Twin Flame or soul tie? You know, I get it. Romantic relationships today are hard enough. At the end of the day, we just want to feel loved and we just want to feel good.

Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you thought you were with the right person, that this was endgame, only to have a huge disagreement or discover a huge red flag?

It’s not cool, nobody likes to go through that. I guess that’s why a lot of people are always in search of answers when it comes to love. If you are on the more spiritual side, and you’re having a bit of a challenge in the relationship department, you may want to know the difference between a Twin Flame and a soul tie.

How can I know the difference? What is the relationship for me?

What’s a soul tie and how do I know I have one? Can I break a soul tie?

I’ve had my share of romantic relationships and disappointments. Frankly, who hasn’t? 5 years ago, I vowed to never experience a relationship that seemed to start great, then ended up being abusive or disrespectful.

Ever since making that choice, I have learned all about having healthy boundaries and relationships. I can tell you that I learned to spot red flags, I learned to see if a relationship was right for me before I got involved too deep. I can tell you how that led me to recognizing my one true love.

So if, like me, you’ve been burned and would like to never experience that again, read on!

First of all, what is a soul tie exactly?

People seem to think the meaning of soul tie is so serious and spiritual, but hear me out:

To me, soul tie is a very fancy word but its definition is simple. It is about forming a deep emotional and spiritual connection to someone. We form connections all the time, we’re beings who like to connect to each other.

I think the expression came from this idea that if you felt an especially deep connection with somebody, it’s that you were tied to them.

While you can have the experience of a deep spiritual connection to someone, you aren’t actually tied together. This is to say that you have complete free will over who you choose to associate with. Never think you need to stay in a relationship because what you experience is “strong.”

Some people seem to think that soul ties are toxic relationships formed on attachments. That may be the case. It may also be that the relationship is not meant to be.

Each person will have a very different experience in their romantic relationships. If I associated my past relationships with the term soul tie (because I definitely thought I had found “the one” for some of them), some would fall into the toxic category, and some in the incompatibility.

Why did “soul tie” become a spiritual term?

As spirituality is becoming more prevalent in people’s lives, it seems that they wonder more and more about relationships on the emotional and energetical spectrum.

A question that I’ve seen around the Internet revolves around soul ties in the Bible. Again, in a search for the proof of meaningful and deep relationships.

The Bible doesn’t really focus on saying that. However, it is believed that connections called Twin Flames and soul ties today are in it. The terms are recent but the feelings are there:

Maybe some people are meant to meet and be in a romantic relationship.

I mean, look at it this way: how would you feel if you knew you had someone that was perfect for you? Someone that loved you unconditionally and always pushed you to grow and fulfill your goals. Someone with whom the relationship would be super easy and natural. Someone who would seem to just be on the same level as you in all places, a true partner.

That’s what Twin Flames represent. It’s a fancy phrase to depict the easiest and most fulfilling relationship ever.

What about Twin Flames and soul ties in movies?

You’ll see a great deal of relationships that seem perfect in movies. But great romance also happens in real life!

My law professor used to say that reality was always crazier and more imaginative than fiction. Let’s say that the man saw his fair deal of unreal situations in court. Several years later, I kinda find myself agreeing with him…

So, next time you see a movie about love that seems too good, ask yourself if there isn’t a true story like this somewhere. By the way, we made a list of 60 movies and some of them are adaptations of real life events (e.g.: The Vow)!

I see many people asking how to break a soul tie

As said earlier, soul ties are nothing more than connections that are deep. They can, however, fizzle out with time. If you’ve been in a relationship that started great and hot, but is now feeling not so great, what can you do?

1- Ensure you feel safe with all your relationships. Seek help and place boundaries (physical or emotional) if you’re not feeling safe.

2- Ask yourself if that person fulfills all your desires for a life partner.

If you’re unsure about these things, you can seek help. Mental and emotional health is important. We’re all discovering how normal it is to be supported.

Sorting through your relationships can bring you straight to your one true love

I know first thing how scary it is to invest in a relationship, only to have your heart broken. But the funny thing I found is that each date, each relationship led me to meeting my perfect person.

I discovered what I liked and didn’t like in relationships. I learned to value myself and not lower my standards. I learned that it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to think someone is the one, only to be proven wrong afterwards.

It’s just life. And it’s a beautiful process. It was definitely made easier by having regular Ascension Coaching sessions for me. Coaching helped me explore my feelings freely. It’s good to have someone guide you when you feel a bit confused.

If you too are done with bad relationships and just desire an easy romance, claim your support through FREE Twin Flame introductory course and your 50% off coaching session.

Written by Yoreen Marcin

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