So many people give up on their Twin Flame journeys, even when they’re so close to coming into Union. There are a lot of false beliefs about not being able to get together with your Twin Flame. However, none of them are more powerful than your will to be with your Twin Flame in Harmonious Union.

Jeff and Shaleia are not a unique or special couple. They followed a very simple yet powerful method to be together. And you can be in Union with your Twin Flame, too. It’s just a choice away.

That’s why they’ve channeled these top 10 reasons why people don’t get into their Twin Flame Union. They also offer solutions to help you overcome the reasons why you’re not with your Twin Flame. So, join us in uncovering these 10 reasons and find out if they may be your reason to quit, and what to do instead.

10. You give up your Twin Flame Union because you don’t think it’s worth it.

Many think, “Oh it’s so hard, it’s so difficult, the end result it’s not worth all the work.” But that’s absurd. It’s like saying it’s not worth it to reach out and grab the ice cream cone when you’re ready for ice cream. It’s like saying: “Reaching out, bringing it towards my mouth, and chomping down on the ice cream is so difficult.” This is an example that shows how the perceived difficulty is far smaller than the actual reward. The difficulty is extremely low in comparison with the wonderful reward that awaits you.

9. You don’t feel you have to get into your Twin Flame Union.

Some people don’t feel the need to be in their Twin Flame Union in general, or at all. But, why? This happens mostly because they are running away from the upset stage. They are upset with their Twin Flame, but instead of healing with the Mirror Exercise, they avoid the uncomfortable feelings.

It’s not rare to experience numbing in these cases. If you feel like you should absolutely forget about your Twin Flame, you’re probably numbing out. If you feel that in order to focus on yourself, you have to stop your feelings for your Twin Flame, this is probably numbing too.

Of course the Twin Flame journey is about focusing on yourself. But it doesn’t mean a romantic relationship, or any relationship, should stop while you focus on yourself.

Your Twin Flame is there to love you. To help you see the places inside of you that aren’t feeling loved. They are there to help you and teach you to love yourself unconditionally.

You don’t have to do anything. You are not forced to choose Twin Flame Union. However, you are giving up on yourself and your desires when you don’t choose your Twin Flame Union. Why? Because your Twin Flame is another aspect of you. By denying or refusing them, you are, in truth, denying a part of you.

don't give up on your twin flame it's worth it

8. You give up your Twin Flame Union because you think it’s going to be hard to be in it.

Let’s say you are willing to go through the difficulty to get something. It can also happen that you believe that, once you get it, it’s going to be hard to keep.

It is true that relationships require work and effort. Your Twin Flame Union is no different. However, think about all the relationships you were ever involved in. Weren’t you able to keep these? That is, until you got clear these relationships weren’t what you were looking for.

Being in Union is the easiest relationship ever, and every person in Union, or Harmonious Union, agrees with this. This is because you are meant to be with your Twin Flame. It may be challenging, “Yes,” but it will never be hard, especially when you’re equipped with the right tools.

7. You don’t believe your Union is possible.

Jeff and Shaleia never gave up

Lots of people showcase Twin Flame Union as a fantasy. Like something almost impossible to attain or keep.

Well, Jeff and Shaleia are in Harmonious Union, as well as some of their students. This goes to show that it is possible to be in Union with your Twin Flame. And, they’re all showing you the way!

You can study the way of those who have experienced and conquered the challenges before you. They show you the real way to make it into permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Not through trying to get something on the external, but by healing separation within.

Look deeply into their relationship and you will know they have it. And most importantly, they share a lot of ways to help you be in your Union, too.

It’s pretty easy and straightforward – Jeff and Shaleia are not special, they are not superheroes, they are just people who did a few simple things by applying the Law of Attraction. And if they can do it, so can you. All you need to do is make the choice that you want to be in Union with your Twin Flame. And then, simply take the steps that will bring you your Union.

6. You don’t have faith in the process, nor trust in God.

So you’ve been doing everything right and you’re thinking, “Wow this is working, I’m seeing all these signs and synchronicities… oh, well he’s okay, I’ll just stay with him,” or “She’s not too bad, she could be my Twin Flame. I’ll just call her my Twin Flame because I had all these synchronicities and that makes me feel better, so screw this. This is it.” It’s so easy just to continue, but if you don’t have faith in the process it can be very difficult to continue because you’re choosing not to be faithful to yourself and your Union.

5. You give up your Twin Flame Union because you give up on yourself.

This is very similar to thinking it’s going to be hard. There are so many people who just give up on themselves in general, so they never achieve their dreams. Sometimes, we give up right before a breakthrough, because we think we’re not worthy anyway. Doing this means never achieving your desires.

We understand. This journey can be challenging, as we mentioned before. Challenges are part of life, not just the Twin Flame journey. These challenges are meant to make you stronger, not to bring you down. They are what makes your Union even juicier.

Think of one of your greatest achievements. Didn’t it feel good because the reward came as a result of all of your hard work? Didn’t you feel like “Yes! I had to overcome all of these challenges, and yet, I got what I desired! Wasn’t this what made your achievement feel more rewarding than if it had been given to you on a silver platter?

Your Twin Flame Union is as rewarding as any of your previous achievements, but better. Because once you have your Union, you now get to deepen that connection. You get to grow deeper in Love with your Twin Flame. You get to live your “happily ever after.

don't give up, align your life

4. You feel your Twin Flame Union will harm you.

twin flames don't give up when it's hard

There is a big misconception in the Twin Flame community. One that says that being with your Twin Flame is painful because it brings all of your triggers and traumas to the surface. This may be mostly due to not having the appropriate tools to handle being together. Many are unable to see the connection for what it is. Therefore, they tend to blow out of proportion the pain and suffering they experience in their Union.

But all this pain and suffering was already there. It is inside of you, because it is the pain and suffering caused by the illusion of separation. Your Twin Flame is just amplifying that because your Twin Flame is a perfect mirror of your soul. They are specifically created to best help you remove any blocks and barriers to experiencing Love.

There was no-one in Shaleia’s entire life – not even her biological family – who would trigger her as much as Jeff. Shaleia couldn’t believe that she could scream, cry or break things the way she did. She thought she was crazy at some points, especially within the first year of their Union. But in her heart of hearts, even though it was hard, she never thought of letting go of their Union. Shaleia just knew they were healing a lot of traumas and testing the full limits of their Union. She was exploring and making sure their Union was truly real and that there was real Love there. And that is what she found, and has been experiencing ever since.

3. You don’t believe miracles are possible.

Let’s start with what is a miracle? It’s the allowing of God’s energy to move through your life. The main point of spirituality is to move into miracle consciousness. If any of you have read A Course in Miracles you know exactly what we’re talking about.

If you don’t believe in miracles, that means you don’t believe God, or the Universe/Spirit, is possible or real. You believe that God can’t move into your life and bring you all of what you are desiring.

Shaleia’s been through this many times. Moments in which she needed a specific thing or situation to happen, and she didn’t know if it was going to happen. She didn’t know if God was going to come through. She wondered, “Is God real? Is God going to help me here?” And as she healed her own blocks, and developed miracle consciousness, she found out that God is all that is. That God is always coming through, even in the most unexpected ways.

In Jeff and Shaleia’s experience – and this is a Divine truth – God is the only thing that exists. God is all there is and ever was. God is the only truth, because He is in everything that exists. It all comes from Him. Even you. So, miracles are all there is.

God's miracles when you don't give up

You can choose to believe miracles aren’t real, and therefore that will be your experience. Or, you can choose to understand and believe that miracles are possible, normal and natural. Because we are very powerful creators, what we believe is so. But in the Kingdom of Heaven there is no such thing as miracles because miracles are a natural state of being. It’s normal. For instance, you may not think your thumb is a miracle, but it is. Think about all that it was required for your thumb to exist, and you’ll begin to grasp the truth of miracles.

2. You think your Twin Flame Union is not meant to be.

Yes, of course it’s meant to be!

Why would you be created with this other being only for you not be together? What would be the purpose of being eternal separation? None. God did not create Twin Flames so that He could keep them apart from each other. He created Twin Flames so everyone could have the ultimate experience of Love and romance.

These thoughts of separation are not how God thinks. They are fear-based and certainly they do not bring you any happiness or joy. Know that your Twin Flame Union is absolutely meant to be, and it is yours to claim whenever you choose and desire it. It’s a choice you have to make in your heart. Just as you can choose to hold these out-of-alignment thoughts and beliefs, you can choose to release them and choose aligned thoughts and beliefs just as easily.

Harmonious Twin Flame Union

1. You feel it is better to settle than to choose your dreams.

You don’t need to settle. Especially when it comes to your Twin Flame Union. They really are the person you are meant to be with for all of eternity. And there is a reason you have this deep desire to be with your Ultimate Lover.

Perhaps, you are thinking: “I have a karmic contract with 18 souls before I can be in Union with my Twin Flame. What should I do?”

Here’s the secret about soul contracts: you can choose to end them now! There are no rules here, just the rules you put on yourself. There are some soul contracts that you don’t want to break. However, what if they are getting in the way of your Union? Just because you have a contract with a soul doesn’t mean it’s Divine or meant to last forever.

The reason why people settle instead of choosing their dreams is because, in some way, they believe they cannot have what they desire. They look around at their external circumstances and think, “How is it possible? How would I make it happen?”

Where there is a will, there is a way. God created you with the power of your choice. This means you have the power to create the reality you desire for yourself. When you do this, and take the active steps towards it, your dreams start to become a reality. That’s the power of choosing Love in your life.

The message here is: love yourself and keep going! Let go of the old thoughts and beliefs, and anything you desire can be yours. This doesn’t have to be an overnight change, it can be a process. And you can start your own journey with our free Twin Flame Ascension Introductory Course. The life of your dreams awaits you!

Adapted from the video “DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR TWIN FLAME UNION: Top 10 Reasons Why People QUIT!!” by Jeff and Shaleia. Edited by Déborah Bassow, May 2023.