The Twin Flame path is unique for everyone. We use vague words like “Stages,” “Reunion,” and “Awakening” to help us define our experiences and foster a sense of relatability with our audience, but can anyone truly describe how profoundly beautiful this journey is? How deeply personal and transformative it is.

When you google “Twin Flame stages,” you may see words like a honeymoon stage, separation stage, or even a “runner-chaser” stage. In our experience, we’ve learned that ultimately, the real stages are all about healing in order to have a real, physical relationship with your Twin Flame

Your Twin Flame is your perfect mirror. They are your perfect lover showing you all your qualities. They also shape you by mirroring back and amplifying all the upsets within your heart.

Your soul, being a part of Source, wishes for these upsets to be healed. Letting go of these patterns of separation is what your soul was asking for all along. At the core of your Divine consciousness there is only Love. As you let go of your ego and purify your consciousness through the Mirror Exercise, you can’t help but reach Perfect Union.

What We’ll Talk About

  • What Are the 8 Twin Flame Stages?
  • How Long Do Twin Flame Stages Last?
  • Do Both Twin Flames Know?
  • What is the Twin Flame ego death?
  • What is the End of Twin Flame Journey?
  • Do Twin Flames Always Leave?
  • When Do Twin Flames Separate Forever?
  • Do Both Twin Flames Receive Signs?
  • How Long Did it Take You to Reunite with Your Twin Flame?
  • Can a Twin Flame Walk Away?

What Are the 8 Twin Flame Stages?

We’ve observed the following 8 stages that Twin Flames tend to experience along their journey. You may also find yourself experiencing two, three, or all of the stages simultaneously. It’s very possible, for example, to both be in the upset stage, while also meeting your Twin Flame, while also undergoing deep spiritual awakening.

Ultimately, you and your Twin Flame are designed to experience deeper and deeper Love with each other for all of eternity. And so, these stages are not linear, but rather cyclical.

1. Realization, Awakening 

Spiritual awakening is often the start for Twin Flames embarking on their journey for reunion. When you realize you are a spiritual being first before you are a physical being, you begin to operate in a different way.

During this time, you may realize how truly unlimited you are. You can feel how deeply your choices do indeed create your reality, including the choices your subconscious mind is making.

When you make the decision to be with your Twin Flame, for example, from that moment on, you have chosen to let the way be revealed to you. Signs and synchronicities from the Universe may appear to guide you.

Making the decision in your heart to be with your Ultimate Lover communicates a strong energy to the Universe. As Jeff and Shaleia say in their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover: ”If you have a desire in your heart for a relationship that transcends the love that we have been taught as a culture, to a love that is created in Heaven, you have a Twin Flame.”

2. Exploration, Discovery 

During your exploration of Truth, you may find yourself asking questions like, “Am I really a Twin Flame?,” “Who could my Twin Flame be?,” “How will I know I’ve found my Twin Flame?”  

As you explore the answers in your own heart, trust your intuition. Through every situation, choose to feel your feelings and honor yourself completely. The more in tune you are with your own heart, the more clarity you will receive.

twin flame stages

3. Clarity, Fulfillment

Ultimately, your soul wishes for deep peace and unity. This desire is your Oneness with the Divine. Divine Love is reflected to you through your Twin Flame, moreso than any other partner because your Twin Flame is actually the one person God created you to be with. Because your Twin is you at the core of your being, they also desire you.

You’ll know the questions in your heart have been completely answered when you feel perfect clarity and fulfillment. There will be no lingering doubts, just perfect satisfaction.

4. Meeting, Coming Together

You reap what you sow! So, when you are in alignment with meeting and being with your Twin Flame, you will move into the full manifestation in the 3D. Remember, during this time, you are meeting your own self in the most complete way. It may take time for both of you to adapt to this new emotional energy.

Getting to know each other usually lasts several months, up to a few years. I met my true Twin Flame in the physical realm about 13 years ago, and I still very much feel we are still in this stage. The relationship is just that deep!

You might meet your Twin Flame and you might be friends first. They could also be a co-worker. Spiritually, your Twin Flame is first your perfect teacher and student, your best friend, your perfect partner and lastly your lover. They are your Ultimate Lover. Some Twin Flames may start out by dating first. Whatever the way, it is always perfect for you and your Union. Twin Flames are an Ascension Path, it is only natural that they teach you first, bringing you deeper into your spiritual process.

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5. Upset, Expansion

Your Twin Flame, being your perfect mirror, will bring up all of your upsets to work through. Because of the very nature of a Twin Flame relationship (an Ascension path for you) they will show you all the places of your consciousness that are not aligned with love. This stage requires persistence; your Twin Flame will shine a light on your shadows, your false beliefs about yourself, your false beliefs about Love. But they will do this in the most loving way, because they do love you. And the Creator loves you too! That is why He created you as One with your mirror soul.

Stay the course! The journey sometimes seems demanding, but it is mostly a process of unlearning. We unlearn, for instance, feelings of not being good enough, or false and unhealthy expectations. We unlearn separation consciousness, lack mentality, and we learn to face our fears and conquer them. These subconscious belief systems we learned over the years are present in our minds, even though we do not recognize them at first glance. Being with our Twin Flame is our Divine opportunity to heal all the suffering we may carry. And as we heal, the peace we feel will be reflected in our relationship with our Twin Flame and the rest of the Universe.

Reaching this peaceful core is worth it! There are numerous benefits in healing all of your upsets. For example, you might let go of being hard on yourself, release or transform unhealthy relationships. They will either fall away or change for the better.

You and your Twin are two wings of an eagle, learning to fly synchronously. The journey guides you back to that Divine and harmonious state, because you were created Divinely.

6. Surrender, Unconditional Love

When it comes to the surrender and unconditional Love stage, this is often where you realize just how deep things really go between you and your Twin Flame. You realize there is no upset large enough to tear you apart, and that you can never truly ‘run’ from each other. The Love is literally endless, and there is nothing you can do to change that.

With your choice to continuously surrender and give unconditional Love to both you and your Twin Flame, you can fully experience the spiritual rewards of your Twin Flame Union. The Love is continuously returned back to you in a cyclical fashion.

7. Harmonious Union

The more you go through your inner healing cycles (healing upsets with the Mirror Exercise and continuously choosing surrender and unconditional Love), the more you experience your natural state of being with your Twin Flame.

This natural state of being is Harmonious Union. Harmonious Union is soul Union. It is the permanent marriage of two into One. You will have attained Harmonious Union in the physical when you have first reached the vibration within.

8. Perfect Union

As you deepen in love with your Twin Flame, you will naturally move into Perfect Union. Perfect Union is where you experience your entire One being in harmony with the Divine.

In Harmonious Union, your relationship with your Twin Flame reflects your perfect Oneness with the Divine. In Perfect Union, your entire life reflects your Oneness with the Divine.

How Long Do Twin Flame Stages Last?

Twin Flames stages are cyclical rather than linear. This means they could be happening simultaneously or even in an unexpected order. They may also last mere moments, or days, or weeks, or even years. Time ultimately isn’t a real factor on the Twin Flame journey because it’s a spiritual undertaking. It does not rely on physical conditions.

The Mirror Exercise, as taught by Jeff and Shaleia, is the fastest way to achieve everlasting Union with your Twin Flame. All healing gradually brings you back into the healthy state you were born in: perfectly in love with the One Creator and your Twin Flame. 

You do not need to go on this path alone. You can take this journey with like-minded people that understand you! Having friends can support you in moving through your core upsets more easily.

And having an Ascension Coach who guides you and holds space for you while you reach a painful core wound, is of great value. There is no need to shy away from genuine support. You were never meant to heal all of this by yourself. By receiving support, you’ll have an easier time understanding and mastering all the Twin Flame stages.

Do Both Twin Flames Know?

Yes, both Twin Flames know! This is because they share the same consciousness. Whatever spiritual knowing one Twin Flame has achieved, the other automatically experiences the same.

What is the Twin Flame ego death?

The Twin Flame ego death is when who you thought you were, or a layer of your perceived identity, falls away. Ego death is essentially the release of whatever is out-of-alignment with your Divinity. Layers of false beliefs must fall away on this journey so that you can experience your true identity, your true Divinity more deeply.

What is the End of Twin Flame Journey?

The Twin Flame journey has no end. You and your Twin Flame are destined to grow deeper in Love for all of eternity.

Do Twin Flames Always Leave?

No. Twin Flames may explore temporary separation, but this phase only reinforces their true nature – Oneness.

Twin Flames in fact always return back to one another.

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When Do Twin Flames Separate Forever?

Twin Flames are quite literally inseparable. They share no real ability to separate.

Do Both Twin Flames Receive Signs?

Yes. Although both Twin Flames have their own experience of life, because they share the same inner world, Twin Flames may experience the same or different signs, all which are likely to the same underlying meaning.

For example, one Twin Flame might see ‘777’ and butterflies. While their Divine counterpart may see 222 and ladybugs. Although these signs are externally different, they may very well hold the same vibration both Twin Flames are tuning into.

How Long Did it Take You to Reunite with Your Twin Flame?

In our Twin Flame community, we see reunions happen in as little as years to hardly no time at all. Some Twin Flames meet when they are children, and some Twin Flames do not meet until later in life. Jeff and Shaleia, did not meet until they were both in their mid-late twenties. 

However long it takes, this part does not matter. When you reunite, it tends to feel like no time has passed at all. Twin Flames are always One at the core and can never actually be separate from one another.

Can a Twin Flame Walk Away?

A Twin Flame can most certainly try to walk away, only to discover they are simply walking away from themselves! Usually, when one Twin Flame tries to walk away, they are not walking away from the person. They are actually attempting to express disgust towards an aspect of their shared consciousness. Their Twin Flame has triggered them, and that part of themselves needs healing. The most appropriate response to an experience like this is to simply heal it. Doing so restores your Union back to harmony.

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Written by Briana Manalo

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