No one is blind to the butterflies that come with True Love. It’s a stirring in your heart that becomes a feeling of ease and eternal joy. When something feels right and you know it’s meant for you, the next step is to fully commit to your desire. For Anna and her beloved Twin Flame Jonathan, that feeling in their hearts led them through every phase of the journey – all the way until the big moment arrived. Discover how Anna partnered with Love to say yes to her dream engagement to her Twin Flame.

Surprise, Surprise

Anna’s engagement was almost not a surprise, thanks to both the excitement of her father and to the months of inner work that led to her choice. The week of the proposal, Anna’s father called to say, “Jonathan told me the big news!” Anna knew he had called to ask for her father’s blessing, and Anna gently replied, “you better not be giving away his secrets…” The news of the upcoming proposal came after several months when Anna said, “God called me to be really honest with myself about my desire to marry my Twin Flame.” Honesty is one of the keys to a foundation with Love and Anna was determined to choose it each day.

The Source of Love

There are, of course, some days on the journey with Love when uncertainty comes up. Anna and Jonathan had both experienced previous marriages – and it made sense that a lot of fear around marriage needed to be healed. “I found myself trying to convince myself that it was fine with me not to marry my Twin Flame,” Anna recalled. “But the truth was that I did desire my Divine marriage.” She made the choice again to claim God as her only source of Love. Instead of clinging to the fearful thoughts or running to Jonathan to love her, Anna went directly to her Source and said yes in this big way.

Hearts Burst with Joy

What happened next is a fairytale love story for both Anna and Jonathan. They gathered together with close friends in a private space at a favorite restaurant. The setting screamed celebration and Anna knew this was the moment she had waited to receive. After overhearing Jonathan order a bottle of champagne, she again claimed her peace. Jonathan came to her side and knelt down, taking Anna’s hand he said, “I have known since I met you that we have always been together and will always be. Will you marry me?” Anna felt her heart burst with joy as she exclaimed, “of course I will!” They hugged and cried and kissed, embracing this moment of bliss they had dreamed of for so long.

A Simple Choice to Surrender

A dream came true when Jonathan invited Anna to join him in this decision to be married. Looking back at the journey, Anna stated that, “being wholly committed to my inner healing is the only reason I am able to marry my Twin Flame.” It was each moment that Anna loved herself fully, committed to her healing, and honored her relationship with Love that she made her decision clear. She was ready for this next step in her Union. “The healing work,” she added, “makes it possible to experience my Twin Flame Union as it is meant to be…loving and peaceful.” 

The choice is yours in how you desire to experience life. Small and large challenges come on your path to test the commitment to your dreams. Instead of following the fear and growing anxiety in your mind, you can simply choose as Anna did to surrender into Love. It is with this choice that Love can wash over you and reveal a true love story where harmony and peace are not only possible, they are your primary reality.

Interview by Angelika Lee

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