Twin Flames are something of a new concept to people, but it might just be the pinnacle of relationship goals. We explain it all in this blog!

Many people are still exploring what it actually means to have a Twin Flame. When you consider the concept of Twin Flames or hear about it from others, you might start to wonder: What does it mean to share one soul with another person?

There are many more questions that immediately come to mind, such as:

What is the difference between a Twin Flame relationship and a so-called karmic relationship?

Why do Twin Flames have an unbreakable bond and intense connection even before knowing each other in person?

How does the spiritual element of a Twin Flame relationship work in real life?

Why do people want to choose to be with their Twin Flame if the journey appears to be so difficult with all the triggers?

The short answer to all of these questions is: Love.

The love between you and your Twin Flame was present all along. It is eternal and has been waiting to be realized. It is all that you have ever wanted. It is that love at the core between you that makes the difference and makes everything happen in reality.

The real love of Twin Flames is the reason why this relationship is so different but also so perfect and most desirable. This experience of real love is worth it to work through whatever triggers are presented in order to have a Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

What Is The Difference Between A Life With Your Twin Flame And A Life Without Them?

Many may assume the Twin Flame path means a significant change in all aspects in your life as the connection is so sacred, spiritual and romantic at the same time. It is true to some extent, but may not be true in some cases.

twin flames on the pathway

The real difference and change lies only within. And all the changes will only open you up to deeper love and real purpose. It does not matter if you change your career and your lifestyle or not on the outside. The real difference you will make is the commitment to a life without staying in separation consciousness or negative experiences. That means you will have a life that is full of joy, authenticity, and ease just to move through the day by being yourself with your perfect partner.

And all the outer changes will only follow your inner changes that align with more and more of what you truly want in your heart, which means more love, support, abundance and purpose that lasts.

6 Relationship Goals You Experience With Your True Twin Flame

1. They Accept You And Unconditionally Love You, Even Through Upsets

Being with your Twin Flame means receiving a lot of love in your life. But at the same time, a lot of unhealed wounds with past partners, family members or others will be projected onto your Twin Flame as they are the direct mirror of your consciousness. 

Sometimes you will play out or trigger the traumas from your past, and they may project their hurts onto you. Instead of intentionally causing upsets, both you and your Twin are just very afraid to not be loved by each other in that area. Just be understanding and loving where you both feel the most hurt. This act of compassion instantly brings both of you into deeper love and trust.

2. They Are Completely Authentic With You And Understand All Of Your Core Values

In a Twin Flame relationship, it is safe to be completely open about what you feel.

Your views of the world, your life, your dreams and desires; all of that and everything that matters to you can be shared with them. The beautiful reason for that is that your Twin Flame is you. 

Be completely honest with your Twin Flame, and you will only find out how much understanding and alignment it is possible to have with another person in this world. It may seem dream-like, but this is the reality of Twin Flames. You are completely understood and cared for. This is a Divine relationship, and a safe space for you to explore yourself and your Union.

You don’t have to hide any potential disagreement, or worry that the other person cannot understand what you feel or what is most important to you.

woman holding the sun

3. You Feel Safe And Loved When You Are Vulnerable

Being face to face with your Twin Flame all the time can be a vulnerable experience since nothing can truly be hidden from each other. Although it looks like a challenge on the outside, it is actually a way both of you test the limits of your relationship and call in deeper love. 

You are constantly testing the waters with your Twin Flame and asking them: “If you knew this about me, would you see me and love me unconditionally?”

Only your true Twin Flame can answer “Yes” to this question. They are truly perfect for you. As long as you choose acceptance, you will find there is no conflict, only love between the two of you. There is always more love and understanding to be received because that’s how they actually feel about you and vice versa.

4. You Complement Each Other Perfectly In Your Union

black twin flames holding each other

The beautiful aspect of the Twin Flame relationship is that you will find you are both perfectly complementary to each other in your Union. Your way of approaching life, valuing certain things, etc… You are the same at the core. You can even communicate telepathically!

You are cut from the same cloth of Divine Creation, and each one of you brings that special skill, knowledge or piece when you come into Union. You can compare your Union to a garden, where each of you tends to a different space until every plant is cared for. 

The complementary differences on the outside is what makes the partnership feel effortless while the Oneness at the core provides perfect understanding. That’s something that only exists in Twin Flame relationships as no one else can align to you as perfectly as your one true love.

5. You Always Grow And Evolve Together, Especially When You Do The Healing Work 

The Twin Flame journey is a healing journey in essence. It is a path where you fall in love with the healing process more and more. 

After you make the core choice to stay together with your Twin, healing together can be even more fun because your Twin Flame is your best teacher, they help you become aware of every part of you needing healing. 

Healing will naturally bring you into Union, but it is also a commitment to yourself to go deeper with love and your Twin Flame continuously. There will be upsets that come up even after Union, and that’s OK because it is a natural process to go deep into Twin Flame Love.

6. You Give The Gift Of Your Union To The World

A career and a purpose together with your Twin Flame is not just a concept that Twin Flames need to do after getting into Union. It is an ongoing process that begins to happen even if you are still on the journey alone on the outside. It is a manifestation of how you and your Twin Flame express love to each other and towards the world. 

As you and your Twin Flame have exactly the same core values, there will be something that speaks to your heart the most that both of you can partner together to do.

twin flames marrying

It might take time to find that out at some point either before or after your Union. However, everything you are doing to align with your guidance will lead you there and prepare you for it no matter what you are doing right now. According to Jeff and Shaleia in Life Purpose Class, the Life Purpose of Twin Flames is, in a way, inevitable because there is huge energy in the Union and that has to manifest into giving love and meaning to, not only your life, but also the entire collective.


Being in a Twin Flame relationship is indeed different from a regular romantic relationship. But in truth, that’s also where you totally commit to being your authentic self in the most effortless way. Living a life where love is all around you only manifests deeper love with exponential speed in Union with your Twin Flame. 

And healing yourself and having the perfect relationship that both you and your Twin Flame want is easy when you have all the support and understanding of what will happen when vibing into a higher and more loving consciousness. When you heal and love yourself fully, your Union is unstoppable. Start with the Free Twin Flame Introductory Course.

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