You may not often be aware of it, but your body is always telling you something. It can be like learning a new language to understand what the body is saying to you, but once you do, the results can be miraculous. Cape’s story shows just what can happen when you give your body and soul what they’re asking for, emotionally and physically.

Cracking the Code

Cape has been all-in with loving herself since she joined the Twin Flames Universe community in July. She got in the habit of using the Mirror Exercise on healing any emotional upset that came her way, whether it was about her Twin Flame, her finances, or anything else. At the end of last year, her sight in one eye started to become very blurry, so she went to the doctor and started doing inner work about her upsets with her vision.

One day, Cape went back to the doctor, and they couldn’t believe the results. They kept testing and retesting Cape’s eyesight, only to conclude that the machine must have been “malfunctioning” before.

“That’s when I realized that what had happened to my eyesight was a medical miracle,” she says. “Perhaps earlier on there was physical stuff in my life that got healed without me even knowing, due to mirror work [inner work], but the eyesight was the first realization. It has been about 6 months since then and I haven’t worn eyeglasses.”

Victory After Victory

The unexpected improvement in Cape’s vision inspired her to explore healing about other body issues, including fevers, bulimia, body dysmorphia, and stomach upsets.

When she was having fevers, she noticed a belief that she had to “burn her problems away.” She felt how she wasn’t letting herself rest spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically. Letting herself rest within and in her outer life helped her to clear the fevers.

After extensive healing, Cape completely stopped experiencing bulimia. Now she’s working on healing her upsets about body dysmorphia. She already enjoys a healthier relationship with her body, without resorting to extreme diets to control her weight.

Cape had also been having digestion problems, especially since last year. She felt her feelings and realized that all of the changes in her life due to the spiritual work, like multiplying her income by 13 times and increasing her peace and quality of life, were “a lot for a human to fully ‘digest.’” She found that the cure was “to relax and trust the rapid changes [in] my life experiences, trust that the new things that are ‘entering my life’ (like food entering my stomach) is safe and not toxic.” Now, thanks to her healing, her physical digestion has improved, and she says “it feels good to be able to eat food without feeling afraid of stomach upsets!”

Your Body Is Your Temple

If you’re struggling with body-related issues, Cape says, “Focus on the feeling. How does it feel to have [a medical issue]? Repeat the Mirror Exercise whenever you feel bothered about [it]. Also, don’t forget to make the [conscious] choice to heal,” and “be open to taking action,” she says. “I love my body, I make sure to take care of it now. Sometimes I’ll talk to my body and ask what it needs. More veggies? Candy? Or perhaps some movement,” Cape says. “It feels amazing to live in alignment with my body.”

With medical care and spiritual healing in your toolbelt, you’ll be able to heal anything that comes your way. Your body is your temple, and you deserve to feel completely safe, at peace, and at home within it. When you listen to what it’s telling you, miracles can unfold.

Interview by Sage Woodward

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