Have you spent hours pouring over your boyfriend’s astrology chart, or googling what it means when you and your partner finish each other’s sentences? Many people drive themselves crazy trying to understand, identify and categorize Twin Flame signs to figure out whether or not they have met their true, ultimate lover.

Most of the information available on the Internet about Twin Flame signs is unreliable, based on conjecture and the wrong priorities. Luckily, Jeff and Shaleia created this simple, comprehensive check list that will help you identify with complete confidence whether or not you have found your true Twin Flame.

Real Twin Flame Signs

Here are 13 signs that you have definitely fallen in love for the very last time. The Twin Flame signs on this list are based on Jeff and Shaleia’s personal experience as well as their direct conversations with the Divine.

1.      You’ve discussed all your deepest values honestly, and life has proven to you again and again that your partner matches up.

Shaleia can’t stress how important this first Twin Flame sign is. This is the first item on the list for a reason! Your core values must align. For example, if you think that politics is not a core value for you, yet you have political disagreements with your Twin Flame, get clear on what politics really means to you. Why do you care so much about politics? If you are a vegan and you are passionate about veganism, why? Maybe you desire to be healthy and compassionate. Your Twin Flame might also express this desire, without necessarily being a vegan. If it is a core value, then you and your Twin Flame will share it and you both will come to an agreement. Even if that core value is expressed in a small, “menial” way, your Twin Flame will agree with you there.

2.      You have discussed and intertwined your visions for your lives effectively because they match up perfectly and harmoniously. 

This level of compatibility can only be revealed after you have had meaningful interactions with the person who you think is your Twin Flame. This is how you truly prove whether or not this person is your Twin Flame or not, instead of his good looks or brown hair. You need to experience deep emotional intimacy with them to reveal them, and conversations are a good way to do this. Talk about your plans for the future and what you picture your life to be like. Let them share their plans with you too. Do your life visions line up and complement each other? This is one of the first things that Jeff and Shaleia did when they first started online dating. They asked each other where they saw themselves 5 or 10 years in the future. Why were they interested in doing the kind of work they saw themselves doing? There were certain parts of Jeff’s life vision that were not in Shaleia’s life vision, and vice versa, but there was no conflict at all. They enhanced each other’s dreams and plans.

3.      If they are who they appear to be, there could literally be no other for you. Literally.

You see what you want when you see their authentic, honest self. There is nobody else for you but them. This requires getting really honest with yourself and picturing yourself with this person 10 or 20 years in the future. Would you get bored with them? Would you feel completely satisfied with them? If you are with your Twin Flame, you’ll find their authentic self to be everything you ever desired.

4.      There have been many opportunities for them to reveal to you who they are, and they continuously reveal that they are your perfect complement, and never not your perfect complement. 

With Twin Flames, we are talking about a 100% perfect complement, not someone who complements you 99%. We cannot emphasize perfection enough here.  This is one of the revealing processes that Jeff and Shaleia went through when they were online dating. At the time, there was another man who was interested in Shaleia and he seemed to be her Twin Flame as well. But Shaleia followed her intuition about Jeff and chose to go deeper with him instead.

5.      Your spiritual path points directly to them, and never points you away from them overall. 

No matter where you go, the arrow will just keep pointing back at this person. This will especially happen when you do the Mirror Exercise to heal your upsets. When Jeff and Shaleia were online dating, there were times when Shaleia would get really angry at Jeff because he was triggering old traumas within her. Sometimes Shaleia would vow to herself, “I’m not going to talk to him for a week at least.” But it would never happen. Within 24 hours, Shaleia would get the sign to go back and talk to Jeff, and figure out how to heal the upset.

6.      You don’t fall in love with them, but remember the deep love you’ve always had for your Twin Flame. Your falling in love process is only a deepening and remembering, an uncovering and a leaping. 

This isn’t like a normal romance where you learn something about them and it’s super exciting. Instead, it’s an instant attraction. Shaleia didn’t fall in love with Jeff, she realized that she had always been in love with Jeff. And Jeff felt like he was just discovering who Shaleia really was, and he thought, “This is what I’ve been searching for my whole life.” Shaleia would think, “Oh my gosh, I remember this love. Wow, it feels really good!” Jeff and Shaleia revealed each other through deep, intimate conversations.

7.      When you make love it is perfect, and genuinely exactly what you needed deep down each time. 

There is never any one “stand out” sexual encounter with your Twin Flame. Every single time you make love, it will be exactly what you needed in that moment. This doesn’t mean you are constantly performing sexual gymnastics and you need to expect the sex to be so mind-blowing that your brain falls out. The sex is always perfect and healing for what you needed in that moment, whether that was slow intimacy or something quick and fun. Even if you have sexual blocks and traumas that you are working out, lovemaking with your Twin Flame is perfect for healing those blocks.

8.      Your life paths match up perfectly and easily when you genuinely choose to be together. 

As you heal blocks to your Life Purpose and keep choosing to be with your Twin Flame, the Universe conspires to get you what you want. It doesn’t matter if this happens “slowly” or “quickly”, because your desires will manifest in Divine timing as long as you keep doing the inner work. You will also find that you and your Twin Flame have had very similar life experiences and it’s as if you had been living parallel lives. Your Twin Flame was always there.

9.      You continue to choose your Twin Flame and you are genuinely unable to reveal them as anything but your true Twin Flame, because they are. 

Jeff and Shaleia were business-like when they were dating other people, because they knew they only wanted an ultimate lover. They kept going deeper with each person in a brisk, focused way until that person was revealed as the wrong match. As you get honest about your true, authentic inner self, you will perceive the world around you more clearly and your Twin Flame will also continually be revealed as their true self. Your Twin Flame will not wear masks and pretend to be whoever you want them to be.

10.  You naturally grow together, and you never stop growing together. 

You and your Twin Flame are one, so you grow naturally together as One. If you want to explore a passion or raise your vibration in some way, your Twin Flame will be right there with you. They are the only person who can “keep up” with you in every area of your life. Your spiritual growth always brings you closer together.

11.  You are best friends instantly, even if you don’t realize it yet. 

As soon as Jeff and Shaleia started talking, they were best friends. Jeff realized he could just talk to her about the deepest stuff right away, and it was great. He didn’t realize what it meant, he just thought she was a cool person. Around the time she met Jeff, Shaleia was really desiring emotional intimacy. When it felt appropriate to share some deep things about herself with Jeff, like her dreams and desires, he was wonderfully open and receptive. Shaleia loved that he was supportive and responded from his heart. She thought to herself, “Oh my God, this feels so good. I’ve been wanting to share myself with someone so badly, for so long.” This friendship will come together easily and naturally because you do not have to compromise who you are to share yourself with your Twin Flame. You don’t have to adapt yourself to whatever social norms you think your Twin Flame likes. You just have to be yourself. So be bold and say, “Well, this is me, and I’m not going to change because it’s who I am.”

12.  The love you share is amazing and the relationship is perfectly balanced.

You are meant to be cared for and supported just as you extend care and support to your Twin Flame. You are not with a helpless puppy and the love is not one-way. That wouldn’t be a real relationship. In a Twin Flame Union, you both relate to each other in a balanced, equal way. Even if it does not look like that on the surface, intuitively in your heart you’ll know that’s what is really going on.

13.  They mirror everything within you, and when you look honestly you understand that that is exactly what is happening. 

No matter what your argument looks like on the surface, if you look with your heart you will see that your upsets with your Twin Flame are always your own upsets with yourself being reflected back to you. You might argue that it’s them being a jackass and pissing you off, but you are scapegoating! You are the one who is pissing yourself off in that moment. You can sense the deep, spiritual purpose in these disagreements and feel compelled to work with them to find the truth of the situation.

What’s my Next Step?

How will you know if your lover meets the qualifications on this list? Keep doing the Mirror Exercise to uncover you blocks. As you go deeper into your healing, you can come back to this check list every now and then and you’ll notice that you check every single item off with your true Twin Flame.

If you find that your current partner doesn’t match anything on this check list, don’t worry. You are just revealing someone who cannot go deeper with you into Divine love. You can start calling in your true Twin Flame with the techniques explained in Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, or by subscribing to Twin Flame Ascension School. You can follow along as Jeff personally guides his live students into calling in their true Twin Flames and follow along in the process of coming into union with them!

Do you know who your Twin Flame is?

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Transcribed from the video “13 SIGNS THEY ARE DEFINITELY YOUR TWIN FLAME: Comprehensive Checklist” by Jeff and Shaleia.