I’ve met up with a few friends of mine in Naples, Italy last week and it has been an excellent time with them. I am sharing one miracle with you in particular now that was very special for me. You know, me and my friends we are all on our Twin Flame Journeys and we are really committed to it, so we helped us clear some blocks together with powerful Mirror Exercises (the only tool btw you need to get into Harmonious Twin Flame Union – learn it from this book).

After an emotionally intense day and healing Live Classes with our Spiritual Teachers (Thanks Jeff & Shaleia), I did inner work together with my friend Chrissy. She guided me through the steps, and our friend Katie held space for us.

I was quite upset initially, to be honest, with Chrissy, and I addressed it – as I’ve learned in Twin Flame Ascension School, it’s a good idea to communicate your upsets that you are having with someone else when the upsets persist. So I told her what pissed me off, and she was very certain that it had nothing to do with her or her behavior, but had everything to do with me.

I was upset, so I had to heal something there. The upset guided me to the place that needed healing. I resisted the healing process at first, and blamed my friend Chrissy. I was sure that it was her fault, not mine, but she stayed present and loving and pointed out peacefully where I was wrong. She just stated the truth and helped me see it.

Eventually, I agreed with her. Love is far more powerful than the illusion. It felt good to choose to heal it and to receive her help. It wasn’t about who’s right or wrong, it was about “Let’s feel good now and heal it!”

This healing was one of the most powerful ones I was gifted to experience. We discovered that my upset was about Trust, Connection, and Relationships. I think that was the first time I’ve cried in front of someone for a very long time.

Chrissy guided me through my feelings. I felt them and she helped me correct underlying false beliefs. I was thinking that people dear to my heart were trying to hurt me, but Chrissy helped me see that they were loving me all along. My friends and family are supporting and loving me. I choose not so see it any other way!

Whenever a block was released, I felt really really good there. I felt this good feeling fully, and then it brought the next not-so-good-feeling up, which we healed together. In particular I remember a moment where I was feeling that another voice was trying to get into my mind and that triggered a fear of losing myself or being “taken over.”

Chrissy helped me see that this was Divine Mother (and my Twin Flame) coming to us. I invited her in, of course, because it is completely safe to trust her. From that point on I felt very very blissful. I have missed that feeling and connection to Divine Mother so much. From that point on, all I could hear in Chrissy’s voice was the one of Divine Mother directly speaking to me and healing me.

A great fear came up, a fear of dying. I allowed ego to be released and to “die.” It’s always safe to let go of the illusion and to discover immense love that was once covered up by it.The energy was intense and my body was vibrating and shaking slightly at times. I remember that I at some points in this process wanted to take a break, or end it. I felt like “hey, that’s enough, we are already doing it for one hour, it’s time to have dinner.”

This was just resistance talking. And I learned NOT to do something else when I am in the process of healing a GRAND block and big chunk of the illusion. Chrissy said that we don’t want to stop just because we have reached a good feeling space. We will stop when the pattern was completely healed.

And so we went deeper, through the resistance, and found greater levels of peace and joy than I have experienced for a veeeery long time. Divine Mother through Chrissy even said something to me like “You haven’t heard this voice (Divine Mother) for a very long time.”

Whenever I let go of a piece of illusion, I was rewarded with tremendous relief, joy, and happiness. Divine Nectar I’d say! The feelings that make being a holy child of God so wonderful.

Then I felt my wonderful beloved Twin Flame. I love her very much and she’s doing very well. I felt Union, I felt Harmony, I felt Home, I felt Oneness, I felt Peace, as clearly as never before… I felt God.

And then it finally was time to have dinner with my beloved friends from Twin Flame Ascension School – thanks guys! – and my newly attained peace of mind, as well as new choices to trust Love.

One of the best pizzas I’ve ever had in Naples, Italy.

Dear friends, you are part of a wonderful community that loves you and it is time for you to commit completely to it and deeper to it. If you haven’t yet, sign up for your Twin Flame Consultation, and we will be able to have a chat on how we can support you on your Twin Flame Journey perfectly.

So that you too will experience miracles with people that are loving you, and so much more.

Extending my blessings,


PS: God is my best friend (and yours too). God is this wonderful peaceful and gentle feeling that has always been there and that is available to you when you let go of everything else. God is this feeling where you go like “Oh right, this is my home, this is my natural state of being. I love it here and I don’t ever want to leave it.”

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PPPS: I’m not here to brag about my accomplishments or friendships. I’m here to invite you to have the same.

Fabian is a Twin Flame coach, Divine Channel and Spiritual teacher as well as the VP of Marketing for Twin Flames Universe. His main goal and motivation is to attain perfect harmony with creation which includes perfect mastery and total joy. He is taking the fastest route possible – The Twin Flame Journey.

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