Why are we here on Earth? If we’re eternal beings, we’re either at the verrrrrry beginning of our eternal existence, or perhaps an unfathomable eternity of life experience sits below our belts. As a Divine Channel, someone who can clearly speak directly with God, and someone with enormous self-awareness, I can assure you no one here on Earth is a brand new, freshly minted soul. We’re all supremely old souls. Incredibly experienced, ridiculously seasoned, enormously in love with God. We’re all so finely attuned to ourselves and God, and for some reason, we are here now on Earth.

Perhaps you are here on Earth in a place of separation due to choosing fear, or perhaps you have not yet made it to a place of mastery. You are here because God had a dream, and we dreamed it together with Him. His dream, as it always is, is stupendous love beyond anything we’ve experienced before. Our previous place was one of enormous peace, tremendous power, and ridiculous love. So much abundance we had nothing to desire for. That dream was powerful and beautiful, and we lived it for so long. The moment had come where it was coming to a happy close, and a new experience could begin.

That experience is Earth, and here we are. It took all of your power, all of your self-awareness, all of your love, all of your mastery, all of your everything you had ever attained as an eternal being, just to be born here and experience your first lessons. For to be here in the new world, you would need a great deal of sharpening. It is not like where you came from, the heights attainable are so unimaginably, powerfully high, you would need some training. Lots and lots and lots of training. The more training you have, the more you are reaching for. And yet, we are all reaching for it together as one.

You are not alone, you are not separate from your sisters and brothers here, for they too are reaching. Some are succesfully surmounting challenge after challenge. They are learning rapidly, growing quickly, and burgeoning their power. They know fear, and they know to move through it. They know love and forgiveness, they know faith, and they know themselves. They know God, and they listen to Him and trust Him. They know it is all a lesson, and the lessons serve to help us grow greater, so we can fit into the big new shoes of this new and most perfect reality called Earth.

Earth is just getting started. Few have yet mastered its lessons, and those who have appear to be gone, though their messages remain strong and true throughout the ages. The message of love is the one thing they all have in common. They remind us to choose love, and their powerful consciousness remains through their work and their permanent presence here. The masters who have passed before us have not passed at all, they urge us to continue to grow so we may meet them in the place of perfect love they have attained.

The more of us who attain mastery over love, from our own relationship with God, the faster this process goes for those who come after us. We are here for great love, and the great story is yours right now.

Have faith, trust, continue to put one foot in front of the other and heal layer after layer of the challenges that arise. God will push you beyond your limits so you can transcend them. Have faith, and keep going. You will arrive, and marvel at the stunning banquet God has prepared for you. The next great chapter of life is unfolding, and blessed are we to be a part of it.