What do you do when your Twin Flame says they have no feelings for you?

Maybe things with your Twin Flame were going great, but they recently went cold on you. Maybe things have always been this way, and you’re just now wondering what it means. Maybe your Twin Flame has deliberately said mean or hurtful things to you, or flat-out rejected you, and you’re left reeling from the experience, wondering: 

“Why did this happen?”

“Was it something I did or said?”

“Could I have prevented it?”

“Is this experience normal?”

Whatever your feelings or situation, your experience is valid, and you deserve proper emotional support and healing through this and every challenging experience that you might have with your Twin Flame. The core issue occurring with you and your beloved Twin Flame can be resolved and healed completely.

Having a harmonious and beautiful relationship with your Twin Flame that is full of passion, love, and life, is not only possible, it is your birthright. This blog can help answer all of your questions, and help you back into Divine alignment!

What is My Twin Flame Actually Communicating to Me?

Although your Twin Flame may be demonstrating a lack of feelings towards you, this is not an accurate expression of what’s truly going on beneath the surface.

Allow us to explain – Twin Flames are unique in that they share the same soul blueprint. Because of this, you are intimately connected with your Twin Flame at all times.  Regardless of anything your Twin Flame says or does, or how bad things look on the outside, your relationship with your Twin Flame is an inner experience first. Your inner dialogue with them is ongoing, continuous, and never stops.

What Does This Mean?

couple realizes their feelings for one another

In Divine Truth, you and your Twin Flame were created in perfect harmony together. 

Harmonious Twin Flame Union is your natural state of being.

You have never left this Divine state. You’re simply remembering the truth of where you are and have always been. In this state, peace is and has always been the underlying feeling in your relationship, because nothing could ever come between or disrupt a true Twin Flame Union. From this place of peace, true love is born, cultivated, and deepened throughout all of eternity.

So Why Do They Say They Have No Feelings?

Oftentimes, Twin Flames numb out to the pain that they are feeling when they are experiencing separation, preferring to shut down instead of work through any challenging or upsetting feelings they trigger in one another.

Regardless of whatever your Twin Flame says or does, you are empowered and supported by Twin Flame Ascension School and the Mirror Exercise in healing every upsetting experience with them and transforming your Union.

“Every loving thought is true. Everything else is an appeal for healing and help, regardless of the form it takes.” – A Course in Miracles

Okay, I’m Ready. How Do I Heal This?

Healing begins with a simple choice, and continues with patience, practice and unconditional love.

Because your Twin Flame is your Divine Mirror, they are naturally and automatically showing you, at all times, where your Union needs love and healing the most.

In this example, your Twin Flame is upsetting you because they are demonstrating to you a lack of feelings. Using the Mirror Exercise, we can identify exactly where this upsetting feeling is occurring within yourself and begin to give this place all of the love and healing it needs:

Step 1: “I’m upset because my Twin Flame has no feelings for me.”

Step 2: “I’m upset because I have no feelings for myself.” (This is the reflection of where your Union needs healing, and where you claim your power back.)

Step 3: Ask yourself, “Is this true?” (Hint: The answer is always “Yes!”)

Step 4: Identify the part of yourself that feels upset with yourself, and ask that part of you, “What do you need to feel loved right now?” Communicate with and love that part of yourself until you feel peace, relief, and completion.

man connects to his feelings

“I Choose to Feel My Feelings.”

Upon completing the 4 steps of the Mirror Exercise, you will feel clearer, healed, and whole in the place where you once were hurting.

You will find yourself much more in tune with the Divine peace and bliss you have always felt at your core with your Twin Flame, and clearer on the direction your Union is going.

No more numbing out or upset where you previously felt so much hurt!

No more shutting down and experiencing a lack of love where you need it the most.

And your Twin Flame?

Your Twin Flame may seemingly remain unchanged on the surface.

But deep down, in the core of their being where you both are One, they have healed separation in that space right along with you.

“Wow! Amazing!”

It really is.

Now that you have the Mirror Exercise under your belt, you can heal any upsetting situation they present to you.

The more you apply the Mirror Exercise and love yourself in the places where your consciousness has been calling for love the most, the more naturally and automatically your Twin Flame will gravitate towards you from a place of love and peace, the same love and peace you have been giving yourself using the Mirror Exercise!

“Love is the magnet from which God can not escape.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

No matter how long you have experienced “separation” from your Twin Flame, or what upset has been showing up in your Union, Twin Flames always naturally harmonize back together due to the very nature of their being.

couple realize their feelings

With the help of the Mirror Exercise, you will find yourself quickly and easily falling deeper in love with yourself and your beloved Twin Flame.

Continue to heal the upsets they are showing you, and you will be surprised how soon your physical manifestation of Harmonious Union happens!

Claim your Harmonious Union today and begin by receiving the world class support that is available for you here!

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