The Twin Flame Healing Meditations Series is made up of three audio tracks:

Track 1: Clearing Your Chakras for Inner Clarity

Track 2: Healing Old Relationship Wounds Meditation

Track 3: The Twin Flame Healing Meditation

Each meditation is designed to be listened to sequentially in a highly focused manner for maximum benefit. This series takes you deeper into your the consciousness Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Due to the extremely potent and powerful nature of the meditations,

we ask that you do not listen to these tracks while you operate a vehicle.

Twin Flame Healing Meditations

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You will benefit most from this series if you use it daily as part of your spiritual practice. Take about 30 minutes to sit in highly focused meditation and listen through the whole CD once each day. We recommend you do this daily practice at either the start or end of your day for maximum benefit. You can use this to either be the forefront of your whole day, or to be the last thing you do in your day to program your sleep. However you choose to genuinely implement this CD, your consciousness will become altered over time.

This altered state of consciousness is the result of accepting the vibration of Harmonious Twin Flame Union into your heart and consciousness. Listening to these meditations will do nothing for you if you do not actively accept the vibrations. Remember, your choice is the sovereign power in your reality. No one else has the power to create your reality, but you.

Throughout all these meditations, the vibration of Harmonious Twin Flame Union is present. We give this unspeakably wonderful gift to you openly, and freely, and with all that we are. We do not hold back. It may take you many, many times of listening to these meditations to soften your heart to melt open to this Gateless Gate of Harmonious Union. But doing so within yourself is love without comparison.

The love of your eternal life awaits you. There is no one else for you but your Twin Flame. Your best friend, your perfect Divine Complement, and your Ultimate Lover is inside this Gateless Gate. You need only open your heart to the vibration of Harmonious Union we give freely to you now.

With the Utmost and Eternal Love,