Is the angel number 404 an error message from the Universe? Are you making a mistake?

Whether it’s 1111 or another numerology sign, angel numbers can be indicators of the direction of our lives. 404 is the infamous error message of Internet login pages. I understand how you would feel it’s indicating a mistake.

But I don’t see it that way. I’m going to show you that messing up is always something you can come back from. Read through this blog to find out.

4 for foundation

In numerology, 0 is a number that highlights and intensifies the message of the others. And 4 touches on everything surrounding stability, foundation and security.

What is foundation exactly? Well, foundation is everything that supports you having a good life. It means having a good and healthy relationship with yourself, stable finances, a good routine at home.

404 is about calling to pay attention to that foundation

So naturally, when you see angel number 404, it is really calling you to pay attention to that. Are you taking care of your space, of yourself? Do you feel good emotionally or physically?

However you answer this question is ok. As I said before, the goal isn’t to be ashamed over your mistakes. It is about making you realize that you can grow in these places where you were once hurt.

For example, 4 signifies Life Purpose for me. It helps me work on my career, how I perceive myself and how I’m perceived by others. It pushes me to work through frustrations in order to help people through my work.

How does that tie in with your love life?

By this point, it will be no surprise to you when I say this: any emotional pattern you haven’t resolved will be amplified in your relationship with someone else.

Look at all the couples giving advice on social media. They all say the same thing. Sometimes, we feel we desire a romantic relationship so hard. But are we feeling good with ourselves?

And no, it’s not about being worthy of a relationship. You don’t need to be perfect to have love (nobody would have love if this were the case). You just need to feel good about yourself. Big difference.

An opportunity to have your perfect life

Let go of the perception of “good” and “bad” and replace it with “am I moving through the bad feelings in order to feel better.”

404 is not a mistake. It pushes you towards what you desire the most: the life of your dreams, an awesome romantic relationship. When you see 404, take that opportunity to ask yourself: what can I do next in order to manifest that?

If you’re unsure about what to do, definitely check our resources, and talk with an Ascension Coach to have the best support towards achieving your desires.

Written by Yoreen Marcin