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Book Reveal: The 2nd Edition of Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover Is Out!

Jeff and Shaleia’s groundbreaking book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, is now out in paperback after nine months of hard work! Formerly only available on Kindle, the book has been updated into 214 pages of juicy goodness and healing guidance.


What makes the second edition different?

The second edition is practically a brand new book, yet with the heart of the old book. Here are some of the key differences:


  1. The second edition has triple the content of the first edition, which was first published in 2015.

  2. Every single chapter has been updated in content, and increased in length.

  3. The second edition has never before seen information about Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

  4. The second edition was put together with the help of a professional editor and professional graphic designer.


The new e-book version of Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover was released for free for five days in August to give those who had previously downloaded the original version the chance to get the updated version for free, and in that short time it became the most downloaded free e-book on Amazon! This book is very hot right now! We invite you to check it out.



Want a sneak peek?

Here’s a little snippet from Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover: The chapter this excerpt is from is, “Harmonious Twin Flame Union: Keeping Your Twin Flame For Life.”


What Harmonious Twin Flame Union Looks And Feels Like


Being in Harmonious Union permanently with your true Twin Flame feels like perfection in the area of essentially mastering your divine love life. There is a peace and knowing that nothing is going to come “outside of you” and break you up because there is nothing within you that is choosing separation from your Twin Flame at all. Anger and resentments towards your Twin Flame don’t really exist because you know upsets are an illusion within, and they are coming to the surface to be cleared so you can go deeper into loving, and peace in yourself, and within your Union.


There is a natural appreciation and gratitude that arises instead of bitterness when your Twin Flame triggers you while you’re in Harmonious Twin Flame Union. You notice your foundation growing deeper and deeper, and that sense of security and love you’ve dreamed of is a self-realized reality.


You look like a couple that is perfect and powerful together because you are, and because you are living your truth as God has designed you to be. You feel much happier, deeply beautiful, abundant, comfortable, creative, powerful, love, and self-expressed, because you are with all of you when you are in Harmonious Union with your true Twin Flame. This way of living feels amazing and very freeing. Harmonious Twin Flame Union feels like the home for you that has always existed and you finally chose to arrive again with your divine lover, when in truth you never left it. You only believed you did, and it’s that initial thought that had created the illusion of separation from your home with your Twin Flame and with the Divine. But upon realizing that all you had to do was heal the core places of separation from your Twin Flame within you, you automatically arrive home again.


This book is rich with content like this! Every word, every phrase, every sentence, every paragraph, every page, every chapter is intentionally crafted and very carefully laid out. Jeff and Shaleia lovingly and carefully went through the draft many, many times to perfect it. They really put their heart and soul and blood, sweat and tears into Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, so that you can have this gateway to your Harmonious Union.


Share the Love!

This is the only Twin Flame book ever written that actually shows you how to get into Union. It takes you all the way from separation to permanent Harmonious Union. Jeff and Shaleia go into a lot of detail about what the journey is, what it looks like, they share 8 keys to having Harmonious Union and they share a potent spiritual tool that heals separation from your Twin Flame. If you’re looking for THE Twin Flame book, this is it. 


Having a physical copy of Jeff and Shaleia’s book makes it easier to share this spiritual teaching with your friends and family. This is a simple way to tell others about Twin Flames. When you are working for your Harmonious Union, you can invite your classmates, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles to join you on your journey by giving them paperback copies of Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. Share the book with your Twin Flame, too! Because this teaching is truly the key to your Harmonious Union. If you apply the teachings in this book, you will receive your Harmonious Union.


While the first book was dedicated to Jeff & Shaleia’s spiritual teacher, the new edition is dedicated to their Twin Flame Ascension School students both present and future, the readers and, of course, to God.

Here are some of their lovely students with their copies of the book and how they feel about it:

“It feels so amazing to hold this powerful book in my hands! I loved taking it to my local coffee shop and being able to represent this teaching by reading it proudly for everyone passing by to see it. It’s a beautiful book, every word divinely placed, and I think it’s the perfect introduction to Twin Flames for anyone and everyone. I truly believe that this will become known as being the most important book of our time.” 

-Deanna Pierce, Twin Flames Universe Business Manager and Live Twin Flame Ascension School student


“I was so happy to come home from work to see this had FINALLY arrived! I already read the kindle version and it was sooo beautiful! I can’t wait to read it all in physical form. It’s so beautiful so see all of this information in such a concise form… In a way everyone can understand so easily! It looks so good too. Perfection. Love it. I’m so happy 

-Michaila Franklin, Live Twin Flame Ascension School student and Grace’s future nanny


“I LOVE it! This book is a timeless, divine masterpiece on Twin Flames. There are a billion reasons to get it, one of them being that it teaches you how to permanently reunite with your Beloved! Don’t hesitate, it’s safe to love yourself now through getting your copy of the book.”

-Fabian Scholz, Live Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class student and Vice President of Twin Flames Universe Marketing & Sales


“The moment I began reading, I felt the unconditional love of Jeff and Shaleia washing over me. That familiar unique healing energy of my spiritual teachers that enters my energetic field as I choose to go deeper into love with their body of work. I basked in the beautiful vibration of the words on every page with gratitude and chose to receive everything this Divine masterpiece holds within. I knew instantly, this book is going to transform my life – yet again. 

Don’t hesitate, wait, or think about it. Buy your copy and dive into the ever flowing Divine nectar of Twin Flames Finding Your Ultimate Lover Today!”

-MAJ Christine Kay, PhD, Lead Mind Alignment Process Advocate, U.S. Military, and Live Twin Flame Ascension School student


“I literally had tears rolling down my face as I opened the Amazon package that I had been so eagerly waiting for. I squealed as soon as I held this book in my hands! It has such a high vibration and every single sentence speaks directly to my heart. The unconditional love that flows from one page to another feels so beautiful and keeps me coming back for more. I can read this over and over again and each time my heart feels so expansive and full of love. My life has transformed in every single way since first reading the E-book version a year ago. I just feel so blessed and these words that I am writing do not even compare to the feelings within my heart.”

-Breann Price, Live Twin Flame Ascension School student and Twin Flame Coach


“From the moment this book arrived I was glowing. I can feel the peaceful energy that’s lovingly intended for the reader emanating from each page. It truly is the perfect book of love. The information provided is generous and accessible, yet deep, layered, and divine. This book is pure love; it is powerful beyond measure and it speaks directly to each and every heart. My heart is listening and I’m incredibly moved — Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover is a spiritual masterpiece beyond comparison that I will always cherish.”

-Aldyn Richmond, Live Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class student, Spiritual Teacher & Art Educator


“It seems like so long ago, I was an absolute hot mess express. I was an unsure, damaged, and oh-so-sad shell of a human being. I was lost. I was sure life was out to get me. I thought I had zero chance that anything would ever improve for me, that my partly cloudy days would ever end. 

Would it ever be mostly sunny again? Then the clouds parted, and I found a miracle! I finally followed my guidance, and was led to my teachers Jeff and Shaleia. I was led into a world of sunny days, miracles, and unconditional love.

Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover helps me in ways I cannot eloquently articulate. What I can say is – if you’re feeling like you’re lacking something in your life, the remedy is in this book. If you are wondering about twin flames, look no further than here. I gained much clarity in regards to the twin flame connection that was seemingly driving me bonkers.”

-Vanessa Garcia, Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class subscriber, proud mother of 2 and Twin Flame Advocate


“This book is an absolute masterpiece of pure love and perfection. A timeless gift of love that Jeff & Shaleia share with the world through this book and through their teachings, igniting the fires within your soul and compassionately guiding you to the realization of your true identity as your Divine Self, the perfect child of God.

Every single word of this book is pure perfection, taking you on your journey to Harmonious Twin Flame Union (and that’s just the beginning) answering – not only all the questions in your mind, but also the ones in your heart that you perhaps didn’t even know you had.

With this book you have a tangible piece of your relationship with Jeff & Shaleia in your home, on your nightstand, or in my case – under your pillow!

It’s bursting with love and bursting with answers for The Way to your Beloved, The Way to your perfect Heaven on Earth and thus, The Way Home to God.

I am filled with gratitude, beyond honoured and humbled to be a part of this book, and to have been given the opportunity by Jeff, Shaleia and God, to share my love story with the world. My love story is not just mine, it is of God and so it is and always will be…for all His children.”

-Sama Amlashi, Live Twin Flame Ascension School Student, Twin Flame Spiritual Teacher, Yoga Instructor & Nutritionist and contributing author of Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover


“When I first read this book it was such a turning point of hope for me. It gave me such confidence that my dreams actually could come true. The 2nd edition is so much more comprehensive, it is truly a work of art, and gives an incredible amount of perspective to receiving answers about your Twin Flame journey.”

-Jason Emerick, Live Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class student, Twin Flame coach and future Personal chef for Jeff & Shaleia


From the back cover

We’ll leave you with this blurb from the back cover of the new book!


You are about to embark upon a spiritual journey that will transform your life. You will not only have the romantic partner of your dreams, your Twin Flame, you will also find this journey brings you everything your heart desires. This includes fantastic experiences and opportunities that are perfect for you, which you didn’t even know you desired but were in your heart all along.


The concepts in this book are simple and timeless, and yet so counter to everything you learned about loving relationships that you’ll find yourself reading this book again and again: loving every time and still finding new layers to the wisdom which you can apply to increase the blessings in your life.


Your time is now. This will work for you. It works every time for every person who honestly desires their Harmonious Twin Flame Union because it is based upon immutable universal laws and truth. Are you ready to claim your perfect Heaven on Earth? Because now is always the perfect time to move forward in manifesting your dreams.


Get Your Copy Today!


Jeff & Shaleia plan to eventually sell this book in New Age bookstores across the USA and then the world.


After you read the book, be sure to claim your FREE 30 Minute Consultation with one of our beloved and trusted Twin Flame coaches! Reading the book qualifies you for 10 extra minutes during your consultation because when you choose to invest in this teaching and yourself, we want to invest in you more!


Transcribed by Samhita Chitturi from the video “Jeff & Shaleia’s BOOK REVEAL” by Jeff & Shaleia.

Student photos and quotes compiled by Deanna Pierce

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