Is there such a thing as Twin Flame hell?

The Twin Flame journey has begun! Every day you’re moving towards life with your Ultimate Lover as you do your inner work to heal separation.

You know you have a Twin Flame, your perfect person who complements you in every way, and that the life of your dreams is yours to claim.

Yet, maybe everything seems worse since you’ve begun the inner work and you might be feeling lost in the hell of separation. 

So many painful feelings have come up and it may even seem like your life is falling apart. Your most beloved dream has seemingly turned your life into a nightmare. 

It’s left you wondering, “Is this really what the Twin Flame journey is?” 

How do you get out of Twin Flame Hell and into Harmonious Twin Flame Union?

What Is Twin Flame Hell?

Harmonious Twin Flame Union can sound like a fairytale romance packed with so much juicy love and joy. The desire to be with our perfect person is in all of us but seemingly so few experience this as their reality.

So, how do you come into Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame?

In truth, you are already in Harmonious Union because you are One with your Twin Flame.

In order to experience this, separation must be healed and this is done by doing the inner work.

praying to get out of twin flame hell

You’ve probably started the inner work and understand its importance, maybe you’ve even been using the Mirror Exercise to heal Twin Flame separation.

But you’ve also noticed changes within as well as in your external reality. Such as long term friendships or relationships ending, discovering your Twin Flame is with someone else or married, possibly financial problems, and the list goes on. 

Why does everything seem worse after making the choice to claim the life of your dreams with your Twin Flame?

This journey can feel excruciating at times because you are releasing your pain and to release you must feel it. Feeling is how you move through your upsets and pain.

So many of us are taught to bottle up our feelings and shove them far down inside ourselves.

We hope to never feel them again but this is not freeing us from them, it’s holding onto them. 

When we finally begin to reconnect with the hurt parts of ourselves it brings up all those feelings we’ve been trying not to feel. The longer we’ve bottled them up and ignored or numbed out to them the “bigger” or more painful they may seem when we finally do feel them. 

It’s important to have compassion for yourself as you are feeling and releasing. It takes great courage to feel your feelings and to truly love all of yourself. This is how we heal separation.

Love Is The Key To Ending Twin Flame Separation

We create our reality. This means you have the power to attract the experiences you want into your life. It also means you have the power to end separation with your Twin Flame. 

The reality we experience is a reflection of our inner world. This means, what we experience is within us and it also means we have the power to transform our reality. 

Our feelings are our responsibility. When we are upset it is up to us to heal the upset within ourselves.

So how do we move through our upsets and end separation?

The answer can be found in Jeff and Shaleia’s book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover and it’s called the Mirror Exercise. 

The Mirror Exercise is a four step process that helps you identify the upset you’re experiencing and bring love to this part of yourself. 

Our feelings help us see where we need more love. With the Mirror Exercise you can heal separation by identifying your upsets and giving yourself what you need. 

This journey is not for the faint of heart. It requires you to love every part of yourself and this means facing all the shadows within you. All the parts hidden away and almost forgotten.

conquering tf hell

As you do this you will experience greater peace within as well as in your external reality. 

You become magnetic to your Twin Flame when you love yourself and they are naturally attracted to you.

Love yourself completely and you will find so much love within you.

To Make It Out Of Hell, Never Give Up!

The only way that guarantees you not having your Twin Flame in this lifetime, is if you give up.

There are times when it might feel hopeless or that you’ve come to the block that can’t be healed.

Continue taking this steps forward and choose to love yourself. Another way to view upsets is they are opportunities to love ourselves deeper. Our feelings help us become aware of where we need more love. 

No matter what is going on on the outside, it can be healed and you have the power to do so. 

You have an unbreakable Union and you are designed to be with your Twin Flame. As you continue to love yourself and heal, you will come closer together. Once the choice is made there’s no stopping it.

twin flames kissing in heaven

You’re falling deeper into love and the deeper you go, the more love you will experience. But you will also experience your blocks to this love and they must be moved through.

As you master loving yourself and the Mirror Exercise, it gets easier. Upsets come and go. Simply choose to move through them. Your feelings cannot hurt you, they are meant to be felt. 

Never give up and you will find yourself in Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Final Thoughts

The Twin Flame journey doesn’t have to be hell for you. Feeling good is a choice you can make, not something you get to or achieve. The deeper into love you go the more peace you will find, as peace is your natural state of being as is love.

You are never truly separate from Love or your peace regardless, of what you’re feeling.

And you are never separate from your Twin Flame. If this is your current experience, know that you have the power to heal and create your reality.

As you continue to release these painful feelings you will feel better. You are not alone on this journey.

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