The Sagittarius New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on December 14th signifies both a final push and a new beginning with what has been calling your attention on your Twin Flame and Life Purpose Ascension Path.

The feelings arising in regards to events occurring both in your personal life, and in the wider social arena, will likely have a long-term rippling effect.  So if it feels intense right now, it can help to know that eclipses tend to signal transformation. You are encouraged to keep going. You’re not quite there yet and all of the momentum has built up to where you’re about to get to the pinnacle of a pursuit and experience a shift.  

Flowing With the Divine

The stones that you can easily roll down the mountain, once you reach this next peak, will help you build a beautiful and sturdy foundation, while simultaneously knocking out and crumbling anything that stands in the way of your peace.  Going with the flow right now is a combination of surrender and trust, while also requiring grit and perseverance. Letting the divine’s energy flow through you, instead of attempting to control your life force will help sustain you in moving toward your desires at this time.

Solar eclipses always happen with the New Moon, when the Moon and Sun come together in the same sign. The energy feels like a seed, planted in the darkness of the soil, where it can sprout and then emerge into the light. The transformative energy of an eclipse is generally considered to be long-lasting, and with this one in the sign of Sagittarius, themes including spirituality, adventure and the Hero’s Journey, as well as worldly relationships are in the limelight at this time.

Self Care and Authentic Expression

While world peace may seem like a high and mighty aim, to the point of being unreachable, the only way to reach it is indeed to aim high and shoot your arrows of communication that offer true communion toward anyone who would truly receive what you are guided to share from your heart.  

The sign of Sagittarius is represented by the symbol of the archer, as well as a centaur, and delineates the bridge between Earth and Heaven.

If you’ve ever shot a bow and arrow or witnessed it, you may be familiar with the experience of pulling it back just that extra bit so it is taught enough to move in the direction of your true aim.  

This requires effort, as well as some focused self-discipline and acquired skills. Know that the genuine effort you are putting forth into sharing your slice of Heaven – shooting it as high as it will go without overexertion –  through specific knowledge and healing that you’ve experienced, is being received and appreciated, even if you do not immediately see an outward manifestation.  This is further signified by Mercury’s placement, also in Sagittarius, with a trine to Mars in Aries, which encourages you to be bold and true to your inner voice in a way that feels authentic to you, while also striving for the overall expansion of peace through your self-expression.

Following through as you are divinely guided and choosing not to abandon any part of yourself along the way is beneficially impacting your Twin Flame Union, as well as the collective consciousness. So, keep flowing with love’s way because you are on the right track.

If you find yourself feeling sensitive at this time, pay attention to yourself and practice self-care.

For inspiration on how to best romance yourself, put on Jeff & Shaleia’s Romance Attraction E-Course to help you cultivate intimacy effortlessly within yourself, as well as with your true Twin Flame, whether or not you are physically with your Twin Flame at this time.

Another wonderful way to encourage the healthy flow of Source energy throughout your physical and energetic systems right now, and help you ground and harmonize your Twin Flame Union, is to create some space to meditate and bring your inner state to a balanced setpoint.

The Great Conjunction

Keep calm and also keep in mind that the Great Conjunction on December 21st, another significant astrological event, is just around the corner.  The planets Jupiter and Saturn meeting in Aquarius is a big deal for many reasons, which will be covered in an upcoming blog post.  

A particular point of reflection at this time that can help you with the transformative nature related to this Solar Eclipse, is to look back at experiences and events that share a common theme in your life since December of 2017, when Saturn entered Capricorn. 

Aside from a short period from March until the beginning of July, 2020, when Saturn got a preview of Aquarian energy before retrograding back into Capricorn for a final evaluation, Saturn’s journey has pointed you toward recognizing your inner wisdom and value. This is a lead into where the desire within for both being the water-bearing Aquarian, the humanitarian who offers a life-giving force to all, meets the aspect of yourself who requires that you embrace and utilize the power of your innate value and accumulated wisdom. 

If you have a journal, vlog, or any other personal reflections that you’ve kept since December of 2017, now is a good time to take a peek at what you were up to then, and where you are now.  Take some time to acknowledge, and consider writing down or otherwise expressing, the gratitude for all that you’ve seen, learned, and healed during this time.  

Enjoy the transformative energy of the Eclipse and remember what Buddha once said: “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” 

You’ve got this! Keep shining your light and taking your Twin Flame Ascension Journey one step at a time.

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