

twin flame higher self

When you channel your Twin Flame’s Higher Self, you’re calling in the love that is them. And all that your Twin Flame is exists in that loving space, even if your Twin Flame is not physically aware that you are calling them in.

So you don’t have to look at your watch and go, “Oh, it’s 6 o’clock and he’s still at work. I’d better wait to channel my Twin Flame after he goes home.” No, you can channel your Twin Flame at any time. This isn’t like using a cell phone. You are communicating with the ever-present love that is your Twin Flame. So all you need to do is tune into your heart space and connect with them. It’s very simple. You can have conversations with them there. Just don’t expect them to make you a sandwich. It’s not like texting or talking, it’s sharing love.

Twin Flame channeling is a very sacred moment to have. This experience can really encourage you to keep choosing your Twin Flame Union, because in the moment you’ll know this is real, that Twin Flames aren’t an imaginary experience. You will feel the difference between imagination and intuition.

Does your Twin Flame go through the same things as you?

Oftentimes, people believe Twin Flames to be carbon copies of one another. However, this isn’t entirely true. As Jeff and Shaleia explain it in their book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, Twin Flames are complements to the one soul blueprint. 

What is your Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is the purest, most evolved form of your consciousness. It represents your Divine essence, free from fear, limitations and distractions of the physical world. Is who you are at the core of your being.

Connecting with your Higher Self allows you to tap into your inner wisdom and align with your life’s purpose.

Is your Twin Flame your Higher Self?

No, your Twin Flame is not your Higher Self, they do share you the same One consciousness with you, though. This is what makes it possible for you to tap into this space, and connect to their Higher Self.

Do you have the same soul?

Yes, you do. Twin Flames are created in a way that allows each of you to incarnate a polarity. You are either a Divine Masculine or a Divine Feminine, regardless of the gender of your body. Every Twin Flame set is created that way as every Union is meant to represent the Oneness that is God. 

You can always discover whether you are a Divine Masculine or a Divine Feminine by exploring what feels good when expressing your own unique self.  

Is your Twin Flame your other half?

The concept of “other half” is often mentioned when it comes to romantic relationships. However, this is not how Twin Flames are created. This is because Twin Flames are complements, rather than missing pieces from each other. 

twin flame higher self

You are already whole in as an individual, and so is your Twin Flame.  But when you come together, you become more of who you are. You can now be the full expression of who you are as a Divine being.

How do I know who my real Twin Flame is?

Revealing your True Twin Flame is a process. This revealing can actually only be possible when you choose to heal whatever your Twin Flame is showing you. 

Your Twin Flame isn’t only your perfect Divine complement, they are also your most perfect mirror. This means, they are a mirror to the thoughts and believes you hold in your consciousness. Addressing these thoughts and feelings that aren’t aligned with love is what makes it possible to know who your True Twin Flame is in real life. In our community, we do this with the Mirror Exercise, which is the most effective tool to assist us in our healing. 

Do they have the same personality as you?

While twin flames often share striking similarities in their personalities, it’s important to note that they are not identical. They may have common interests, values, and even quirks, but they also possess distinct individual traits.

The beauty of a twin flame connection lies in the harmonious blending of these similarities and differences. It’s a dynamic interplay that allows both individuals to grow and evolve while cherishing the unique qualities that make each of them who they are.

Do they feel the same as you?

Yes and no. While you are two individuals who share one soul-blueprint, you each have their own personal experiences. And while these experiences will be very similar to each other, how you feel about them will be personal to each of you, as it depends on what your personal experiences are. 

twin flame higher self

Become a Divine Channel

Channeling your and your Twin Flame’s Higher Self is actually a very natural thing, since you are One at the core. This means you are always in communication with them, regardless of whether you are actually talking to them or not yet.

Jeff and Shaleia’s body of work teach you how to open up and deepen your channeling abilities. This is the purpose of the Teachings of Union: helping you heal the illusion of separation. You won’t just learn how to communicate with your their Higher Self, you will also learn how to talk with God. These teachings provide everything you’ll ever need for your journey, helping you to cultivate a wonderful life of Love.

twin flame higher self

Transcribed from the video “HOW TO CHANNEL YOUR TWIN FLAME’S HIGHER SELF” by Jeff and Shaleia, November 2019. Edited by Déborah Bassow, September 2023.

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