One day, Daniel experienced a sudden and severe health crisis. Without cause, one of his eyes became very, very blurry. Since Daniel wasn’t insured at the time, he wasn’t able to see an eye doctor immediately when he needed it most. He felt a desire, however, to no longer wait to be seen. Instead he chose to go all in where he knew he had power: within himself and all the feelings in his heart. Find out more about Daniel’s inspiring story of healing, a reminder that anything is possible with Love.

Feeling the Feelings

Daniel is a long-time student of Twin Flames Universe, an Ascension Coach, and is in Harmonious Twin Flame Union with his bride-to-be, Cristina. As a seasoned spiritual student, instead of just sitting around and waiting until he could see his doctor, he chose to accept that the fear and pain coming up within him needed to be felt in order to heal. Daniel stated that he “was worried that my vision was permanently deteriorating and that it would just get worse over time. I was worried that there was nothing I could do.” His story is an extreme example of something many experience in life. When “life happens” without the external resources to handle it quickly before it gets worse, many feel that they are powerless. The truth is, thankfully, there is a great deal to be done by addressing the inner self. It’s the inner world that creates the outer one, so being honest with how you feel and doing your inner work is powerful and effective.

What Do You See? 

After finally seeing his doctor, Daniel learned that the shape of his eye had changed. While his vision had never been perfect, it did not make sense to his doctor that Daniel would have such severe and sudden loss of sight. Daniel remembered, “I was unable to read even the largest letters on the eye chart.” Without any medical reason for this shift, Daniel began connecting the dots to his spiritual experience and, with this awareness, he started the next level of his healing process. When applying the spiritual principles he learned, Daniel uncovered the truth. “My vision issues were because there was something I was not seeing clearly about myself and God,” Daniel shared. No longer was Daniel willing to be blind to his true self. He continued to work on his relationship with God and himself, and this choice to love led to a miraculous result.

Miraculous Healing

After this deep healing over several years, Daniel returned to the eye doctor only to find his eye had changed back to its healthy shape! His vision had cleared up and his sight was no longer blurred. Beyond relieved to hear this news, Daniel knew that his eye recovered with the help of his inner work. Because of his healing, there had been a profound inner shift which, he found out that day, had manifested as an obvious physical shift, too. Daniel states that, “I see myself more clearly with compassion and unconditional love, which I feel had a direct impact on my healing.”

The Lesson

You may be currently navigating health issues and wondering what you can do to support yourself better. The “inner-first” approach to physical healing is a simple and peaceful complement to all medical support and, as Daniel experienced, it made a huge difference in his results. Your physical body does not define you. As Daniel shared, physical health is a relationship with one’s self and it’s Love that improves any relationship. You, too, can make a real difference in your body and reality by choosing to love and go within.

Interview by Angelika Lee

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