The Internet and the world of celebrity is blowing up with the term “Twin Flames” but what is the big deal? Are Twin Flames something new or have they always been around? Are Twin Flames the absolute “pinnacle” of romantic relationships and, if so, are soulmates now a thing of the past?

Countless tales of true love have been handed down through the generations. Hundreds of thousands of books, plays and films, all talking about the perfect romance. Are these stories just a collective fanciful dream, or is it time to take a closer look?

Perhaps Shakespeare understood a thing or two about Twin Flames when he captured the moment Romeo’s heart awoke as he gazed at Juliet, asking himself:

Did my heart love ‘til now?

Needless to say, if true love were actually possible and available right now, who in their right mind wouldn’t jump at the chance to have it?

If you’ve met your Twin Flame, or think you might have, then get ready to learn about and take the lead role in your very own True Love story!

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Through their own journey into Harmonious Twin Flame Union, Jeff and Shaleia use the term “Twin Flame” to describe:

Two people created for each other, as a perfect match, to live one life together as best friends, teacher/student, partners in Life Purpose and as lovers.

In fact, Twin Flames are so deeply connected that they actually share One consciousness. This means not only do they have a profound connection but they function as One, and so can never be separated.

Twin Flames are two complete individuals who, when united, express themselves as the fullest and most complete and complementary expression of their One consciousness.

We can see why meeting a Twin Flame can have such a huge impact; you are literally meeting yourself!

What Does It Mean To Have A Twin Flame?

What’s the reason why so many people believe they’re connecting with their Twin Flames at this time? Why is this only happening now? Is there a deeper meaning?

Simply put, humanity is at a time of spiritual evolution. Now is the time!

Twin Flames meet to begin a spiritual awakening and purification process. The meeting occurs when there is a desire for True Love in in one’s heart. That desire leads to a choice, which then manifests in the external meeting. It’s really the choice to stop settling for less in romantic relationships. A bit like an emancipation for romance!

Why Were Twin Flames Created?

With so many differing explanations to be found, it can be so confusing to understand the concept of Twin Flames. But let’s go deeper into explaining this spiritual connection.

Twin Flames are divinely created and designed very specifically for each other. Twin Flames even share the same consciousness and soul DNA. So, this means that your Twin Flame is literally you! With this one-of-a-kind inner relationship, this means Twin Flames are each other’s perfect match in every way, rivaled by no other type of relationship and with absolutely no compromises. Yes, you read that correctly! No compromising at all, ever!

One Twin Flame, in the Union, will embody the Divine Masculine energy and the other Twin Flame the Divine Feminine energy, regardless of gender. This means you will experience the perfect balance and blend of energies within your Union which you can channel into your one life together and your shared purpose.

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Do I Have A Twin Flame? Can I Have More Than One?

You will only ever have one Twin Flame and you can never be separated from each other because you share One consciousness. Therefore, you cannot be separated from yourself or from Love.

Fortunately, everyone was created with a Twin Flame, so we will all get to have this Divine and beautiful relationship if we choose it.

Twin Flame vs. Soulmate

The terms Twin Flame and soulmate are often used interchangeably, or sometimes misinterpreted altogether causing a great deal of confusion. Clarity on this topic is vital because they do not mean the same thing at all!

Understanding the difference between Twin Flames and soulmates can save a lot of heartache and end years of unnecessary separation from your beloved.


A soulmate is someone you find comfortable to get along with who can be a friend, relative, child or romantic partner. Soulmates get along well with each other and tend to meet up in several lifetimes, or for as long as they wish to.

Inevitably, soulmates will tend to outgrow each other over time, particularly in a romantic relationship, and especially when you heal your blocks. The reason this happens is because soulmates are not a perfect match to each other and are not designed to be romantic partners.

Soulmates do not share all of the same core values as your own Twin Flame. This means you will always have to make compromises in your relationship with a soulmate which does not happen with your Twin Flame.

Twin Flame

Twin Flames, on the other hand, are each other’s one and only true romantic partner for eternity.

Twin Flames are each other’s perfect match in every aspect of life, from sex, intimacy, nourishment, physical appearance, spirituality, hobbies, play, work, family, healing and purpose. It’s so easy and natural to be with your Twin Flame when you are healed and aligned, because they share the same core values as you. However, Twin Flames are not exact copies of each other. Instead, they are your Divine complement. You enhance each other’s innate design and gifts.

Twin Flames are designed to live one very purposeful, peaceful and satisfying Divine life together. You have the power to choose to be with your Twin Flame in this lifetime and in all lifetimes to come. It is not possible to outgrow or get bored of your Twin Flame because you will always both desire the same things from life and will continue to grow together in every way.

Twin Flames are indeed the ultimate “pinnacle” experience in relationship compatibility which can be achieved once you heal through the blocks!

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Twin Flame Love

What’s the big deal all about? Why are the feelings so intense with a Twin flame?

Twin Flame love appears different to ordinary relationships because it has a very specific function. Because Twin Flames share the same consciousness, they mirror perfectly everything held within consciousness. So wherever you are feeling aligned with love, your Twin Flame will reflect that love back to you; the results can feel like fireworks! Electric, undeniable, kundalini awakening, like coming alive in every part of your being. So why can it also be so painful?

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The Divine mirror also works the other way too. For every misalignment with the concept of love that is held within consciousness, this will also be reflected back to you. If you are feeling doubt, abandonment, fear, neediness, betrayal or lacking trust, your Divine counterpart will lovingly show you those misalignments too. 

This means wherever you are holding a fear-based belief, your Twin Flame will reflect that to you because they are you! Your Twin Flame loves you by showing you these misalignments so that you can heal them. Loving your Twin Flame is the same as loving yourself. 

If you experience your Twin Flame not loving you, then it’s time to begin the healing journey to heal that part of your consciousness where you are not loving yourself within. When healed, you will experience your love being returned within your Twin Flame Union.

The relationship with your Twin Flame is ultimately one of spiritual growth so that you can transcend all fear. We call this Ascension.

Tattoos And Their Meaning

Our Blog 111 Unique Twin Flame Tattoo Ideas That Are Actually Irresistible is the perfect example of all of the unique ways this can be done:

“What is the meaning of a Twin Flame Tattoo?”

“Twin Flame tattoos commemorate the journey of Eternal Love in permanent ink. It is a deeply personal representation of the bond between two souls created as Divine lovers and partners forever and symbolizes unconditional love and eternal commitment to healing the heart and growing together.”

So many of us enjoy demonstrating our love for our Twin Flames through the symbolism of a tattoo. It’s such a personal way to honor your Twin Flame.

In what creative way do you feel inspired to love your Twin Flame today?

Why Do I See 1111, Angel Numbers and Twin Flame Symbols Everywhere?

If you’ve met your Twin Flame, or think you might have, you will no doubt be aware of signs and synchronicities popping up everywhere! 

You look at your phone and it says 11:11 or you see a car number plate with your Twin Flame’s initials. Angel numbers such as 222, 333, 444 etc. appear, each with a unique symbolism and message just for you!

Repeating number patterns are a common occurrence on your Twin Flame journey and they’re happening to guide you to move in the direction of your heart’s desires. When you are attuned to your heart, you will notice how everything around you responds with love and encouragement. Love is the strongest energy of all and it is in everything around you.


Along the Twin Flame journey, you can expect to receive many signs from the Divine that you are on track. Signs can come in many different forms and will be unique to each individual.

Commonly reported signs by Twin Flames are:

  • Repeating number patterns.
  • Seeing your Twin Flame’s name everywhere.
  • Bumping into your Twin Flame, or driving past them.
  • Seeing feathers, spirit animals, orbs, angels.
  • Hearing a meaningful song or song lyrics.
  • Feeling your Twin Flame’s presence or touch.

Each time you see a sign, it is an acknowledgement that you are on the Twin Flame journey. It is safe to follow your heart and where it is leading you.

If you are feeling unsure about your Twin Flame journey, or want to know if you are on the right track when it comes to who your Twin Flame is, why not ask the Universe for a sign?

Twin Flame Separation

Why does separation happen between Twin Flames? Are Twin Flames actually meant to be together, or do they just come together to provoke healing and then part for good?

If you have experienced separation from your Twin Flame then you will know it feels very painful indeed. This is because your Twin Flame is the other part of you! It is not natural to feel separate from yourself and you don’t have to be.

In fact, Jeff and Shaleia teach that separation is not a necessary part of the Twin Flame journey at all. When you learn how to heal the blocks creating the experience of separation, it can simply melt away.

Separation happens because there are one or more fear-based beliefs held within the shared consciousness of Twin Flames. The fear-based beliefs might stem from family or ancestral patterns and are about the relationship with Love Itself. Perhaps we were taught to believe that:

  • Love doesn’t last.
  • Love abandons me.
  • I can’t have love.
  • Love hurts.
  • I’m not good enough to be loved.

The purpose of your Twin Flame is to mirror these beliefs for you. All of these fear-based beliefs can be healed easily with the Mirror Exercise.

Beliefs in fear come from believing in the illusions created by ego. Ego tells us we are separate from Love and that is what actually causes us so much pain, not our Twin Flame!

When you release the illusions and take your power back from fear, you will realize that separation could never be real. Ego was lying to you! You can actually heal every single one of those upsetting feelings. We call this process of healing – Ascension: the purification of consciousness.

twin flames close to each other

If you would like support with healing, why not contact one of the Twin Flames Universe Ascension Coaches, they would be happy to help you.

Twin Flame Signs

So what does it feel like to meet your Twin Flame? Will you know the first time you meet, or can it take a bit longer to discover the truth?

You will know if you’ve met your Twin Flame that the feeling is like no other, and totally unforgettable! You feel a depth of connection that is quite unlike anything you’ve known before. You really don’t know until you know!

The most commonly reported feelings expressed by those who have met their Twin Flames are:

  • A deep soul connection when having sex where you feel they know exactly how to connect with you intimately.
  • Feeling a strong spiritual, and sometimes, other-wordly connection in your hearts.
  • A profound and often instant familiarity, as though you know exactly what they’re thinking or feeling even if you haven’t known each other for a long time.
  • A feeling of deep and unconditional love no matter what may be unfolding in your external reality.
  • A life-changing feeling that you desire to grow spiritually and to heal all of your blocks to love.
  • An undeniable and unforgettable Divine desire to be with them.

But, is it also possible to have met your Twin Flame and not realize? Yes, absolutely. Let’s take a look at why that can happen.

Although some Twin Flames may meet and recognize each other straight away, and perhaps begin a romantic relationship, this isn’t always the case. If you have a block within your shared consciousness to connecting with and loving yourselves, this can lead to not recognizing each other.

Recognizing your Twin Flame is a feeling process. So, choosing to feel your feelings and connect with your heart is not only essential, but it is how you will learn to navigate the Twin Flame journey with peace and with ease.

If you feel you may have experienced a trauma that you feel is stopping you from connecting fully with your heart, we recommend reaching out to a Mind Alignment Process (MAP) Practitionerwho can work with you to find and unlock the trauma.

You deserve to feel fully loved and we are here to help and support you.

Twin Flame Test

One of the most asked questions is “How do I know if I’ve met my Twin Flame?”

The best way to answer this question is to connect with your own heart. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you feel this person is encouraging you to grow in a spiritual way?
  • Do you feel the connection with this person deep in your heart?
  • Do you feel guided to find Twin Flame information to understand this connection?
  • Do you feel unconditional love for this person?
  • Does the love you share feel sacred and Divine?
  • Are you prepared to heal your blocks to love to be with them?

Even reading this article right now is a sign that you are on the Twin Flame journey!

Ultimately, the one thing you can trust is that your heart is guiding you towards Divine love and towards your healing. If you follow the feeling in your heart and choose to heal the blocks to love, then you will reveal the truth of your Twin Flame in the process.

As you heal, your Twin Flame will naturally heal along with you, even if that looks different for them. You can choose to release attachment to an external result and, instead, put yourself first. This will help you find peace right now instead of waiting for your Twin Flame. When your heart has healed, you will find your Twin Flame was right there next to you all along.

To practice tuning into your heart, why not try our Quiz: 22 Questions To Test Your Twin Flame Knowledge.

Twin Flame Stages

There are many theories surrounding the stages of a Twin Flame Union. It can certainly seem that there are particular stages that Twin Flames commonly go through.

We would like to share the 4 Stages of Harmonious Twin Flame Union:

1. The Decision

To have True Love and to be with your Twin Flame is a choice that you will need to make. You don’t have to have met your Twin Flame to make this choice. This decision begins the process of healing your Union step-by-step. Your choice becomes your commitment to be with your Twin Flame above all others. As you make this choice, so does your Twin Flame. Afterall, you are One!

2. Meeting

Once you have decided to choose True Love and your Twin Flame, then inevitably you will meet. Some Twin Flames will begin a romantic relationship, but this is not necessary straight away. Meeting your Twin Flame involves getting to know them on all levels of your being. This can even take years. So be compassionate and take this at your own pace.

3. Upsets

You may find you experience a “bubble love” stage when you first meet your Twin Flame when everything feels aligned to love. But, as you go deeper in your relationship you will begin noticing some upsets arising in your connection. These upsets are pointing to the places within your shared consciousness that are in need of realignment to love. Without this realignment and healing you will find it difficult to progress. This is the time you will need support with your healing so that you can move through the upsets with ease.

4. Unconditional Love

As you progress through the meeting and upset stages of your Union and continue healing, you will create a firm foundation for your Union to thrive. This foundation is built on unconditional love. Your Union will need this foundation to be solid so that you can deepen into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union for eternity.

Ultimately, each Union will complete a healing journey where you will be asked to move through times of easy and loving connection, and also times of challenges and fears. Knowing which stage your Union is at can feel comforting and reassuring and help to propel you forward as you go deeper into love.

If you do find that you experience a period of separation in your Union, recognize that this is not permanent. You are destined to be with your Twin Flame, so choose to persist in your healing and love will win the day!

Remember, help is available along the way from our trusted Certified Ascension Coaches.

Twin Flame Reunion

woman at peace holding roses

What does it take to manifest your Twin Flame Reunion? Is it even possible? These are very important questions to ask!

An important place to begin is to be open to learning from Twin Flames who have not only walked the path ahead of you, but have already achieved their own Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Jeff and Shaleia teach, through their in-depth and all-encompassing body of work, that Union with your Twin Flame is inevitable and guaranteed if you persist in completing the healing work. You are not meant to do this on your own! Help and support is available.

Jeff and Shaleia’s powerful and free Ascension Introductory Course states “It’s a vibrational journey.” If your current vibration does not match the vibration needed to come together, then there is healing work to do. Nothing can come in the way of your Union because all fear is an illusion. Fear is the only thing blocking your way and that can easily be released with the right type of healing tools and support.

Helpful Tips To Take Away

You do not have to wait for love. Your Union is a choice away. Making that choice to have your Twin Flame Union no matter what, is what will bring the next step of the journey. Follow each step faithfully and heal through everything presented to you.

Allowing yourself to receive the support you need is a necessary part of the journey. You are not alone; love has been with you all along. 

Jeff and Shaleia, Twin Flames in Harmonious Union, understand the depth and power of this Divine love. And they also share a deep desire for every Twin Flame to experience that love too, understanding that the world would be a different place if we all felt truly loved. They have not only lovingly created the Teachings of Union, a powerful body of work, that proves Twin Flames are real, but have carved out the path that will help you to unite in this lifetime.

There is no greater gift you could give to yourself than the gift of your own Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

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