You’ve started your Twin Flame journey and you keep seeing a certain symbol, a number or the name of your Twin Flame at random times. They continue to appear in your life regardless of what you’re doing or where you’re at. You never seem to escape them, they’re just everywhere you go and at all times of the day!

But why? Why do they keep appearing everywhere and seemingly in every moment, at times.

You may be wondering if the Universe is trying to tell you something about your journey or your Twin Flame with these symbols. 

Symbols and angel numbers are wonderful opportunities to go deeper on your healing journey as well as helping you know you’re on the right path. They can be seen as winks from the Universe and a playful way of communicating with you.

Symbols Are Unique To Your Union

Twin Flame symbols will be unique to your Union. They can be anything from an animal, a song, a place, numbers, or even seeing your Twin’s name. Anything that holds meaning to you and reminds you of your Twin Flame can be a symbol.

These are ways the Universe and your Twin Flame is connecting with you. You know this by feeling and using your intuition, through which the Divine is always communicating with you.

But, other than very personal signs, what are some common Twin Flame symbols, totem animals and angel numbers appearing on everyone’s journey?

Infinity Symbol

infinity sign symbols

One of the most recognizable symbols of Twin Flames is the infinity symbol. This symbol looks like an 8 on its side and represents eternity and limitlessness. 

What Does The Infinity Symbol Have To Do With Twin Flames? 

Twin Flames share an unbreakable bond that is eternal and the love within a Twin Flame Union is ever-expanding and deepening. This relationship never fizzles out. 

Twin Flames are created from the same soul blueprint and share one consciousness. Together they are the complete expression of their one shared consciousness. 

Because this love transcends lifetimes, we can often see the infinity symbol, in art or for Twin Flame tattoos.

Yin Yang Symbol

Another common Twin Flame symbol is the yin yang symbol. This symbol appears as a circle made up of black and white swirls, each containing a spot of the other.

It often represents balance and interconnectedness. This symbol also represents the masculine and feminine energies of the Union. In their book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, Jeff and Shaleia explain Twin Flames using the yin yang symbol as an example for their Oneness.

Think of your Twin Flame Union as the ancient yin yang symbol: one half is the Divine Masculine and the other half is the Divine Feminine, and the little circles inside each half represent the truth that you are not dualistic, but unified as a whole.

Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, page 26.

Twin Flame Angel Numbers

Have you been seeing repeating numbers or the same numbers over and over? They appear on the clock, license plates, or even on your total or receipt when you checkout at a store. You may be wondering what’s going on with all these numbers and what they mean. 

It can be reassuring to know we all have angels and they often send us messages through numbers, which is why we call them angel numbers. They are a method of communicating with us and supporting us on the journey. There are many numbers and patterns you could be seeing. One of the most common being 11:11 and often repeating numbers as well. But what do they mean?

You can assign meaning to the numbers that feel good to you. The number patterns and sequences are your personal communication with Source/the Universe.

numbers symbols

11 11

Seeing 11:11 is a very common number pattern. It means Union and oneness. It’s speaking about your Union with Spirit, yourself and your Twin Flame. You are not separate from Source or your Twin, therefore you are always connected. We are all One. 


The number 2 is about partnership and balance within your Union. It can point you towards aligning with Love and your Divine Self. You are meant to partner with your Twin Flame in every way and balance is crucial within your Union. 


The number 3 is about recognizing your power and manifesting your dreams. You are the creator of your reality, no one else. This means you have the power to create experiences and the reality you experience. 


The number 4 is about your foundation and expansion. Your Twin Flame Union is the foundation of your life. It’s important to have a strong foundation in all areas of your life to be supported and stable.

These are just a few examples of numbers and meanings. The numbers and patterns or sequences you’re seeing are messages specifically for you. Feel into them to find your meaning and what Spirit is communicating to you.

Twin Flame Totem Animals 

Animals can be guides for us on our journey just like angel numbers and symbols. Oftentimes there are ones specific to our Union. You may already know of one or more that are important to you and your Twin Flame. 


The butterfly represents transformation and rebirth. The experience of coming home to yourself is a transformative process. At the core of each of us is love and to realign ourselves we must shed everything out of alignment with Love to emerge as our true Divine Self. 


The wolf represents authenticity and loyalty. While community and loyalty is important, it should not come at the cost of our authenticity. Your Twin Flame is your eternal partner and loyalty is crucial in your Union but you must be authentic. 


The bear represents power and protection. You are the creator of your reality and your choices are powerful. 


The swan represents unconditional love, a crucial part of the Twin Flame journey. Unconditional love is the core of your Union. 


The lion represents courage and strength. Moving through challenges requires strength and courage. 

There are many animals that can support you and that you may feel drawn to. These are a few common examples and how they relate to the Twin Flame journey.

swans twin flame symbols

How Are Symbols And Angel Numbers Important On The Twin Flame Journey?

Symbols are like winks that you are going in the right direction or you need to shift a little. They can point you towards upsets or provide some hope that you are moving forward. They support your journey. 

Even if you are not talking with your Twin Flame at the moment or if you don’t have a clue who they are, they are still communicating with you. 

Symbols can help lead you to them, or even back into communication. 

They are a wonderful way to connect and communicate with the Divine and your Twin Flame. 

The symbols you are seeing are meant for you. They are messages from the Universe and your Twin Flame. Find out more what they mean and how to navigate your journey more easily with our free Twin Flame Intro Course.

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