Do Twin Flames look alike? Is there a way to tell Twin Flames from other couples? How will I recognize my Twin Flame? The short answer is “Yes.” But it may not be what you think…

Twin Flames are not about a brown hair/brown hair kind of thing as much as they are a soul thing. Twin Flames vibrate in perfect harmony with each other. Their souls are perfect expressions of their shared soul blueprint. The love they share is pure, simple, and Divine.

Jeff and Shaleia go more in depth with this in their book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. So how do you recognize a Twin Flame in reality? What are the spiritual or physical aspects of Twin Flames?

The Twin Flame Dynamic

do twin flames look alike, is the question they are happily asking themselves

When a person is aligned with their inner Divine self, the Love between them and their Twin Flame grows and is magnified very quickly.

Sometimes the Love seems intense, or too much to handle at once. But that’s just because Twin Flames are meant to live in perfect harmony, and anything that is out of alignment with that harmony (i.e. a bad relationship or a heavy-feeling job in either Twin Flame’s life), weighs the whole Union down and disrupts the natural flow of harmony.

These upsetting things must be made transparent in the Union, so that Love can decide what is in perfect vibrational harmony and what is not. That’s why you and your Twin Flame feel out of control sometimes. It’s not you who decides, it’s Love that decides. You either vibrate in harmony with that Love and go deeper together, or you don’t. When upsets take over, separation ensues.

Jeff and Shaleia provide all the tools you need to navigate your Union and maintain perfect harmony – no cap!

Say Goodbye to Wasting Your Energy And Hello to a Life of Surrender

You don’t have to generate your perfect lover, try to conjure them up, or do anything outside of what you’re comfortable with. It sounds so easy, and that’s because it is. Your Twin Flame is already insanely, wildly perfect for you.

Attraction as an Automatic Process

You are naturally drawn to your Twin Flame while living in a state of surrender and vice versa. Living only in a state of Love, or having your life be based only on the things that you love, creates the proper emotional state for Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Attracting your Twin Flame is a natural result of you pouring your love back into yourself, your purpose work, and your life. That’s what I mean when I say Union is an automatic result of your vibration.

“Ok….But How Do I Do This??”

No one can tell you what you need to do to increase Love in your life, it is a spiritual journey you mostly take privately with the Divine.

Generally, I’ve found simplifying your life, only doing the good-feeling things within your heart, and continuously saying “No” to anything that disturbs your peace, leads you into God’s perfect arms, or into your Twin Flame’s perfect arms.

Twin Flame Ascension School provides all the support and guidance you need. If you do these things, how could you not end up insanely happy? Your life should be a celebration of your Divinity, not a constant running-away from turmoil.

Can I Do This with a Karmic or Soulmate Partner Instead?

And the short answer is… no.

these twin flames are alike

Even your best karmic or soulmate relationship will still be something that completes itself one day. Your karmic or soulmate partner also has their own Twin Flame they want to be with, and it isn’t fair for either of you to cling to each other just because you’re temporarily getting something.

That is gross and co-dependent. Nasty and transactional. Doesn’t leave you feeling very good inside. Nobody likes to feel used. Everything that is out of alignment with your Divinity should be falling away.

Recognizing Your Twin Flame Person

  • You will recognize your Twin Flame by the feeling in your heart. 
  • You will know them by the completion you feel. 
  • You may feel a deep inner recognition, or like you planned this meeting somehow.

Personally, when I look at my Twin Flame, I see the face of God.

No other man makes me the feel the way my Twin Flame feels, and he literally does so just by being himself. He’s so perfect.

Psychic or Third Party Confirmation

You may be feeling that maybe someone can confirm who your Twin Flame is, or help you realize who your Twin Flame is by what I’ve described above. Wouldn’t you still want to take that private and personal journey with God?

You don’t need confirmation to know you’re on purpose in your heart, to know you feel good now, and that’s kind of the whole point of the journey. When you ask the Divine to show you who your Twin Flame is, He does. Be close with God there, He draws you nearer to Him.

“Revelation is intensely personal and cannot be meaningfully translated. ²That is why any attempt to describe it in words is impossible… Revelation is literally unspeakable because it is an experience of unspeakable love.”

– A Course In Miracles (ACIM, T-1.II.2:1-7)

do twin flames look alike? Yes!

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Written by Briana Manalo

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