You’re probably curious about the efficient way to identify your Twin Flame and come into Union. The Twin Flame speed test was created with the goal to put an end to the challenges of the Twin Flame journey.

Whether you desire to feel better, understand your connection, have a better and easier relationship with your Twin Flame, this blog is made for you. At the end of reading this, you should have a maximum of insight on how to manage your Twin Flame connection.

1. Test your commitment to the Twin Flame journey

Commitment is essential to this path. First, you work on commitment to your Twin Flame if you desire perfect Union. But above all, it’s commitment to yourself and your healing that constitutes a turning point toward Union. When you commit fully, you’re prepared to face the most challenging situations without turning back. Your Twin Flame will reflect back to you all the parts of yourself that are out of alignment with love. This can be frustrating, but it’s through these reflections that you grow.

Take the interactive Twin Flame test to see your commitment score.

Furthermore, having a long-term goal with your Twin Flame is vital. Whether it’s envisioning a life together, marriage, starting a family, or fulfilling a shared purpose, setting these goals will help you stay focused on the “end result,” not matter how hard. Just like any marriages, it takes work.

2. Test your common values: the Love List

Clarity about what you expect from a relationship is crucial. Creating a Love List of values and desires serves as a guiding light to recognize your Twin Flame more easily. Sometimes, ho vision is clouded by what we feel for that person. The Love List is a part of testing this connection in a logical way.

How to build your Love List:

  1. Identify Core Values: Write down what’s non-negotiable for you in a relationship (e.g., honesty, loyalty).
  2. Desires: List what you desire in a partner (e.g., someone who is supportive, adventurous).
  3. Daily Life: Think about how you want to spend your daily life together (e.g., traveling, building a home).

Having this list will not only help you recognize your Twin Flame but also align your intentions with your heart’s deepest desires.

3. Test your level of compassion and forgiveness

Compassion, a misunderstood quality in a relationship. It’s often considered a weakness.

Compassion and forgiveness don’t mean giving up your boundaries and getting disrespected. But it means we accept where other people are in life, without judging, even when they need loving boundaries.

Your Twin Flame doesn’t come to you perfect. The more you let go and learn to heal upsets about what’s not perfect, the clearer your actions can be afterwards. This is also the only way to identify if the person is a true or a false Twin Flame.

4. Test and improve your Communication

A lot of Twin Flames experience communication upsets. From thousands of hours of coaching, we can say that this is probably the most challenging aspect most Unions have to face. This is why our tips for better communication may be a bit unusual. It’s clear that there’s a gap between what we sometimes feel is good communication and what actual communication is.

Tips for better communication:

  • Be yourself: More often than not, men and women try to be something they’re not to fit the of a relationship. But true love is never that difficult.
  • Learn to heal communication blocks within yourself: Miscommunication is the main reason there is separation. It usually is a mirror from patterns of hiding and ignoring ourselves, that we’ve learned from childhood.
  • Be honest: Once you feel completely peaceful, it’s time to talk with your Divine counterpart and be honest. It takes the edge and the hurt off of the miscommunication and helps you resolve issues quickly and peacefully.

Improving your communication will strengthen your bond and help you navigate the ups and downs of your journey together.

5. Invest in a your romantic relationship

Being in a relationship takes work, even when it’s the most perfect one. The Twin Flame connection is still a normal relationship between two human beings.

Investing in your romantic relationship means having the tools to heal and grow. If you’re just starting on this path, consider taking the interactive Twin Flame test to know where you’re at.

Written by Yoreen Marcin

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