Choosing a Twin Flame teacher is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. When you are researching and observing Twin Flame teachers, you might start wondering why they disagree with each other. How do you know which Twin Flame teacher has the Truth and which has an ego-based agenda?

Jeff and Shaleia safely model what a reliable Twin Flame teacher should look like. This is because their teaching is free of manipulation, fear and lies. You can see this for yourself when you subscribe to the classes at Twin Flame Ascension School. Here are some tips on how to discern a false, unreliable Twin Flame teacher who cannot bring you into Union from a real one who can.

If you have been a part of online Twin Flame groups for any length of time, you’ll see this scenario come up: conflicting beliefs about the nature of Twin Flames and rival authority figures. Every purported Twin Flame teacher has their own set of authoritative opinions and points they want to make about what the Twin Flame journey is.

Some teachers are not grounded in Truth at all, while other Twin Flame teachers know a little bit of the Truth and use it to mislead others for their own agendas. Why does this happen and how can you identify them?

Signs of a False Twin Flame Teacher

1. They aren’t clear on the energy of true Twin Flames.

It is hard to be an authentic Twin Flame teacher when you insist that your soulmate is your Twin Flame. These so-called teachers lack the awareness to see the vibration of their relationship for what it is. Why would a Twin Flame teacher do this? Well, it could be that they desperately desire their Twin Flame so badly that they would rather settle for this reasonably okay soulmate, than to
feel alone and abandoned. But you can’t fake a Twin Flame, because true Twin Flames are created together as one from the same soul blueprint. If a false Twin Flame teacher harbors this desperation and willingness to be in self-denial, they risk leading you into the same position. You can avoid them by making the core choice to not numb out to your true Twin Flame.

2. They are not open to the Truth.

When you are a Twin Flame teacher or a spiritual teacher of any kind, there are only two paths your teaching can take: Truth, or error. Truth isn’t about knowing the right words, because terminology can be misused. One who teaches Truth has a clear connection to Source, knows how to do the inner work and guides their student to remove blocks. For example, Jeff and Shaleia are divine channels who get all of their knowledge and teaching about Twin Flames directly from God. This is because they cleared all of their communication blocks and barriers to the Divine. A false Twin Flame teacher will not want to be a humble divine channel for higher knowledge, because that might interfere with their agenda. If a so-called Twin Flame teacher has not removed their ego, they will be interested in controlling you instead of being a humble guide to the Truth. Remember: whatever you are, is what you are teaching.

3. Their Twin Flame information teaches fear.

Jeff and Shaleia understand that it is unnatural for a child of God to not communicate with God, because we were lovingly created by God. A false Twin Flame teacher will not understand this, because they believe that separation is real. If they have this belief in their consciousness then they
will see evidence of separation in their reality, and they will draw you into this illusion too. An example of this kind of thinking would be a popular (but very false) Twin Flame teaching: “You’re not meant to unite with your Twin Flame in this lifetime!” This is separation consciousness, and a false Twin Flame teacher would give advice like this because they might have experienced abandonment in their past. A true Twin Flame teacher will help you heal abandonment, because it is a man-made fear and not of God.

4. Their own teaching does not benefit them.

We make choices every day, and these choices create our reality. When you choose a Twin Flame teacher, their guidance will start influencing your subsequent choices. Does your Twin Flame teacher have what you desire to see in your Twin Flame Union and life purpose work? Is your Twin Flame teacher leading you to empowerment, or do they make you feel powerless? When you aspire to be a millionaire, you take advice from people who are really good at making money, who use solid methods that have repeatable results. The same logic holds true for choosing a Twin Flame teacher. One reason why people buy Jeff and Shaleia’s e-Courses, “Romance Attraction” and “Dreams Coming True”, is because they can see that Jeff and Shaleia have that romantic attraction with each other and they are living their dreams together as Twin Flames!

The proof is in the pudding

Jeff and Shaleia can’t tell you whether their work is Truth or not. This is because the work must always speak for itself. As Jeff and Shaleia’s student, the Truth of the work will be directly revealed to you as you progress with the Mirror Exercise. While reading Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover is a nice first step, the more important second step is to apply the Mirror Exercise in your daily life. Then you can gauge how the teaching improves your life. A true Twin Flame teacher promises to teach you potent spiritual tools, but holds you accountable. You have to be open and willing to learn, and you have to have a high willingness to change. Then you will be perfectly position to fully receive your guidance.

Call in your perfect Twin Flame Teacher

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Transcribed from the video “WHY TWIN FLAME TEACHERS DISAGREE” by Jeff and Shaleia.