Many Twin Flames report having intuitive feelings and having 5D communication while they are apart, sometimes early on in their journey or even before their first physical meeting. These are very common and real experiences that come from the One Consciousness that you and your Twin share since the beginning of time.

You may feel love, hear guidance and conversations with your Twin Flame’s Higher Self, have vivid dreams about them, or even happen to think about the same thing or know how they feel. Relating to your Twin Flame through 3D and 5D might seem quite different. Your Twin’s Higher Self in 5D knows nothing but unconditional love for you, while relating to your Twin Flame in 3D can feel upsetting. But that does not mean either one is more or less real, better or worse than the other. They are just one side of the coin, each being one aspect of the whole Union.

While 5D communication is fun to have with your Twin Flame, knowing the purpose and the truth behind this communication can help us tremendously. 

How can we communicate with our Twin Flame and use it as a tool to get into Harmonious Union?

How To Communicate with Your Twin Flame’s Higher Self

Communicating with your Twin Flame’s Higher Self means connecting to the place of Oneness that has always existed. We are able to communicate with our Twin Flame’s Higher Self from our heart no matter where we are or what our relationship with our Twin Flame looks like in the physical at the moment. 

All we need to do is to find a quiet space and tune into our hearts and talk to them. When we are communicating with them in our heart space, letting go of control and receiving messages without expectation is essential for clear and authentic communication. Besides, all the loving messages we are able to receive from our Twin Flame’s Higher Self, this can also help us to go deeper with healing blocks to Union. Speaking to them in your heart is a very powerful tool to recognize communication blocks, fears or expectations and then heal them with the Mirror Exercise.

twin flames looking out on the sea

How 3D vs. 5D Are Truly One At The Core

Since we are One at the core with our Twin Flame, we can communicate with our Twin Flame’s Higher Self regardless of being together or apart on the physical plane. Communicating with your Twin Flame can be spontaneous, easy, and natural.

When we are talking to their Higher Self, we are usually able to experience the love they have for us and the Oneness, which is the truth of your eternal relationship with your Twin Flame. When we look at our relationship and communication with our Twin Flame in the physical, there are likely to be upsets and conflicts, and they might result in experiencing separation. The apparent inconsistency does not mean that what you feel inside, and your loving communication, is not real. The perfect love is real, and the upsets are valid emotions. One of them provides the truth of how your Twin Flame relationship feels at the core, a preview of how Union actually is. And the other one indicates the healing path towards your Union.

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The more blocks are cleared with the Mirror Exercise, the more the experience of perfect love with your Twin Flame will be your truth in 3D. Thus, the goal is not to only be with your Twin Flame in a meditative state in 5D, but to look at all the unhealed parts of your consciousness to feel that perfect love in your daily life. 

You have the capacity to experience love in your daily life, and to transcend the 5D experience in order to have your Twin Flame with you. That is why you shouldn’t avoid the upsets and uncomfortable experiences. They help you and your Twin Flame meet, not only in 5D, but also in 3D – where all parts of yourself are revealed and accepted unconditionally.

Telepathy, Dreams and Intuitive Knowing about Your Twin Flame

Every Twin Flame experiences communication with their Ultimate Lover in a different way. Some Twin Flames connect in their hearts where they are eternally One, by feeling the good feelings of their Harmonious Twin Flame Union. For other Twin Flames, they may experience more specific 5D communication through dreams and meditation. They may dream about interactions with their Twin Flame, while others may suddenly receive feelings or insights related to their Twin Flame, even in separation.

woman feeling her feelings

Sometimes, our Twin Flame reminds us of how much they love us via dreams and other types of telepathy, while other times they may bring up feelings and upsets. These messages can also become tools to healing on your Twin Flame journey. When a dream or 5D communication with your Twin Flame feels bad, it doesn’t mean that they are not meant to be with you. They are simply communicating feelings that are in your consciousness at the moment.

For example, if you dreamt about your Twin Flame being angry at you or saying or doing something upsetting, how does that make you feel? If you suddenly feel your Twin may be with others or they are feeling upset about something you did, how does it make you feel? What does your reaction to those messages mean to you? The Mirror Exercise can be applied to the feelings that dreams brought up for you. That is why you don’t need your Twin Flame to heal your upsets and come into Union with them; it’s all about what you feel and what is mirrored to you and your consciousness.

The point is not to figure out whether those situations actually happened or not in reality, but to identify how you feel about the upset that comes up. In a way, it is the Divine coming through your Twin Flame to reveal these upsets. That is why you are never blocked, or forced to wait on your Twin Flame to contact you. God would bring to your attention what needs to be healed, whether it be through numbers, synchronicities, other people or 5D communication.

Communicating with our Twin Flame in the 5D  can be very powerful and helps us to create a reality of love for ourselves, even if they don’t seem to be in our reality. Sometimes, they remind us of who they truly are at the core by communicating via their Higher Self; sometimes, they will remind us of what needs to be healed. Either way reveals different languages of love through our connection with our Twin Flame.

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