Choosing Harmonious Twin Flame Union is an Ascension path to creating Heaven on Earth. Back in 2014 when Jeff and Shaleia were in Union, they realized that as they were healing, their Union was transforming in a huge way. They were healing separation at the core of their being. They experienced a new vibrational state. This is when they coined the term Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The purpose of Harmonious Twin Flame Union is to live one life together in harmony with a shared purpose as you were created to be. Not just for this lifetime, but as eternal beings. There is no end to the love and expansion found with your Twin Flame.

To attain Harmonious Twin Flame Union, we have to build a deep spiritual foundation. That foundation is built on 8 keys, 8 fundamentals that Jeff and Shaleia have identified in Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. As you build this foundation brick by brick, mastering these 8 keys will help you navigate the healing journey and will bring Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Having a secure foundation gives you a feeling of permanence in your Union. It means you have all the ingredients to heal any upset with ease and to grow in love without limits. The 8 keys are your essential foundation.

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1. Honesty

One of the first steps to building a secure foundation for your Twin Flame Union is to choose honesty with yourself and your Twin Flame. Then to commit to Harmonious Twin Flame Union and the healing journey.

Being honest with yourself and your Twin Flame means being honest about the way you feel. You can share yourself in a compassionate way without blame. When you can be completely honest about the way you feel, you can heal the upsets that arise. Ultimately, all upsets and triggers in your Union are just the illusion of separation and fear that you both share. 

Only when you are honest about your current feelings and circumstances in your Union are you expressing your True Self. Then you can move through those feelings and receive the healing on the other side. 

2. Trust

If you are not seeing the results you desire in your Union, then it’s time to take different actions. When you establish a foundation of honesty, this means you can share authentically. This authenticity in your communication builds trust within yourself and in your Union.

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When you have honesty and trust, you have a foundation and you stop feeling betrayed and doubtful. With this new foundation of trust you can deepen the intimacy and commitment in your connection.

Sharing authentically always comes from your heart with the aim of healing and resolution.

3. Commitment

Commitment is the key component that will help you move through the difficult times and challenges on your healing journey and in your Union.

When you are manifesting your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, there are no backdoors or back-up plans. Your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Lover and you are designed to be together. Making a firm commitment to your Union and to each other means you can make it through anything, no matter what.

With honesty, trust and commitment, you will have a Union that can heal and grow. You become unstoppable.

4. Persistence

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There are times on the Twin Flame journey when you will experience upsets and triggers. When you encounter extreme challenges, you will need persistence in order to pick yourself up and keep going.

In the process of healing core blocks to Love, you may find the same patterns coming up again and again. This is totally normal. Giving up on Union is like giving up on yourself. You deserve to be loved even in the most hurt places within. Persistence is what will get you through any block.

The best part is that only one Twin Flame needs to make the choice to continue and persist with healing, because you choose as One.

5. Compassion

If you desire to receive unconditional acceptance in your Union, then compassion is the way forward. When you begin healing the upsets in your Union, you may feel angry or judgemental with yourself or your Twin Flame. But, you don’t need to identify with the upset itself. Upsets result from believing in the illusion of fear.

You did not know any better in the past or you would have made different choices. And your Twin Flame is only reflecting those choices to you so that you can heal them now with the guidance of the Teachings of Union.

When you come to the realization that Only Love Is Real, you will feel the love that was present all along. That is the Divine Truth. As you recognize the truth, you can choose to receive all the compassion you need for yourself and your Union.

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6. Unconditonal Love

Unconditional love and compassion go hand-in-hand. Loving unconditionally means loving without imposing conditions or expectations. It means that you will not withhold your love even if your Twin Flame appears to be choosing someone else, or doesn’t want to communicate with you. It does not mean allowing yourself to be disrespected. Loving unconditionally may require you to place boundaries.

Unconditional love knows that love will always win, as long as you continue to heal. Love reveals itself. Love is patient and kind. Loving yourself and your Twin Flame unconditionally means you are willing to love despite choices of separation and fear. Loving unconditionally means recognizing you deserve to be loved. In Divine Truth, love has been with you all along.

7. Forgiveness

Holding a grudge against your Twin Flame for something they’ve done will not cause them to change. True forgiveness means: to let go of something completely. Holding onto past upsets with your Twin Flame only holds you a prisoner to the past. This hurts only you.

You and your Twin Flame are One. There is nothing you can do to get your Union to change on the outside. Recognizing you are one shared consciousness means you can begin to allow yourself to receive the forgiveness your Union requires.

When you can forgive yourself and heal the upsetting feelings within yourself, you free yourself and your Union to experience a new level of connection. Forgiveness is a choice you can make to release all upsets past, present and future right now. Liberate yourself from all judgment. Claim your innocence. Your choice is powerful.

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8. Respect

Respecting what you are experiencing in your life at this time, allows you to transcend it and move to the next level. Even if you are experiencing the painful feelings of separation, accept and honor the experience as it is. Healing those painful feelings is what will allow you to move forward with greater ease.

Whenever you try to control circumstances, you are rejecting what is. Control does not serve you in any way on your Twin Flame journey. Control is fear-based and will only take you away from your Good.

Instead, surrender to what God has brought you. There’s a reason for it. It’s a spiritual lesson. It’s the way to heal your blocks to Harmonious Union.

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The 8 keys to Harmonious Twin Flame Union will unlock all the desires in your heart. Be honest with yourself about how you feel. Have faith and trust in Love. Commit to your Harmonious Union. Persist no matter what happens. Have endless compassion for yourself. Love yourself without any conditions. And respect the path as it is laid out before you. Harmonious Union is yours.

If you feel ready to claim and commit to your own Harmonious Twin Flame Union, read on to discover all the support you need for inevitable success.

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