There really are undeniable signs your Twin Flame is thinking of you. This is an authentic message of hope on your Twin Flame journey. No more experiencing self-doubt!

The world will tell you this is not true, but your heart tells you just the opposite. Listen to it and discover your true calling, and your true Twin Flame. All the goosebumps, the burning sensations. Every tear and heartfelt emotions. Are you thinking of them right now? They are thinking of you too!

Don’t worry you were guided here for a reason. We will answer all the questions about the signs your Twin Flame is thinking of you. So, what are we waiting for? Are you ready? Are you truly invested? Read to find out more.

Why am I always thinking of my Twin Flame?

You may think at first you are going crazy. How can you think of someone so much? Your thoughts always go to them. It’s alright, however. You are always thinking of your Twin Flame because you are always connected. It would only make sense that you would think of them often. They are you.

Twin Flames have one consciousness as Jeff and Shaleia state in their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. An unbreakable soul connection. Your journey starts with your healing journey on the inside. You are thinking of your Twin Flame as you start to heal. Finding your true inner self. It’s self-discovery as you begin to ask yourself questions.

What do you really want? How does that make you feel? You’re thinking about your Twin Flame as they bring out areas to heal and to look at the places you are being guided to do so.

What loving yourself means

Because, to love yourself. It’s a chance to go deeper with yourself as you think about them. Just think, if you never would have started to think about them you might not have started to heal. How would you know what they are mirroring to you and even think about them thinking about you, if you did not bring a validation to the connection by first thinking of them. So then now that you have all these emotions coming to the surface how do you start to heal? Jeff and Shaleia are here to help. They have designed specific steps called the Mirror Exercise. You can even around the signs your Twin Flame is thinking about you (or not) with this! It helps you to discover and heal all the places in your consciousness that you need to bring love to. Some things that may come up to heal could be:

  1. Your unresolved issues with patterns, ego and fear.
  2. Your belief system. You may begin to reevaluate it.
  3. Things may come up to heal in your dreams. They might become more vivid during this time.
  4. You view the world differently and start to heal that part of you to find your authentic self.

So, what is the emotional connection between Twin Flames? 

The emotional connection is a complement of everything that you are feeling. You may even feel you are craving your Twin Flame. Don’t worry, these things happen for a reason. The more you feel your own emotions the more you will be tapped into theirs. It’s really no question that your Twin Flame is thinking about you with this connection.

These emotions cannot help but be experienced. The connection runs deep and will be one of the most intense connections you will ever have. You may feel things you have never felt before. It’s the knowing of feeling every part of your Twin Flame. You may even wonder why you feel such an attraction to them. Sometimes even before really getting to know them. It may even be hard to explain the emotional connection. The real love of the connection is the unconditional love you feel towards each other.

Remember to bring love to yourself here as you experience all the emotions. Claim your healing through emotional support. Remember you are never apart. You are working on different aspects of your healing to come together. It’s the emotional connection that will be felt more and more as you continue to work on yourself. Don’t let fear bring about doubts. Remember that the first step is always a loving one.

signs that your twin flame is thinking of you

Can I feel if my Twin Flame is longing for me?

Your Twin Flame is longing for you in every way! They desire all of you. Don’t worry, it is not bad. It’s the connection in and in its truly authentic form. A beautiful way to feel your Twin Flame.

It can only happen with your Twin Flame and that is what makes it so beautiful and amazing. They find you irresistible. The attraction is there. It can bring about strong sexual chemistry. It’s a pull always felt between the both of you. Your Twin Flame is longing for that sacred connection. Because, you have been created as One with your Twin Flame. It’s a sign that your Twin Flame is thinking of you.

It’s a longing for you to heal. As you heal together, so in doing this you are helping your Twin Flame too. You will always be everything they have always wanted in a partner. It’s in the desire that they feel in their heart from you that the longing comes from. They desire you as much as you desire them. You were perfectly designed that way for each other.

They have never experienced a longing like this before. It will help them as you heal to ground into that energy. The longing is always deepening and will be perfect for your journey and Union. This is a healing tool. It will make you look at your own feelings and longings too.

To heal means to be even closer to your Union. This is a natural process and a very loving one.

signs that your twin flame is thinking of you

What are the signs that my Twin Flame is thinking or communicating with me?

Let’s face it we all get signs on our Twin Flame journey. Can you think of some you have experienced? Here’s a list. See if some resonate with you.

1: You have vivid dreams of them. They seem so real, and you experience so much joy, healing, and true knowledge through these dreams.

2: Synchronistic signs. You see a lot of sequenced numbers. Maybe it’s certain numbers that remind you of them. What about seeing their name? Do you meet people who remind you of your Twin Flame? You think that you see them everywhere.

3: You can feel their support when you are healing and working on your true authentic self. Maybe it is through a message you see. Like words that stand out to you. They are meant for you to see at that very exact time. Through a song, words or writings. Each thing is so specific you know it is from your Twin Flame.

4: You can feel what they are feeling. You will sometimes get a sense of when they are with someone else, when they are doing something or just feeling their energy. During this time remember to feel all your feelings.

5: You have telepathic communication. You get channeled messages from them. You may ask for help and you feel them supporting you.

These are just a few things. It may be a good time to write a love list. All the things that you want and desire in your Twin Flame. What things are important to you?

What can I do to become more attractive to my Twin Flame?

The answer is: loving yourself more. Romancing yourself inside and out. Healing everything that feels bad within.

What blocks are you facing? If you are not sure that is alright. Just keep healing things as they come up. You can also look at any blocked chakras. For example, let’s say that you are having trouble communicating how you feel. Try to communicate with yourself. Be truly authentic. Your throat chakra might be blocked.

Here is a list at some of these chakras:

  • The crown chakra. The crown chakra deals with spirituality. Seeing how we are all connected. If it is blocked, you may feel isolated and that you are doing everything yourself.
  • Your third-eye chakra. Your intuition. Seeking wisdom. If it is blocked, you may have trouble feeling some parts of your connection.
  • The throat chakra. Communication. It may be blocked if you feel like you are having a hard time voicing your feelings.
  • Your heart chakra. Your emotional center. Loving yourself. If this is blocked you may have a hard time feeling your emotions.

You can have Union now

So, here is the information on how your Twin Flame thinks of you. To realize it is only how you have viewed yourself all along. Everything is always mirrored back to you. It’s a connection with an amazing journey. Your Twin Flame is always communicating with and thinking of you. Remember how much you are loved and truly deserving of it all. So next time you doubt your Twin Flame connection, please don’t. Everyone’s journey is different. In the end it’s about healing and loving yourself. There you will find your greatest communication with your Twin Flame and yourself!

signs that your twin flame is thinking of you

Written by Jenny Jenkins