You’ve awakened to your Twin Flame journey. You’re doing the inner work and moving closer to Harmonious Union with every Mirror Exercise completed. 

So what about your Twin Flame? Maybe they aren’t yet aware of this journey or maybe they don’t seem to accept it. 

If your Twin Flame isn’t aware of the Twin Flame journey does this make you more awakened than them? Well, no it actually doesn’t and here’s why.

You And Your Twin Flame Are One At The Core

Being aware of the Twin Flame journey and concept does not mean you are more awake or aware than your Twin Flame. Your Twin is equally as awakened as you are because you are One. You might be wondering; how can this be and what does this mean exactly?

Twin Flames are created from the same soul blueprint. They are complements rather than carbon copies of each other. They are whole on their own but not complete without the other. Complete, meaning, together you are the fullest or complete expression of yourselves. 

Think of it like two wings of one bird. Both wings are whole but the bird cannot fly without both of them together.

Because Twin Flames are complements not copies, you will each be aware or awake in certain areas where the other is not yet as awakened. But this doesn’t mean you and your Twin Flame are on different levels from a spiritual perspective. 

You Don’t Need Your Twin Flame To Heal Your Union

woman feeling her feelings

Your Union heals as each of you heal, and because you are One with your Twin Flame, you are on the same spiritual level. Your Twin Flame is you, so how could you be more awake than yourself?

You are responsible for yourself, and only yourself. The feelings that are coming up for you to heal are yours to move through. Your Twin Flame is responsible for themselves and only themselves. The feelings coming up for them are theirs to heal. Sometimes your experiences will be similar and sometimes very different. It doesn’t matter how things look on the outside. If you are choosing to heal, so are they. 

Choosing to love and to heal means you’re moving toward the same result, Harmonious Twin Flame Union, even if you seem to be on completely different paths. This doesn’t mean they’ll never believe or accept this journey, they will arrive at the realization naturally and in the way that is perfect for them. Is that not how you arrived here?

Maybe they know of the journey but don’t seem to believe in it or maybe you’ve told them but they didn’t seem to have any interest. You don’t need to make your Twin Flame believe in the journey or even in Twin Flames. That is not your responsibility. God is responsible for your Union, not you. This means, focus on yourself and what’s in front of you. God has your Twin Flame and your Union. 

Isn’t it relieving to know you are only responsible for yourself and your own feelings? You don’t need to try and heal your Twin Flame and get them on this journey. They are not your responsibility. God’s got your Union handled.

Focusing on yourself and your healing heals your Union regardless of whether your Twin Flame believes in this journey. At the core of their being they are still on the journey with you. Twin Flames are One and because of this they make the same core choices. They are your perfect mirror. Your Twin Flame will reflect your relationship with God and yourself, as well as your blocks to love that show up in these relationships. Because of this, your spiritual growth accelerates when you invite your Twin Flame into your life and begin healing.

Being One with your Twin Flame means you always heal together. The thoughts, actions and choices of a Twin Flame deeply and completely impact the other. As you heal your upsets, they do as well, and together you are healing your Union. Even if your Twin Flame isn’t aware of Twin Flames or they don’t quite accept it just yet, you are still healing together. You heal as One because you are One.

twin flames looking out on the sea

Focus On The Inner Work, Not The Appearances

Life is happening within you, not outside of you. Your inner world is expressing itself outwardly by attracting experiences to you. These experiences may appear different for you and your Twin Flame but they reflect the inner vibration of your Union. 

Remember, God is your Source not your Twin Flame. Choose to receive healing for yourself not for someone else, not even your Twin Flame. 

Union is inevitable, all you must do is choose it. Your Twin Flame will make this same choice, even if it might not appear so right away. 

twin flames facing each other on the beach

You can’t bring the fearful beliefs of separation with you into your Harmonious Union. You must leave them behind.

When you are actively choosing to heal, your upsets are showing you the way back Home. Upsets simply show you the places within that need love. When you give that love to yourself the upsets are resolved and you feel better. Continuing to love yourself is what brings you home because love is your natural state.

This journey is about loving yourself. There’s no need to stress about how things look on the outside. What matters is how you feel. Your Twin Flame is equally as awake as you are, even if they don’t yet know of or accept this journey, because you are One. Even if you are not physically together or even communicating, your Union heals together. Even if you are faced with different external experiences than your Twin Flame you are both healing the same core blocks.

As you continue to go deeper in loving yourself you will feel better and your Harmonious Union will naturally fall into place. You and your Twin Flame will always have a perfect and harmonious connection deep in your hearts that can never be tarnished.

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