Harmony. This word rang out when I met Déborah and Paco. The story of these true Twin Flames clearly has Love at the center: from their marriage proposal miracles, setting and resetting the date, to receiving the perfect dress for the Bride-to-be. Discover more as this couple opens up about life together on their deepening journey with Love.

The Proposal

“I felt guided by God to ask her to marry me. I had some fears to work through, and I needed to find clarity in my heart before I asked her,” Paco shared. After preparing in their relationship, they were finally ready for this next step. On Déborah’s 40th birthday, they set out on a date both knowing that this was the right moment and trusting that it would be something special. Unexpectedly, on a trip to Vienna near their hometown in Austria, they happened to see a light show with a heart in the sky. They sat on a bench and watched as their love story unfolded. The perfect setting was made for them at this moment. It was then that Paco asked Déborah to be his wife…and she answered with a loving “Yes.”

Save the Date

Once the ring was set on Déborah’s hand, the couple had another big decision for their wedding…when? “At first we felt called to get married in May. Then we started feeling how much change we were experiencing and moved our plans to September,” the couple shared. As they healed through this decision, Paco experienced success in his second surgery transitioning fully into his true self as a man. Feeling supported through this in their Union and with his self-care, they felt called again to reconsider May for their wedding date. They surrendered the date to God and revealed May 28 as the perfect date for their ceremony, saying it is “Absolutely, without question the perfect date for us.”

Follow the Natural and Good Feeling

For Paco and Déborah their daily spiritual relationship with Love has become a lifestyle. “We always come to a place of peace and Love with each other because we respect how we feel in the moment.” They share an expansive energy as Twin Flames and hold space to release patterns as they come up, like control, doubt, and past pain. “Life should feel really good and light,” they affirm together. Now, committed to loving themselves fully, they experience a natural and good feeling in life. They choose it daily on their way to experience Harmonious Union.

Miracles Manifest

So many miracles came true through Paco and Déborah’s journey. My favorite was how Déborah found her wedding dress. She was actually shopping for a dress to wear to Daniel and Cristina’s wedding this summer. “I realized,” she said, “I’m not picking a dress for the wedding of my Ascension Coaches. I am picking one for my own wedding.” Déborah describes her dream gown, a princess gown that she is struggling to not wear every day. “I left hugging my dress like a little kid out of a candy store.”

Following their wedding Paco and Déborah are excited to celebrate their honeymoon by traveling to Michigan for the Twin Flames Universe Spiritual Life Summit. Every steady step forward has led to a strong foundation of trust, commitment and honesty – building blocks of Harmonious Union. Their deep Love holds the key to a beautiful partnership with Life and the family they are becoming.

Interview by Angelika Lee

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