What does family healing have to do with the Twin Flame journey?

Oftentimes society and religion teaches the importance of family. We believe these are the people who are closest to us.

Yet at the same time, many of our blocks to heal come from our childhood. Healing these upsets is crucial to your Union. Importantly, if you don’t heal them you will experience the same upsets with your Twin Flame until they are healed.

Have you ever tried sharing your healing and love with family members only for them to ignore, laugh or scoff at you?

Maybe some of your family members have gotten upset with the new choices you’ve been making.

Not everyone has chosen to begin this journey yet and that’s okay.

Core Upsets Can Manifest In Childhood

When we are children, our family members are the first people we learn from and we believe they can be trusted.

Our parental figures, especially, have a major influence over our beliefs and how we interact with the world.

Many of our upsets originated in childhood and when we were children, we most likely weren’t taught how to move through our feelings.

Therefore, we tend to have a lot of childhood wounds to heal as adults.

freedom coming from family healing

For many of us we didn’t grow up in families where the people closest to us knew how to heal their upsets.

Even if you didn’t grow up in an abusive environment, there could still be a great deal of upsets, or even trauma, left unhealed.

When we begin healing, we become aware of patterns we’ve been stuck in that are out of alignment with Love.

Oftentimes these patterns have been passed down to us from family members who likely were taught the same. This are commonly known as ancestral patterns.

Maybe the more you’re finding yourself in your truth as you heal, you become aware of some patterns or beliefs from your family that no longer serve you. It can feel very difficult to honor yourself when doing so seems to upset family members and those closest to you.

So how do we handle the upsets?

The Mirror Exercise is a four step process that helps you identify your upset and love yourself in the way you need.

It’s important to understand that the upsets others have with you have no power over you. A family member or anyone else can be upset with your new choices but this doesn’t have to stop you from honoring yourself.

You are only responsible for yourself. This means your own feelings and upsets are yours to move through and heal. Another’s upsets are not your responsibility and don’t have any power over you, unless you give them the power.

It is crucial to honor yourself and find your truth in who you are authentically. This can often result in your relationships shifting and changing.

Relationships Evolve As We Heal

When we’ve worn a mask to cover up our feelings for so long, it can upset others when we no longer play our previous role.

You may find as you begin healing, you begin to make new choices. The changes that result from your healing can sometimes upset those that are used to you being a certain way. Your family may not agree with your choice to pursue the Twin Flame journey.

This is okay. Relationships grow and evolve. It’s normal and essential. Yes, some may end but others will transform.

Start to see this as an opportunity for deeper healing within yourself.

As you become aligned with Love, you will attract relationships also aligned in Love.

It may be necessary for some relationships to end. But being on the Twin Flame journey doesn’t mean you lose all your family and friends. Many relationships don’t have to end, they simply need boundaries. Setting boundaries in your relationships helps you focus on your healthy choices and transforms unhealthy relationships into healthy ones.

For many of us we might not have ever been taught how to set boundaries. With family members it can sometimes feel very difficult to do. With persistence it becomes easier to identify what doesn’t feel good and what you need to feel good. As well as to maintain the firm boundaries you have set.

It’s important to allow yourself to honor who you are and to know that God will bring you the people who are meant to be in your life.

reunited after family healing

The Relationship You Have With Your Twin Flame Is Eternal

Your Twin Flame is the only relationship that is eternal and also includes your relationship with God.

They are meant to grow with you and go deeper into Love with you. Your Union is always growing and evolving. Even your relationship with your Twin Flame evolves. When you both heal your blocks and express your Divine selves, your relationship deepens.

However, if you’ve been playing out roles with each other or trying to have a soul mate relationship, they can get upset when you place a boundary. But just because your Twin gets upset with you doesn’t mean they aren’t your Twin Flame.

In truth, your Twin Flame loves you, the real Divine you, not the mask you’ve been wearing. Even if they seem upset with the changes you’ve been making within yourself, remember they are One with you and are ultimately making the same choices.

Twin Flame Union manifested from family healing

Your Twin Flame loves your Divine self. They only recognize and know your Divine self. They love you for who you are and there is no need to pretend to be anything different than who you are when you are with them.

God created you to be together.

Your Twin Flame is designed to be with you for eternity. They are your student/teacher, best friend, perfect partner and Ultimate Lover. You Are One. God created you from the same soul blueprint.

Your Twin Flame wants you, just as you are. They love you and want a relationship with you. Not for just a little while, but for eternity.

Final Thoughts

Many of our traumas are rooted in family issues and upsets. We have learned to wear many masks and to play certain roles. We may have never been taught to feel our feelings properly and to move through them. These can be opportunities for great healing.

The relationships in our lives grow and evolve. It’s normal for our relationships to change over time, especially as we begin to know who we truly are. Some relationships may end, some need firmer boundaries and others will deepen substantially.

The relationship we have with our Twin Flame is eternal. You can never lose it and they will always be with you. Your Twin Flame wants to have a relationship with you, who you truly are at the core because they love you.

Honoring yourself is always the best for everyone. It’s living in alignment with Love and it teaches others how to honor themselves too. God created you to be you.

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