How can you unlock communication with your Twin Flame? Or even just communicate with them more easily? We’re pretty sure nearly every single person on their Twin Flame journey has gone through this challenge. But, can it actually be healed? And if so, what’s going on? Let us show you…

Communication with your Twin Flame: why does it seem so difficult?

Communication is an important aspect of any relationship, and the same goes for Twin Flame Unions. Many Twin Flames face challenges and misunderstandings in communicating with each other. The reason is that your Twin Flame is your perfect mirror. They will reflect to you all of your misalignments with Love.

Some people might hear this and think, “Well, how are they mirroring me? I want to communicate with them, don’t they want to communicate with me?” But that’s not what mirroring is. It’s actually about something deeper.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can unblock communication with your Twin Flame and how to establish healthy and harmonious communication with them instead.

The importance of communication with your Twin Flame

Communication with your Twin Flame is all about your inner communication with yourself, with your Creator, with God or Love or the Universe, your Source. That’s what communication is with your Twin Flame, and that’s where it comes from. And so if you are having trouble communicating with your Twin Flame, then you’re having trouble communicating with yourself and God also.

It is important to understand that as your Divine mirror, your Twin Flame is reflecting to you the blocks to communication within yourself that you are more than likely unaware of. Therefore, communication with your Twin Flame is not just about talking to them, but also about communicating with yourself.

Your Twin Flame is a mirror

meditating on communication with your Twin Flame

Ultimately your Twin Flame is a direct reflection of your relationship with Love Itself, or God. Any inauthentic connection and communication from within, is reflected in your relationship with your Twin Flame. Fear is really the reason why you are not feeling connected to yourself and these patterns usually go back to childhood.

When you understand that your Twin Flame is mirroring your own blocks to communication within yourself, you can begin to heal this pattern and move into true connection and intimacy.

Sometimes it can feel difficult to see your Twin Flame as your perfect mirror and accept them as such, at first. You may feel that it’s impossible that some of these blocks are really in you. But as you progress on you spiritual journey, you become more aware of yourself and more grateful for what your Twin Flame is teaching you.

Heal communication blocks by going within

In order to have communication and intimacy with your Twin Flame, you have to have that with yourself first. And that means going even deeper into connecting with yourself than you may have ever gone before. 

Something that a lot of people question about the Twin Flame mirroring, they believe: “I already talk to myself,” or “I already communicate with myself. Why is this happening?”

The fastest and more efficient way to heal your communication blocks and reconnect to yourself within, is to use the Mirror Exercise, taught by Jeff and Shaleia in their book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.

In Chapter 5 of the book, the Mirror Exercise process is described in detail. It is a refined and practical healing tool which helps you identify the parts of yourself that you are not communicating with. 

Here are a few examples of how you may be blocking communication within yourself:

  • Are you being honest about your true feelings?
  • You may be numbing out to or in denial about your feelings and not feeling them fully.
  • Are you acknowledging you are experiencing upsets and triggers?
  • You might feel afraid to be intimate with your feelings.

Healing communication with the Mirror Exercise

But, when you do the Mirror Exercise, using your feelings as the guide, you can safely access these places within to heal inner communication with yourself. When you do this, you automatically heal your Union and also the communication with Love Itself and naturally your Twin Flame too.

Real Communication with Your Twin Flame 

Consider whether you actually know what real communication is on this path. Because you may not be used to feeling your feelings, being honest with yourself, and not just on a very surface level, but at a very deep level. Real communication begins when you communicate with the parts of yourself that you maybe avoiding or running from as they’re feeling very uncomfortable within you.

Showing up for yourself again and again as you heal, no matter what the feeling, is how you develop real communication with yourself. And then you can go deeper in every area of your life.

In Jeff and Shaleia’s book, they speak about how every upset in your Union is a miscommunication, so you can see how important and how broad this topic is for your Union. You are going to be consistently healing upsets in communication with your Twin Flame because you are always desiring to find agreement at the core where you are One.

So everything that feels bad, is a just place within you that you are not seeing properly and this bad feeling is also communicating a misalignment with Love through the triggers and upsets.

focusing on herself

Your Twin Flame will also show you where you are not really communicating with them from a place of Love. And this is something that is perhaps quite common in society, where you can speak a lot, you can talk and talk and talk and talk, but not say anything really with your heart. It can feel empty, just at a very surface level.  And that is not how you connect with your Twin Flame.

communication between twin flames

Going deeper to unlock communication with your Twin Flame

You need to go deeper with them. You need to communicate from a place of Love. A lot of people on this journey try to talk to their Twin Flames but perhaps they hold an expectation or the wrong intention behind that communication.

True and authentic communication with your Twin Flame happens when you are being true and authentic with yourself and you are loving them unconditionally. It requires you to fully feel your feelings and to heal through anything that is out of alignment with Love. Only then can you communicate effectively because you are coming from a healed place filled with Love, rather than an unhealed place that is needy or inauthentic.

Your Twin Flame will naturally be able to feel the difference in your communication. They will always respond to authentic loving communication. In truth, all upsets in your Union are only misunderstandings stemming from unhealed patterns. When you become aware of your patterns, through your Twin Flame triggering them, you can heal and communicate easily and lovingly.

Healing your own emotional problems to improve communication

If you are going to talk to your Twin Flame to get something from them or to try to make them acknowledge the connection, or to get attention, or for the purpose of getting Love from them, then that is not communication. That is a taking energy, of looking at them as your Source of something. That is not real connection.

Being patient with your healing

So, you are probably going to experience a block or a barrier reflected back by them. As you can see, there are a lot of things that can be part of this communication problem.

It’s not a small thing that you can change in five minutes. No, it’s a relationship with yourself and with Love. If you want to unblock that with your Twin Flame, then you must learn to heal this part within you.

Is there any part of you that feels like time is ticking and you’ll never be with your Twin Flame? Are you eager to be in Union after having resolved one block? It is truly okay to desire Twin Flame Union. However, the Universe brings Union, not you. This task is not on you to do. Union happens when you are focusing on yourself, not on what your Twin Flame is doing. It might be counterintuitive, but it is the one thing that works. Have compassion with yourself as you heal.

taking time to communicate with yourself

José and Michaila, Twin Flames in Harmonious Union, share their journey of healing communication.

Michaila shares how she healed this dynamic of having very surface level communication.

I decided to get really honest with myself. How I felt and what that meant. I had to acknowledge that I had emotional problems to deal with. I had been depressed for most of my teenage years, actually since I was a kid. And I did not acknowledge that. When I started doing this work, I had to acknowledge and be honest with myself that I was experiencing depression.

I had to be able to go into those really uncomfortable places where that depression was and love myself there. And that was a deepening, instead of being surface level and ignoring my feelings because I didn’t want to feel the uncomfortable feelings. That’s how you can have communication with your Twin Flame.

So now between us we have no communication issues. We’re not afraid to be in communication with ourselves in those deep places. So yeah. It’s really important to do that. And every time we have any blocks or something coming up in our Union, it’s very easy to resolve. We’re equipped with the tools, the Teachings of Union. And yeah, if we are having a miscommunication, it doesn’t last long at all.

We just talk about it, feel our feelings, move through it, and we get closer together. So that’s the magic of Twin Flames. Everything can be resolved so you don’t experience a lack of communication or bad communication. It’s only a part of your life and spiritual life that you are developing.

What does it take to really heal?

happy and communicating

And as I mentioned before, it requires you to invest into it a lot, especially in your Union. You must invest in healthy communication. You must learn it if you want to experience harmony with your Twin Flame.

It’s not a relationship where you can hide your feelings or not communicate properly, that doesn’t work. You must communicate. And this is why it’s so important to have this with yourself first. Because if you cannot handle yourself and your communication, then it’s going to be impossibly difficult with your Twin Flame. Because it’s all of you and it’s more difficult.

But if you find ease, happiness and lightness in your connection with yourself, you’re not going to have a problem communicating with them. Because it’s the same thing.

And I remember that was one of the main lessons for me about communication. It was being myself and not hiding who I really was. And once you start healing that, it is very relieving for your Union.  Then you can finally come together because you are close with yourself.

One more point is that in your Twin Flame Union there has to be purpose to your communication, otherwise it won’t be happening. And so that’s why there will be blocks or barriers between the communication with your Twin Flame. God needs to be moving through you to communicate something to your Twin Flame.

There’s a Twin Flame Ascension School class where Jeff talks about this. He says, that the purpose of communicating is you have something to communicate, not because you want something from them.

Shift in communication

So there’s a big dynamic shift that happens. It’s just learning how to have a real relationship. This is where you’re giving and feeling, “What can I contribute, what can I give to my connection?”

“How can I nurture the relationship?” Instead of “What can I get from it?” Like, “I need Love, I want Love, I want attention.” And I think everyone goes through that healing that dynamic and realizing you’re just transcending these old relationship patterns. And so it’s safe to heal that and it’s safe to focus and to know that when there is purpose for your communication, it will happen.

twin flames in love

Heal and open up the communication

Communicating from a place of Love within yourself is crucial to true and lasting communication with your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame will mirror to you all the places within your consciousness where you are either not communicating or blocking communication with yourself, or where you are not communicating in a loving way with yourself. When you heal these patterns within, communication with your Twin Flame will open up and blossom.

When it’s time, when you’re ready, when God guides you into that space, then communication is easy and natural. But you just have to do the inner work and focus on the inner process of that, to manifest it externally. And so if you’d like help with this, we have lots of Twin Flame Certified Ascension Coaches to assist you with healing these blocks.

And you can also sign up for the Twin Flames Universe free Introductory Course to get you started. It has all of the essentials and basics that you need to get your twin Flame journey started if you’re new here.

Transcribed from the YouTube video “How To UNBLOCK Communication With Your Twin Flame FOREVER

Edited by Julia Martin-Woodbridge

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