When Mercury goes into retrograde motion, you tend to hear about it more than most other astrological events. In astrology, Mercury rules commerce, travel, and one other extremely important facet of any relationship: communication.

This Mercury Retrograde begins on January 30th and lasts until February 20th in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. Last year Mercury mostly was retrograde in water signs, which emphasized emotional healing around communication. This year, Mercury is going retrograde in air signs, which emphasizes knowledge and getting things done in an organized manner as it pertains to communication. The sign of Aquarius highlights communicating on a social level.

On your Twin Flame journey, an important component to master is friendship. Your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Lover and also your best friend. As such, they teach you how to have healthy relationships with others, and it’s attractive to your Twin Flame when you have this ability truly mastered. Mercury being in Aquarius is a great opportunity to gain a new level of mastery in your ability to communicate on a social level, and this ability will, in turn, strengthen and help to further harmonize your Twin Flame Union, as well.

Mercury in retrograde motion is going to affect everyone a little differently, depending on a number of factors in your birth chart, one thing you can easily look at for clues is what house Aquarius is in on your chart, as each house represents specific themes in your life. For the most part, it’s a time to reconsider and refine how you allow knowledge to come to you from the divine.

The planetary symbol of Mercury is derived from the Caduceus, the same symbol used in medicine, and was originally a staff that the Greek Messenger of the Gods, Hermes, carried with him. One way to understand what Mercury represents in your life is to see it as the phenomenon of receiving divine communication and sharing it. This is why Mercury Retrograde is infamous for technological issues. Technology, in its highest realized state, is one way that communications and connections are received and shared. A breakdown in communication and a breakdown in your phone, for instance, could go hand in hand.

But that doesn’t mean that you need to fear that your beloved laptop is going to start rebelling against you. It’s important to bring God into the equation here because if you begin to see that everything has a divine purpose, you can choose to receive the gift being presented through each circumstance that unfolds in your life. You can also choose healthy communication and connection in your life, and remain present as your reality aligns to this love-based choice.

During the retrograde period, a planet, in this case Mercury, appears to move backward. This is akin to retracing your steps and refining your vibration. It’s a good time to address unfinished projects, reorganize, and put some extra attention into how you communicate your message on a social and personal level.

The other side to communication is listening and receiving, otherwise, it’s a pretty one-sided connection. This can equally be a great time to bring extra awareness to how you acquire knowledge and bring refinement by being discerning about your sources of information. You can also pay attention to what you are listening to when others share themselves and speak. Are you holding space? Ready to jump to a conclusion? Bringing your presence to each new opportunity to connect signals to the Universe that you are loving and open toward a healthy connection. This is magnetic to your Twin Flame, as it helps to ground your Union more deeply in something bigger than just you and them as One. Mercury in Aquarius has a more social tone, so healing that you do around connecting socially is inevitably paying dividends into the foundation of your Union and amplifying attraction between you and your beloved.

This Mercury Retrograde also encompasses Valentine’s Day, and it’s the perfect time to explore what romantic connection and communication means to you and to watch each lesson in the Romance Attraction e-Course to go deeper on becoming an expert on how to live each moment romancing yourself. Who doesn’t want to be an expert at romance?

Society is shifting, but for the most part has taught that romance comes from another, from outside of you. However, even your beloved Twin Flame is not your source for romance and you never need to wait around for them to bring you chocolate and flowers, or whatever the equivalent is that satisfies your heart’s desires. You can give to yourself the sweetest, most decadent love, as it flows through you from the divine. Connecting with yourself in this way, and then following up with any actions that you feel guided to take, like making yourself a nice meal or buying yourself a well-deserved gift is empowering and helps to reinforce that love is happening right now for you, not later down the road. Your Twin Flame shares the desire for true romance with you and is naturally attracted to the real you who is self-loving.

The energy of Mercury in Aquarius going retrograde reminds you that your Harmonious Twin Flame Union has a bigger purpose than just you being with your beloved. There is a vibration of love that you offer to the social sphere and can potentially infuse into all of your relationships from a balanced foundation of peace. Perhaps remembering that Union is also a humanitarian pursuit will give you even more incentive at this time to continue to deepen your self-love and utilize the Mirror Exercise as any upsets arise in your reality.

Remember the words of Rumi for inspiration during this Mercury Retrograde: “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.”

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