Twin Flames José and Michaila have been dreaming of living in the United States ever since they came together and reached Harmonious Union. It has been four years of healing, growing, and building a thriving business and a stable foundation together, and now…they’ve been approved for their visa to the United States! Here are all the juicy details about their great spiritual victory.

Q: How did it feel when you and José first heard that your visa was approved?

J & M: It felt so good, like a huge wave of joy and an energy of expansion that all of our dreams are finally coming true. We felt elated, yet also peaceful because it just feels like the next, natural step for us in cultivating and building a perfect and divine life for ourselves.

Q: How did your Ascension Coach, Chrissy help you overcome the blocks to securing your visa?

J & M: Chrissy helped us in claiming our desire to be there and letting go of any feelings of unworthiness to step into this next chapter of our lives. Being in the US is going to elevate and upgrade our lives a lot and help us solve a lot of energy leaks that we experience where we are now. She helped us release stress and worry over it and tune into the joy of it. I feel this moment of tuning into the joy is what finally allowed the process to move forward. We really tuned into how it would feel to move there and what our life would be like. We chose to stop waiting to feel that joy and just be with that joy now. In the moment we made that choice things moved forward rapidly with our application and by that evening we received our approval letter!

Q: Along the way, what signs were you getting from God about the process and your path?

J & M: In the weeks leading up to it, I (Michaila) received lots of signs from various avenues, but especially from social media saying things like “Your life is about to change in a huge way” and “Upgrades are coming!” I don’t usually receive these signs on an everyday basis, but I do tend to receive them abundantly just before a huge break-through. I was feeling deep waves of joy and the “feeling” of moving to the US and little “glimmers” of it. José had been experiencing this, too and a lot longer than me and he also experienced lots of vivid dreams leading up to it.

Q: How does it feel to be moving to the United States? And what does it mean for your spiritual path?

J & M: It feels amazing. It feels like coming home. It feels like ease and abundance. For us, it means grounding into our Heaven on Earth and finally being in a place where we can truly lay down our roots and have our “forever” home. This is really meaningful for us as it feels like a whole, new level of stability. It will also be wonderful to be closer to our peers and loved ones and have that kind of support system which we missed and felt further from being here, in Spain.

Q: What message do you have for other people who are trying to manifest something really important to them on their journey?

J & M: We want to encourage everyone to pursue their dreams, no matter what. For us, going through this process has been a big lesson in trusting that where you’re called, you’re supported in going there. God wants your dreams to come true even more than you do and He has a plan for you. You must have faith and keep going, even if it gets hard. You deserve to have all your dreams come true and you deserve to live your own Heaven on Earth. Don’t give up. Allow yourself to feel the joy of your manifestation all along the way. Don’t wait for something outside of you to happen to make you happy. When you recognize that you are already happy, you call in that energy, then the thing manifests. Not the other way around.

Written by Sage Woodward

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