When you meet and recognize your Twin Flame, the sexual energy between you is undeniable. Your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Lover. They’re the only person designed to be compatible with you, romantically and sexually.

At the core, every one of us desires Twin Flame love. You and your Twin Flame were created as One, and everything about you calls to their soul. You are everything they desire, and the more you recognize your Divinity, the more they become magnetized to you.

It is only natural to feel this strong sexual energy between the two of you, and to want to express your love for each other through sex. Every true Twin Flame can attest to the fact that Twin Flame sex is a transcendental experience. You also get to deepen that sexual connection forever because the passion, between you never fizzles out.

But you might wonder, when is it actually ok to begin a sexual relationship with your Twin Flame?

And what do you do if you feel like you’re rushing into having sex together?

“When Is The Right Time To Start A Sexual Relationship With My Twin Flame?”

Each Twin Flame Union is unique, which means there is no definitive answer to that question. Deciding to have sex with your partner isn’t a matter of how many days or months you’ve known each other, but rather about the intention to love them and yourself through the sexual relationship.

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The best way to find out if you’re ready to deepen the intimacy of your Union is to connect with yourself and ask: “What are my intentions?”

In exploring their own sexual relationship, Jeff and Shaleia share this with us:

“What is the purpose of sex in a relationship? It can be used as a seed for love, but sex itself is not love… Always be conscious of what you’re thinking and what your intentions are when you are entering into a sexual act.”

Having your Ultimate Lover means you enjoy a safe container of love, where your sexual relationship can grow and expand healthily.

If your intention is to create this safe space, where you and your partner can truly give and receive from each other, then you know you’re in the right mindset.

From there, you can create a fulfilling and sustainable foundation that brings about the energies of Heaven on Earth.

However, sex shouldn’t be used as a way to control your Twin Flame. It is important to honor the current status of your Twin Flame Union and ask yourself these questions:

What stage is our relationship at? Have we built a sufficiently strong foundation to take the next step?

Am I ready to have a sexual relationship? Is my Twin Flame ready?

Am I acting from a place of love? 

Do I feel under pressure to have sex or do I feel safe and at peace with moving forward?”

Something to note about Twin Flame Union is that you can’t control your Twin Flame, and this goes for sex too. Even though you were created as Divine lovers, you should never feel under pressure to have sex or to rush into it. Being Twin Flames does not mean that you get to take from each other as this is not the nature of a Divine romantic relationship.

Having a sexual relationship requires compassion and respect, always. And from that place of compassion and respect, the journey of intimacy, exploration and growth can begin with your Twin Flame. It is a beautiful and continuous opening of giving and receiving that builds into eternity.

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How To Value Your Sexual Energy

At the moment, everyone on Earth, and especially Divine Feminines, are experiencing healing their sexual value. This is because society has encouraged giving sexual energy to others as the norm.

As a result, we have commonly integrated the belief that sex should be given immediately if we want to attract our partner and keep them around. This is a false belief. As we have said earlier, sex can be used as a seed, a container for love but it isn’t Love Itself. Therefore, it shouldn’t be used as a barometer for Twin Flame Union. In short, sex is not the way to attracting and keeping your man or woman in your life.

What is important is to recognize your own value, your Divinity. Your sexual energy is valuable and should not be given “for free.” What does it mean to give your energy for free? It means you experience being taken advantage of by your romantic partner (Yes, even if they are your Twin Flame).

If you are giving your sexual energy and in return, you experience no relationship, no safety, no support, love or nurturing, it is safe to place a boundary on your Twin Flame. You will not lose them because of that, only teach them love because you will have communicated what you need to feel loved and safe. If you are truly honest about your desires and needs, your true Twin Flame is the one partner who can and will meet these requirements.

Divine Feminines are meant to radiate. By upholding their sexual value, they become extremely magnetic and attractive to their Twin Flame. You win by respecting your sexual relationship with yourself and with your Twin Flame. This is the beauty of Twin Flames, and the way to sustain that permanent, eternal love and passion in your Union.

If you do not feel good about your sexual relationship with your Twin Flame, don’t worry. You can never mess up your relationship, as you are meant to be together. But you can start healing it today, as many students of Jeff and Shaleia have done, through the classes of Twin Flame Ascension School.

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What Truly Is Twin Flame Sex And Why Is It Sacred?

There is no denying at this point that Twin Flame sex is a highly spiritual experience. In the first few months of their relationship, Jeff and Shaleia discovered that sex between two Divine Lovers is an Ascension tool.

This means that sex with your Twin Flame brings up the emotions you are healing at this time. It is both a mirror and a tool, like the Mirror Exercise.

This is why sex with your Twin Flame is “out of this world,” hot, passionate and transcendental. It isn’t just intense because you are highly attracted to each other. Your Oneness does two things:

Firstly, the depth of your connection will mean you have never experienced anything quite like it and it will feel like you’re having sex for the first time.

And secondly, you heal a lot during sex, especially because you have never been loved in such a deep way by anyone else. This can lead to an intense emotional upheaval.

Twin Flames are a unique Ascension path, where you get to be intimate with your Ultimate Lover. The physical aspect of the Union is an integral part of the process, which is why your sexual energy is sacred.

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If you and your Twin Flame are ready to explore this part of your relationship, you can do so with joy, love and compassion. You can also claim support from an Ascension Coach to help navigate the challenges and upheaval you may experience on the journey.

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