At this moment, whether you’re physically coupled up with your Twin Flame or not, their higher self is right here with you. They are completely available to communicate with you. You can always receive guidance, support and love from your Twin Flame when you tap into their higher self.

This is something many of us do at Twin Flame Ascension School. Maybe you’ve done it naturally and just not noticed it! In fact, Shaleia often naturally channels Jeff and Grace without intending to, because it feels normal.

You and your Twin Flame are one eternally, so it should always feel natural to channel their higher self. You don’t need to be “special” to do it.

What Twin Flame channeling looks like

What does it mean to channel your Twin Flame’s higher self? It means you are tapping into their essence, their divine self. You are communicating with the place where you and your Twin Flame are already one. You find this place through the heart, not the mind or psychic ability.

Twin Flame channeling is always going to bring forth messages that are most relevant for your life right in that moment. For example, Jeff and Shaleia are currently really focused on their life purpose, their mission. This happens naturally as a result of coming into Harmonious Union. Grace, Jeff and Shaleia’s third Twin Flame and their daughter, is working together with them in their life purpose even though she is not born yet. Shaleia communicates with Jeff and Grace in her heart. Through this Twin Flame channeling, Grace helps Jeff and Shaleia with their mission.

Get started with Twin Flame channeling

Before Jeff and Shaleia came into Union, Shaleia was always tapping into Jeff’s higher self. Shaleia did that by getting quiet and finding a silent, safe space. For example, this could be your bedroom or even your yard if you can’t get a quiet moment in the house. If it makes you comfortable you can turn on some meditation music or light some candles, or set out some crystals. Do whatever creates sacred space for you.

Then get really quiet and go within. It might help to have a notebook and pen to write down any messages your Twin Flame has for you. The messages might be symbolic! Shaleia created a poetry book a year before she met Jeff, and she channeled beautiful Twin Flame poetry simply by tuning into the place where she and Jeff were one. She knew that it wasn’t just her writing poetry about Jeff, it was Jeff and Shaleia writing poetry about each other.

And Jeff was tuning into Shaleia too, even he was not doing it the same way. Before he met Shaleia, Jeff wasn’t deliberately going into trance states to communicate with Shaleia’s higher self. Yet he was still able to tap into that love in his core. Twin Flame channeling is about tuning into your Twin Flame’s essence to co-create with their higher self.

Your Twin Flame is not necessarily going to know that you are doing this. They won’t suddenly call you and say, “Hey, you were just writing poetry with my higher self, right?” It’s like tuning into Jesus and then expecting Jesus to swoop down on you, saying, “Hey, what’s up? I was hanging out with my Twin Flame but you called me in, so I had to come to say hello! And don’t worry, you’re not the only one calling me in. I have 9 million appointments today!” When you channel Jesus, you’re calling in the love that is Jesus, just like you’re calling the love that is your Twin Flame. And all that is them exists there in that love, even if your Twin Flame is not physically aware that you are calling them in.

So you don’t have to look at your watch and go, “Oh, it’s 6 o’clock and he’s still at work. I’d better wait to channel my Twin Flame after he goes home.” No, you can channel your Twin Flame at any time. This isn’t like using a cell phone. You are communicating with the ever-present love that is your Twin Flame.

And so all you need to do is tune into your heart space and connect with them. It’s very simple. You can have conversations with them there. Just don’t expect them to make you a sandwich. It’s not like texting or talking, it’s sharing love. And in communicating with that love, that essence, you can know them, you can feel them and you can connect to them. You can ask your Twin Flame questions. It’s very real. These are real feelings and real experiences.

So that’s how you can channel your Twin Flame’s higher self. Find a quiet and safe space, go within your heart, and set the intention to connect with your Twin Flame. When you set that intention, you can be open to receiving the feelings and energy and all that is being communicated. You can talk to them there and hear them respond back. You can write it down on a piece of paper or just hold it firmly in your heart.

Twin Flame channeling is a very sacred moment to have. This experience can really encourage you to keep choosing your Twin Flame Union, because in the moment you’ll know this is real, that Twin Flames aren’t an imaginary experience. You will feel the difference between imagination and intuition.

Learn how to become a Divine Channel

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Transcribed from the video “HOW TO CHANNEL YOUR TWIN FLAME’S HIGHER SELF” by Jeff and Shaleia.