“To become enlightened is not just to slip into some disconnected euphoria, an oceanic feeling of mystic oneness apart from ordinary reality. Rather, it is an experience of release from all compulsions and sufferings, combined with a precise awareness of any relevant subject of knowledge. Having attained enlightenment one knows everything that matters, and the precise nature of all that is.”  –Robert Thurman


While you’re traveling on your sacred journey into harmonious Twin Flame Union, you may be holding an idea or a belief that you must always make “power moves” to enter your Union correctly.  But this isn’t the case, even though there might be times where it is appropriate to make a power move toward your Twin Flame.  But the true and constant power moves into your harmonious Twin Flame Union are about how you feel in each and every moment, no matter what you’re doing or what’s arising in and around you.  Getting into your Union isn’t about “getting somewhere other then here,” but always being here in the moment and feeling present and good about it.


It’s the little things; the everyday things and ordinary moments that move you forward into your harmonious Twin Flame Union.  An enlightened person looks no different than an unenlightened person, but the difference is always how they feel on the inside and not the outside. You can live an extraordinary life within an ordinary life: cleaning the house, going to work, paying your bills, studying, cooking food, tending the garden, raising your children, you can be tremendously at ease with yourself.


Being at ease in your life completely while attaining your goal of harmonious Twin Flame Union is a question of you being, and doing your life totally, enjoying it, being present with it, delighting in it.  Choose to become One with your Divine Self (who you truly are) and be One with everything you are doing and feeling in each and every moment.   When you do this you lose your false sense of self and move into your true sense of self. A happiness, bliss, and peace surrounds you with this attitude, and you will feel fulfilled in your life regardless of where you’re currently at on your Twin Flame journey.


It’s these ordinary and little things that are the true “power moves” into your harmonious Twin Flame Union.  This correct attitude and disposition will create a highly attractive magnetic field in your aura and Being that will influence your Twin Flame Union to happen easily and harmoniously.  Trust this process, it will create the results in your life that you have been desiring – and this gift you give to yourself, you will be offering it in love to your Twin Flame as well.


Living the Zen Life,

~Jeff and Shaleia~



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Today’s message is courtesy of Osho’s “Osho Zen Tarot.”

Jeff and Shaleia are true Twin Flames in harmonious Union.  This is currently a very rare experience on this planet although their pioneering work in Twin Flames is changing this statistic.  In their Twin Flame Ascension School they are teaching the truth of Twin Flame Union as a direct Ascension Path to the Divine.  Committing to your harmonious Union is in actuality committing to your spiritual path of Ascension, in other words, dissolving your ego and claiming your Divinity fully at the right side of your Mother/Father God.

Jeff has his BBA from Western Michigan University and has created businesses in the past based on self-development and lifestyle design.  Shaleia attended Laurentian University for Psychology with a minor focus on Women Studies.  She has a degree in Graphic Design and graduated with Honors in Digital Photography and Imaging at Georgian College.  She consciously began her ascension path when she was 18 years old with her studies in Taoism, A Course In Miracles, Channeling, Reiki certification, and other forms of energy healing work.

Shaleia met her spiritual teacher in Sedona, AZ in 2012 where she began healing separation from her Twin Flame with the spiritual tools and knowledge that were passed down to her.  Jeff joined her sessions later on and they have now mastered their harmonious Twin Flame Union which has enabled them to teach it to others.  They got married in January 2016, and have a sweet golden doodle puppy named Charlie.

They are authors of the beloved Twin Flame book: “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover,” on Amazon.  Jeff and Shaleia developed two ecourses to assist you into your harmonious Twin Flame Union: Their first 24 lesson course guarantees harmonious Union is “Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True.”  Their 8 lesson course called “Twin Flames: Romance Attraction” teaches you how to develop true love within to increase your magnetism and beauty for manifesting and deepening your Twin Flame Union.  This course also guarantees your harmonious Twin Flame Union.

“This is the real secret of life – to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it’s play.”  -Alan Watts