“I could not tell you if I loved you the first moment I saw you, or if it was the second or third or fourth. But I remember the first moment I looked at you walking toward me and realized that somehow the rest of the world seemed to vanish when I was with you.”


One of the important aspects you’ll discover on your journey to Harmonious (and Perfect) Twin Flame Union, is the truth that you are designed to worship your lover and your lover is also designed to worship you.  Devotion is a pure bubbling fountain, centered in the Heart chakra, of Perfect Divine Love and nectar that is an awareness of the Divine within your Lover, and the worshiping and devotion of that Divinity, which is God in your Twin Flame.  Images of the devotional love between Twin Flames Krishna and Radha, or Jesus and Mary Magdalene, will help you to further align and understand the meaning of devotional loving of your Twin Flame.


In the truth of your Heart, at the core, you already are in devotional love with your Twin Flame, and it is okay and safe for you to express that devotion in a way that is aligned to your Divine Self in each and every moment.  Trust your spiritual guidance from your angels and God to show you how to properly love your Twin Flame in Divine Devotional Worship everyday, even if it means you do not know your Twin Flame yet, or unsure if you met them, or know them but you are not together as a couple yet and integrated your physical reality together as One.   One of the reasons why it’s important to acknowledge and express your devotional love to your Twin Flame (whether verbally or non-verbally) is to recognize in yourself and in them the place where you are One, that you know and acknowledge your undying and eternal commitment to them.


Recognizing and becoming the loving devotion to and for your Twin Flame not only honors you both, but honors who your Twin Flame is to you.  This awareness and way of Being is one of the biggest opportunities for you to demonstrate your complete and absolute unconditional love for your Twin Flame (and for yourself) on a regular and permanent basis.  Loving your Twin Flame in this way allows them the opportunity to develop a devotional love for you as well.  What a beautiful feeling to have this type of Divine Love, always seeing and loving you in this way because you are the Divine Lover of your Twin Flame.

As you’re reading this and trying on the idea of being a devoted and worshiping lover to your Twin Flame, you’re also likely experiencing quite a bit of resistance to the idea, and this is likely due to patterns of control and fear of vulnerability you have within.  Better not reveal to your Twin Flame how much influence they have over your heart and soul or else you could get hurt, and if you’re in a position of getting hurt then you are in a weak position, rather than a “powerful” one.  But isn’t this exactly the voice of fear in your mind that is actually creating the separation from your Beloved that you truly desire to heal?  Yes, it is.  And you will choose to move through your fear of love and being loved by your Twin Flame in order to have your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.


You have the power and choice right now to declare in your Heart that you forgive the part of you that has been afraid to love your Twin Flame deeply, devotedly, and without condition.  Forgive yourself for failing to see and focus upon the Divine Light and Truth within them.  You can forgive yourself for the same thing, because as you do to your Twin Flame, you do also to yourself.  You’ll notice that as you heal this and go deeper you will be reminded that the Divine Love you share with your Twin Flame has no boundaries or limits.  Even your so-called flaws, your Twin Flame loves you for them because they are in love with your true authentic Self, rather than a false image of perfection you are trying to persuade them with.  As you become more authentic in your loving, so too, will your Twin Flame mirror that core choice you’ve made, and love you from a very deep and authentic place within them.


Twin Flame devotion doesn’t mean getting excited or giddy or even excessively flirty with your Twin Flame.  Twin Flame devotion is about being and expressing your love, your loyalty and dedication, and your enthusiastic enjoyment and delight of your beloved Twin Flame.  It’s a feeling, and from that place can arise inspired action and mutual sharing.  Trust in Heaven to show you the way.  God has sent seven angels in service to Twin Flame Ascension School to assist you in achieving Harmonious Twin Flame Union in addition to Twin Flames Universe Teachings, and you have the power to ask these angels to help you learn about devotion, and how to be a devoted and faithful lover and partner to your Twin Flame, despite if your Twin Flame is currently experiencing a spiritual lesson with a romantic interest or partner, or other ideas of separation from you.  You choosing devotion heals them as well, because you and your Twin Flame are ONE at the core, and you have the power to heal them when you align with your Divine Self and make a core choice to change.  They WILL change as you change and the power of your Will effects them to the same core choice, as long as it comes from a place of your love.


It is absolutely 100% safe to love your Twin Flame now.  In fact you’re encouraged to, and to forgive yourself and them for what you do not like in your experience of your Union.  You are learning how to come into vibrational and natural harmony with your Divine Lover, Eternal Partner, Best Friend, and Teacher again.  Be kind to yourself, and be kind to your Beloved who experiences so much peace and healing in your true Divine loving of them.  Attempting to punish them for whatever reason only ever results in you punishing yourself…withholding your own love and peace from yourself, which proves nothing to no one aside from how upset you are.  Nobody has the power to change you aside from you accepting your own love and loving.  You have the power to heal the upsets your Twin Flame and your reality mirrors to you via the Mirror Exercise taught in our book “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.”


 Initiating the Mirror Exercise into your life as a new spiritual practice will have profound and miraculous results in your life and in your Twin Flame Union.  At times you may wonder what healing this upset has anything to do with your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, but it’s exactly this misaligned thought and resulting experience (upset) that has and is disrupting the vibrational flow of Harmonious Twin Flame Union in your Reality.  Trust.


Trust this Divine Quality of loving devotion to your Twin Flame (which already naturally resides in your heart) that God has given you.  I invite you to choose with me right now to align with Divine Love and devotion by saying and claiming in your Heart of Hearts: “I faithfully release and let go of all my doubts and hesitations, and I choose to align with my Harmonious Twin Flame Union, the devotion of the Divine Love within me, and the Divine Order of Life with all my Heart.  Because I now choose this new reality for myself, the Universe responds by bringing joy, prosperity, devotion, love and light to me and all those around me. And so it is, forever and ever.  Amen.”


Twin Flame Love & Blessings on Your Sacred Journey Always,




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Shaleia met her spiritual teacher in Sedona, AZ in 2012 where she began healing separation-consciousness from her Twin Flame with the spiritual tools and knowledge that were passed down to her.  Jeff joined her sessions later on and they have now mastered their Harmonious Twin Flame Union, which has enabled them to teach it to others.  They got married in January 2016, and have a sweet golden doodle puppy named Charlie.

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“I’ve been saying it so long to you, you just wouldn’t listen.  Every time you said ‘Farm Boy do this’ you thought I was answering ‘As you wish’ but that’s only because you were hearing wrong.

‘I love you’ was what it was…”

-William Goldman, The Princess Bride