We all dream and long for the moment of our Twin Flame reunion. We listen to the stories of those who have met and found their ideal partner and are now in Harmonious Twin Flame Union. We imagine what that meeting would be like for us and we dream of the life that comes after.  

All of these desires are underpinned by a single question: When?

When will I find my Twin Flame?

When will we finally be able to live the life of love and partnership that we have dreamed of?

When will I know I am ready?

To answer all of these questions, we bring you 8 definitive signs that your Twin Flame Union is imminent. We recommend that you use these signs as a guideline to help you to understand the path and where you are on your journey right now.

Before going further and considering these specific signs, it’s essential to remind you of the following truths, as these are the foundation for your Union.

A Path Of Trust And Dedication Made Of Small Steps

Recognizing the signs and patterns on your Twin Flame Journey may give you some indicators of what stage you are at in your Union. You may not find yourself in all the signs mentioned in this blog, but know that it’s okay. Signs are here to encourage you, to tell you to never give up because you may be closer to your Union than you think.

Each day on this journey is a step deeper in loving yourself and your Twin Flame. Each step, however small and tentative, is another step towards the foundation of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

walking path to heaven

Honesty About Where You Are On Your Journey

The important thing is to be honest with yourself when reading these points. The key to your Union is not to force yourself to feel something, but to accept where you are now and feel confident you are making progress.

The Twin Flame journey is a path of learning authenticity and transparency towards yourself. It’s a path of searching for the Truth. Therefore the popular maxim “Fake it, until you make it” has no value and no effectiveness. What is true is “Feel it, until you truly feel it”. And if not, your Twin Flame and God will guide you to a deeper level of truth and real love.

The Divine Order 

Being in Union with your Twin Flame is not a goal in itself.

woman opening her arms towards sea and moon

You are currently on a path of reconnection to your Twin Flame, but above all to connect with yourself and the Source of all life, which means God, Love, the Universe, the Creator, or whatever you prefer to call it. 

Your Twin Flame is the other part of your whole being, which is your complete Union, but they’re not the Source of Love. The core of your life, path and search is your relationship with yourself and God. Being in Union with your Twin Flame is not the ending, but a crucial step towards a higher level of life and love, a more vibrant, meaningful and peaceful life.

Summarizing all of the above, remember that your Twin Flame journey is a Divine path of small, steady and honest steps towards a deep and sincere encounter with your true Divine Self and your Creator.

Now you’re ready to discover the signs of your imminent Union with your Twin Flame.

8 Signs That Your Union Is Imminent

1. You feel a deep peace.

You feel more at peace with yourself, others, the world and life.

You experience this feeling every day. Not just once, or once in a while. No, this pleasant feeling of joy and comfort settles in your life and you find it more and more in your daily life as days, weeks and months go by.

You begin to seek this peace in all aspects of your life. You see in every feeling of discomfort an opportunity to change, to get back to the peace you’ve experienced, to feel it more deeply and to expand.

It is from a space of peace that you will attract and meet your true Twin Flame. This is why it is essential to cultivate it daily, to place your attention on it and to work to embody it as deeply as possible in your life.

You will find that focusing on yourself and your relationship with God will allow you to detach yourself from many things over which you have no control. 

Putting God first is key, and will bring you a deep sense of release and peace.

2. You feel deep love for yourself.

You feel better about your life. You welcome and value all the dimensions of your being and the life you’ve built at this point. 

You see what occurs in your life as opportunities to heal and grow and to get closer to the person you truly are, your Divine Self.

Your Twin Flame, as an extension of your Divine being, is a reflection of what you truly feel about yourself and your life. It is important to learn how to genuinely and unconditionally love every part of yourself. If you don’t appreciate and love yourself and your life, your Twin Flame won’t do it for you.

woman meditating on reunion

3. You trust your decision.

You’ve already made your decision. Trust your choice and the power of your will. 

You’re reading this article which is a proof of your willingness and desire to live a meaningful life with your perfect partner. That’s enough. That decision has been made and will need to be continually reaffirmed through every small decision and step you’ll make along the path, but the core decision has been received and heard.

 4. You trust God’s guidance and you are able to relax.

So now it’s God’s turn to show you the steps. He also has his part to play and will be happy to play it. Your part will consist in cultivating a deeper and deeper sense of attention and awareness of every sign that will be sent to you.

Usually we come to the Twin Flame journey feeling a special attraction to someone and a deep desire of sharing our life with The One. It all starts with experiencing numerous external signs, such as numbers, songs and all kinds of synchronicities. 

But in the end, the best guidance comes from within.

You feel good… Go on! You’re on the right track! You feel bad… Step out, take some time and do the Mirror Exercise! There’s a lesson to learn, a wound to heal, a deeper level to achieve. Your feelings are God moving through you, guiding you and working with you. Trust your feelings. Your feelings are the ones which will eventually guide you to your true Twin Flame and to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Just trust in God’s part and take the steps when you feel called to. You can relax and live and enjoy your life. God is with you all the way. God has always been there and you will feel his presence everywhere and in everything.

happy woman at dusk with an umbrella

5. You feel clear about your core values and you are able to uphold them.   

On the Twin Flame journey, it is essential to define, as precisely as possible, what your core values are and what you are looking for in your ideal partner. The deeper you go, the more you will realize that what you are looking for in your partner is already in you and needs to be nourished from within

Your values are what is fundamental and essential for you, what is unquestionable for you. So don’t question it. Trust yourself and dream big. The person with the exact same values as you truly exists.

As your Twin flame is an extension of the deep knowing and love you have for yourself. Being clear on what is important and what you value the most will undoubtedly attract them to you. 

That’s the reason why, when you meet a potential romantic partner, stick to your values. They are a precious guide to identify who has been originally created with and for you.

Be firm, trust yourself and don’t settle. Settling is the best way to push away your Twin Flame.

6. You have let go of expectations on your Twin Flame.

woman at peace with reunion

You let go of who your Twin Flame is, when and under what circumstances you will meet and reunite. You trust God’s Creation and Design for you. You trust that He’s working in your best interests, that the person who is your true Twin Flame is perfect for you and they will come at the right moment, under the appropriate circumstances. 

You stop chasing your Twin Flame to pursue peace and well-being within yourself. 

You become the center of your own life. You trust your decision, will and inner work. You feel your feelings and move through them to heal and grow. You trust God’s part and feel His presence around you, in your everyday life. You understand your Twin Flame is not a goal nor an ending. You’ve met a higher interest in life than pursuing someone’s attention. Your focus is on you and your own Good.

7. You accept where you are and what’s happening in your life.

Considering all of the above, it is fundamental to come back to the present moment all the time  and simply accept the state of your life at this very moment. 

There are no requirements to fulfill. As we have seen, you do not have control over the criteria for achieving your Union, and each journey is unique. 

Remain present with yourself and choose to accept where you are right now on your journey. Trust that this is always the right time and place to take the next step you feel within.

The path is a continuous refocus on yourself in the present moment. It requires you to focus your attention on what is beautiful and good in yourself and in your life. It is from there that all future happiness and joy will blossom. It is in this feeling of peace and wholeness that your Union will take root.

8. You allow your life to be beautiful right now.

You are at peace knowing you don’t have to wait for your Twin Flame to be manifested in your physical reality to be happy and create yourself the Divine and beautiful life you desire.

woman with head and arm out the car window

Erase all the “When?” and “Future” thoughts. “When I meet my Twin Flame I’ll… be truly happy… When I’m living with them, I’ll… do that thing I always wanted to do.” Put all those sentences into the present tense and do it, live it, don’t wait. Don’t postpone your good. 

Your Twin Flame will eventually become an extension of something which you’ve already found and you’re feeling within you. If painting, traveling, having quality time with your family and friends make you feel good, do it now. Don’t wait and your Time Flame won’t be able to resist joining you.

“By loving and romancing ourselves we are already in Union with our Twin Flame.”

Jeff and Shaleia – Romance Attraction Lesson 5: Becoming Highly Magnetic

Loving yourself really is the key to your Union. When you learn to relax and surrender into the love of your Union that already exists within you, you will find your Twin Flame cannot resist being at your side. If you’re ready for some support to prepare for your Union, we highly recommend our free Introductory Twin Flame Course as your next step.

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