Is there such a thing as a Twin Flame Narcissist? And how can you know for sure?

Twin Flames are meant to be the gateway to Divine Love, so why do so many Twin Flames feel their relationship is toxic? 

How could your Twin Flame demonstrate unloving behavior if they are your Divine mirror

Do you have to put up with toxic behavior just because they are your Twin Flame? 

And what can you do to achieve Union if you discover your Twin Flame has narcissistic traits?

Find out the much needed answers to these important questions in this blog.

How can you recognize a possible Twin Flame Narcissist?

A narcissist is quite easy to identify when you know what to look for. The tell-tale signs are always present. But if you believe your Twin Flame could be a narcissist then there are some really important ways for you to tell for sure. 

The purpose of this blog is not to make a full psychological diagnosis of narcissism. But, we can certainly clarify the common behavior and traits of people with narcissistic personalities.

Signs Of A Narcissist

A narcissist is actually quite easy to identify when you know what to look for. Overall we generally see narcissistic people demonstrate the following traits:

  • Self-centered
  • Arrogant
  • Abusive
  • Controlling
  • Never takes responsibility
  • Acts like a victim to elicit attention
  • Ignores your boundaries
  • Concerned only with what they can get
  • Treats others as a resource for money, power, sex, attention, status etc.
hiding after a narcissist experience

Being very self-focused, they will generally be looking to get something from you and they won’t consider your needs in the process. Narcissists are typically very arrogant people who are used to using manipulation, playing games and acting abusively. 

A narcissist will gaslight you to make you believe they are never in the wrong. And they rarely apologize for anything.

Other ways to recognize a narcissist is they are often playing the role of “victim” in some way, even covertly. They like to use this method to get you to help them out or buy into their story of why they can’t help themselves. It’s the typical “woe is me” or “poor me” attitude.

This technique is how they appeal to the good nature of empathic people. They literally prey on your willingness to help others. And then they abuse your kindness.

The trouble is, they have no intention of ever stopping draining you of your resources. After a while, being around a narcissist feels exhausting.

In short, narcissism is ego-based behavior which supports fear, drama and control. It is definitely not focused on love and healing. People with narcissistic behavior are not concerned with healing or changing. Narcissists are committed to their patterns of egoic behavior.

Why Do Some People Become Narcissistic?

Now, most people might think they express some of these narcissistic traits from time to time. And that could well be true. But for someone with a narcissistic personality type, they are pretty consistent with the behavior listed above the majority of the time.

This type of behavior stems from experiencing a deep inner place of separation from Love

This feeling of separation can happen when you are brought up to not feel your feelings, or to believe that vulnerability is unacceptable, or a form of weakness. Then you may choose to numb out in the area of your feelings. This causes a feeling of inner disconnection from Source, the Divine, God.

If you don’t feel connected to goodness from within, and are not choosing to take responsibility for your feelings, then turning to others for your needs becomes your solution to getting what you want.

free from a narcissist

A narcissistic person is someone who is dependent upon, and also feels entitled to, getting their needs met by others. Hence why they’re so controlling. They cannot risk you leaving. For this reason, they will often have other people on standby should you be unavailable for them. 

Narcissism is a severe and very toxic form of co-dependency.

How Does It Feel To Be In A Relationship With A Twin Flame Narcissist?

At the beginning of a relationship with a narcissist they “love-bomb” their intended partners. There can often be a performance where they will put on their very best, and often seductive behavior, and demonstrate to you they are your perfect match in every way. 

They will “fabricate” a mirroring effect to show you that they are the same as you.  However, it is not authentic. This is how they get you to initially commit to them and give them your time and resources. It’s for this reason that we may confuse a narcissist for our Twin Flame.

At first you are a novelty to them and there is a “high” in the relationship where everything feels as though it’s going great. You might even be convinced they are your Twin Flame for a while. 

Narcissists know when you are fully committed to them. That’s when they will begin to belittle you. They will gaslight you and try to keep you off balance and feeling insecure. 

They will manipulate you and actually enjoy making you feel bad. This discarding phase is when they lose interest in you and replace you with another person, place or thing as an external source of their good. Emotionally abusive behavior is how they gain power over you in the relationship. 

Being in a relationship with a narcissist feels very bad because the relationship is not aligned with Love.

How Can You Recognize A True Twin Flame?

Your true Twin Flame is you. You share the same consciousness.

Your true Twin Flame will reflect to you the love you have for yourself and also all the fear you have within you too.

This is why it’s not always smooth sailing when you meet your Twin Flame. 

Your Twin Flame’s love is felt deep within your heart. There is an inner knowing that is peaceful at the core of your being. And no matter what fears may be reflected to you externally, there will always be love at the core of your being for your Twin Flame.

The love you have for your Twin Flame is unbreakable, even if the blocks you are experiencing mean you can’t physically be together.

The relationship feels Divine and sacred to you and no matter what patterns or distance may keep you in separation. You feel One with your Twin Flame.

twin flames lift each other up

What Is It Like To Be In A Relationship With A Twin Flame?

Experiencing Union with your Twin Flame is experiencing Oneness with all of your being. In the teachings of Union, we refer to this vibrational state of being as Harmonious Twin Flame Union

When you are both aligned to Love, it feels natural, easy and effortless.

true twin flames connecting

Even if you are moving through an upset, you will always be able to feel love at the core of your being. Your Twin Flame will hold space for you as you heal and will actively encourage your healing.

Your Twin Flame’s job is to mirror to you all the misalignments within your shared consciousness so you can heal and go deeper into Love together. This is how your relationship grows eternally.

You also mirror in the same way for your Twin Flame. When you heal the upsets, you return to a state of Oneness.

Your Twin Flame is your authentically perfect match in every area of life. You align naturally and easily.

There is no game playing or hidden agenda with your Twin Flame. There is only Divine Love.

Twin Flame love is safe, natural, easy. It’s how you were created to be.

Is A Twin Flame Narcissist Possible?

A narcissistic person committed to narcissistic behavior is not making a choice to heal.

If you are on the Twin Flame journey, then you are certainly choosing Divine Love and, for those of you reading this blog, are likely to be actively healing your Union. 

Twin Flames often get a bad reputation for being toxic. This is because the Divine mirroring of your shared blocks hasn’t been fully understood yet by the majority of people. 

They are simply reflecting to you your own beliefs about Love and yourself.

Therefore, if you hold within your shared consciousness some of the narcissistic traits mentioned above, or a very strong co-dependency pattern, then it is absolutely possible that your Twin Flame could mirror to you toxic or narcissistic behavior.

However, there’s a big difference between a Twin Flame Union reflecting narcissistic traits and the behavior of a narcissistic person.

Your Twin Flame comes into your life to help you heal.

Your Twin Flame will always reflect your own choice to heal at the core. You are powerful. You can make that choice to heal for both you and your Twin Flame.

The purpose of your Twin Flame mirroring the narcissistic patterns is so that you heal. Healing is what will return you both to a state of Divine Love. This is the process of Ascension.

Ascension is the purification of your consciousness.

reflecting after being with a narcissist

Problems and confusion usually occur when the Twin Flame couple doesn’t have the appropriate tools and support to heal their Union. 

Getting the right kind of support means you can be guided compassionately. Ascension is a process. Feeling fully supported in your healing means you won’t need to experience separation.

What Can I Do To Stop The Toxic Behavior?

It is very important to honor and respect yourself at all times.

Firstly, loving yourself might mean removing yourself immediately from any toxic or abusive situation. Even if this is happening with the person you believe is your Twin Flame.

Instead, turn your focus inwards towards your own healing.

After all, healing yourself is healing your Twin Flame and your Union.

If your Twin Flame is mirroring toxic or co-dependent behavior, you have the power to heal. You can heal through every upsetting pattern that is arising within your Union.

Placing healthy boundaries with your Twin Flame is an important part of learning to love and respect yourself.

Secondly, the next vital step is to learn the Mirror Exercise as taught by Jeff and Shaleia. The Mirror Exercise is a refined healing tool which will help you identify precisely the misaligned patterns within your consciousness.

It can be easy and fun to move through the patterns. You have the power to realign yourself to Divine Love and to feel peace deep within yourself.

When you use the Mirror Exercise repeatedly, you will eventually reveal your true Twin Flame. When you’ve healed through the narcissistic patterns, your true Twin Flame will meet you in your heart.

A narcissist or false Twin Flame, will naturally fall away from your life as you heal, because you will no longer resonate with their toxic behavior.

Healing is the only way to reveal the truth of your Union.

Can I Still Have My Twin Flame Union?

If you are committed to healing all unhealthy patterns arising in your Twin Flame Union, then there is nothing that can stop you having your Union in this lifetime.

divine masculine kissing her hand

You can heal through any experience you are having whether it is a false Twin Flame, a narcissistic person or a true Twin Flame. Your healing will only lead you closer to the Divine truth and real sacred love.

Ultimately, it is the choice to heal and your persistence on the path that brings Union.

So, Twin Flame Or Narcissist?


People with narcissistic behavior are known to be very controlling. They aim to take as much as they can without considering your needs. 

Being in a relationship with a narcissist means catering to their needs. Narcissists are not focused on healing or supporting you in your healing. As that would take the attention away from them.

Twin Flames

Twin Flames, on the other hand, are One at the core and can feel each other in their hearts. Twin Flame love is based on a sacred and Divine Love that is pure and natural. 

The purpose of a Twin Flame Union is Ascension. The path of Ascension is the purification of consciousness to release all fear and return to the Oneness of Divine Love.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself in a relationship with someone who you believe is your Twin Flame but there is toxicity present, firstly, make sure you place healthy boundaries with them. Remove yourself from the situation if you need to, and prioritize your healing.

Accepting abusive behavior from anyone, even your Twin Flame, is never ok.

When you follow the path of healing all your upsetting and toxic patterns, you will reveal the truth of the relationship. If it is your true Twin Flame, then your healing will have healed them too and they will join you in the healthy Union you have both created together.

twin flames reuniting after being with narcissists

If your healing means the relationship falls away or reveals the person is not choosing healing and love, then you will have identified a false Twin Flame. 

You will now be closer than ever before to having a Divine Union with your true Twin Flame. Because your true Twin Flame is attracted to your healthy loving and authentic self. 

For all the support you could ever need to have your Twin Flame Harmonious Union, sign up for the Free Twin Flames Introductory Ascension Course.

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