Falling in love is such a beautiful experience, but it can also feel so scary when you’ve been hurt before.

You’re probably scrolling through social media and seeing people in love. You say “I want that too,” but you don’t know how to attain it. Or you’re scared that it won’t last and you won’t be treated right.

Today, Denis shares his observations and tips about that with you. You want to read tip #4!

How do people fall in love?

Your mind will change but your heart will not

I once made a list once of all the people I’ve fallen in love with during my 27 years here on Earth and what it was that I loved about them. I was wondering if there was a reason that I fell in love with them to begin with.

Was there a pattern? Anything about them that captured my heart? Any secret quality or trait they possessed that made them stand out to me?
At first, it did seem like it was just a collection of random people where my heart just decided on a whim “Yep, this one”. But to my surprise, there was indeed more going on than was meeting the eye.

I discovered two major things:

All of them had certain character traits or qualities that I found attractive

I was falling in love with people that had qualities I desired to have myself. I usually didn’t yet embody theses qualities or didn’t yet see them within myself. Some others had qualities I was very clear I desired in my perfect partner. It was quite easy and straightforward to get clear on these qualities and find the common ground between all my crushes.

At the core, every person I ever fell in love with felt the same way to me

It was that one particular feeling of true love that I had with every single one of them. I wasn’t just falling in love with a bunch of random people. I was looking for the right person to match that one very specific feeling I had in my heart. These people matched me to some degree and showed me the way to true love.
Now, all of these people are no longer in my life. They moved on, we went our separate ways, I fell “out” of love.

The truth was, I didn’t fall in love with their soul. I fell in love with their personality and their character traits. Sometimes I fell in love because of shared interests, and sometimes because of their looks, too. I didn’t stay in love because both they and I changed. I’m not the person I used to be 10 years ago. My personality and character have changed and so did my interests and my looks.

All of them led to one person in the end

It wasn’t until I met my one true love, my Twin Flame, that I could feel what true love felt like. It was beyond personality, interests, and looks. It’s not that these things don’t matter. But the love with my perfect person is not based on these things. It’s based on our souls.

Finding such a connection is the jackpot of a lifetime. So, here are 6 powerful ways to make someone fall in love with your soul:

1. Be your authentic self with them

If you need to become someone else for a person to fall in love with you, you set yourself up for a rather unhappy relationship.

There’s no need to sacrifice your true self for affection. No one should have to do this. In addition to them not falling in love with your true self, it’s very exhausting and draining to keep up that mask in a relationship.

The solution is to just be yourself. And yes, it can require courage. What helped me a lot is to realize and accept that I am not for everyone, and that is ok.

The beautiful thing is that when you allow yourself to be you with all your flaws, you become highly attractive and magnetic to the right soul for you.

2. Be emotionally available for them

This does not mean that you enter a co-dependent relationship. You are not responsible for the emotional well-being of your partner.

Being emotionally available simply means that you are connected with yourself and open in your heart to emotionally connect with someone else as well. It means that you make sure you are actually ready for a committed relationship before choosing to pursue one.

When you are open in your heart, you allow the other person to truly see your heart and what you are about. The right person won’t be able to help falling in love with you then. It’s your heart they’ve been searching for all along, after all.

3. Become their best friend

The best movies, including the Notebook, talk about friendship as the base for love.

The best relationships are built on a foundation of friendship. Before you want to move into the lover arena with someone, you want to build a really stable and strong friendship with them.

Show them that you are there for them, that you are genuinely interested in them, and that you care about them. Be a good listener, spend time together, and try out activities that you both enjoy,…

4. Respect their space and pursue your own passions

Living your bets life is really hot and attractive! What is universally really hot is a person living their best life, doing what they are passionate about, and pursuing their dreams.

Don’t wait on the relationship to make you happy. Let things flow while you pursue your own interests, passions and career.

Also respect where the other person needs their space and time. If you are meant for each other, you will naturally gravitate towards each other when you just live the life that feels good to you. You don’t need to force or control a relationship when there is a genuine connection and love between you.

5. Once you are sure they’re the one, express your true feelings to them

Get very clear on where you stand in your relationship to them and what your goal is. Do you want a temporary, quick thing with them, or is your goal a long-term relationship? Your investment should always be long-term.

If you feel like they are indeed your perfect match at a soul-level, and they also check off all the points you desire in your perfect partner, then it might just be time to express your true feelings to them.

While you are building and growing your friendship, there does come a time where you want to be honest in how you really feel and that you desire more. Your honesty allows the other person to also honestly feel and express their feelings for you. Honesty creates safety, trust, and mutual understanding, which are very important for you to move into the lover stage of your relationship.

6. Accept and love them unconditionally

There is nothing more attractive and beautiful than being loved and accepted by someone unconditionally – through the good and bad times, the ups and downs, and the challenges and victories of life.

When you show up for someone with this level of unconditional love and acceptance, you show them that you are really there for them in the long run.

It’s very humbling and moving to recognize that someone loves you this deeply and unconditionally. There is no faster way to win someones’s heart and have them fall in love with you than just genuinely and truly loving them.

Falling in love is not for a select few

If there is one thing I’ve learned in life so far, it’s that true love is not complicated. It’s not a fight or a struggle, it’s not an endless chasing after it.

True love is simple, easy, gentle and effortless. It just is. And in that lies its power. This is an invitation to let love be easy for you. Let the stories of couples who found forever love inspire you.

So if you desire a long-lasting relationship, a relationship whose flame will never burn out, then fall in love with someone’s soul. Don’t know where to meet them? Take our Twin Flame Test and learn to attract them into your life.

Written by Denis Hidi