We often hear about the separation stages when people talk about the Twin Flame journey.

How do we get out of this state ?

How do we heal the feeling of not being loved?

How do you get Union instead?

The Truth of Separation

We’re going to tell you a secret: in truth, Twin Flame separation is not real at all.

Twin Flames are never truly separated. Even though you may be separated on the outside, your Twin Flame shares the same consciousness. So, as you make the decision to move out of separation and move through your spiritual challenges, so too will they move out of separation to meet you in Union.

So, separation is actually not real. But if you experience it, you can actually move out of the Twin Flame separation stages with some very easy steps.

Essentially, there are only two “phases” when we talk of Twin Flame separation stages:

Stage 1: Before you make the core choice to start healing separation.

Stage 2: After you make the core choice.

It does not mean you have to step into deep trust in unconditional love immediately. Each healing you do and each layer you are healing is already taking you out of separation. And you are gradually feeling into the unstoppable Union that will come as a result of the healing journey.

During the “Upset” period of your Twin Flame journey, the experience of separation can feel really real. But you can always choose to move forward by healing on a more regular basis. And every healing will take you closer to the truth of Union.

couple ending the separation stages

Some people may not experience going into separation. Some people experience separation before meeting their true Twin Flame. Some will have a period of separation after being together for a short while.

The 4 stages of Twin Flame journey are described in Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.

The journey and stages of Twin Flame Union will look different for everyone. Your external circumstances are not the same and what you’re about to read is just an indicator on how to get out of separation and get into Union. 

In fact, the progress can only be felt inside of your heart. You can feel a lot of trust that your Union is unstoppable, healing can happen with internal changes, and the experience of unconditional love.

Before: How You Might Have Experienced Twin Flame Separation

There are a few experiences you might have had during separation.

  • Your Twin Flame might not have gotten back to you or might have ghosted you.
  • You feel powerless to get back into Union.
  • You feel a lot of hurt and triggering with this person you believe is your Twin Flame.
  • You feel it is not likely or too painful to be together at this time.
  • You experience a runner/chaser dynamic or one-sided feeling with your Twin Flame.

Although those experiences can feel really real and upsetting at the moment. Don’t worry! Actually the solution to this is not as difficult as it seems to be.

You don’t have to fight against what makes you feel bad or unloved. You only need to feel and trust what is good and the feeling of Love in your heart. And the separation will dissolve as a natural result.

walking the path to end separation stage

You are starting your healing journey. And, deep down, you know that these experiences of separation are not real at all. The feeling of losing trust in love is just something your Twin Flame reflects back to you where you cannot love or commit to yourself.

So, naturally, when you start loving yourself,  you can feel the truth that you are already One with your Twin Flame. It starts to feel real.

After: Results of Healing and Experiences of Love in Your Life and Twin Flame Journey

So, you have made the decision to get out of the Twin Flame separation stages for good! Congratulations!

These are a few examples of how you feel when you make that choice of Union:

  • You know that the Twin Flame journey is all about moving into more love and romance in your life, and your Twin Flame simultaneously moves closer to you.
  • You trust that you and your Twin Flame are always One and are moving through the same experiences. So, as you choose love, they choose love too.
  • You start to love the healing process, without having expectations. You know it’s an investment in your eternal foundation of love.
  • You feel great just being yourself; feeling your good and your divinity inside yourself, no matter what you encounter in life.
  • You attract better experiences because your inner state is getting better.
  • You feel grounded in who you are, what you truly believe. You love your own unique gifts that are different from everyone else. And your true Life Purpose starts unfolding in front of you.
  • You see your Twin Flame through Love’s eyes. You start to experience your Twin Flame’s love more consistently.
  • You see your life getting better and you experience more good feelings in your heart.
couple laughing

Of course it is not an overnight change or an abrupt shift: each upset you heal, even just a small upset, is an essential building block for you to ground in the reality of love. And all the trusting and loving feelings about your Twin Flame and this journey just come to you more and more after you release any fear of love.

During the healing process, when you start to love yourself more, you may wonder, where is my Twin Flame? Why does he/she still not show up after I healed through some major blocks?

When you make more choices of love in your life and within you, your Twin Flame can come into your life at any point. Union happens when you surrender to your own good and realize nothing can take away that good from you.


Just keep going! And those feelings may not bother you as much when you start to feel the sustaining love growing within you even through challenges. 

One day soon, you will feel trust in Love at the core of your being and you will know your Twin Flame feels the same way (because you are One). 

Although you may be at a distance with your Twin Flame, you are still loving yourself and each other. And you both are still working on the same thing in different ways in order to have a more stable foundation for a happy life and Union that lasts. If you want to learn more about Twin Flame journey, healing work and anything else, start with the Free Twin Flame Introductory Course.

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