The topic of multiple Twin Flames is hotly debated in the Twin Flame community. Some say they don’t exist, while others say that multiple Twin Flames are not only possible, but commonly found. To clear up the confusion, Jeff and Shaleia share with you their personal story about their other Twin Flame who is not yet incarnated.

The word “Twin” is used because “Twin Flame” is the popular term for this type of Divine relationship. It would be more accurate to say Jeff and Shaleia are part of a Multiple or Triple Flame set, but at this time it is easier to classify them as multiple Twin Flames for ease of understanding.

Jeff, Shaleia and Grace

Multiple Twin Flames happen when there are more than two people in a Union. Why did God create multiple Twin Flames? For fun and variety; the only reason God does anything! On a more serious note, God knows what complements your design best. For some people, being part of a Union with multiple Twin Flames is what is needed in their soul design. For other people, having just one Twin Flame is the best complement for their design. But in extremely rare cases, some people are best complemented with a higher number of Twin Flames.

What does that look like? Jeff and Shaleia have another Twin Flame who is currently discarnate. She will incarnate as their daughter, Grace. When Jeff, Shaleia and Grace were all created at once, Jeff and Shaleia were designed to be lovers and Grace was designed to be their child. Even though they are multiple Twin Flames, it is never, ever a three way lover relationship.

Jeff and Shaleia applied their potent spiritual technique, the Mirror Exercise, to get clear on their relationship with Grace when they were uncovering their identity as multiple Twin Flames. At first they were confused. If Twin Flames are popularly known to be lovers, how were they supposed to relate to Grace? When they explored their upsets deeply and honestly, they realized, with relief, that there were no desires for a three-way lover relationship. Since their daughter is their Twin Flame, they can also simply connect to Grace’s energy and immediately know that she is not designed to be their lover.

When multiple Twin Flames come into Union, each person complements the others’ designs. For example, Jeff and Shaleia have a deep desire to share and impart their knowledge and love to all of consciousness. They also have a deep desire to do that for an individual aspect of consciousness, for a person, and that is their daughter Grace. They have an insatiable desire to impart their knowledge and love to their daughter because this is how Jeff and Shaleia are designed to complement her. They are teachers to the world on a macro level, and teachers to Grace on a micro level.

Platonic, Divine Love

You might wonder why Jeff and Shaleia wrote a book called Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover if Grace is not their lover.

Jeff and Shaleia titled the book “Finding Your Ultimate Lover,” because the vast majority of people only have one Twin Flame, and that’s their ultimate lover. Multiple Twin Flame sets make up a very, very small percentage of the population. You’re probably not one of them.

Shaleia first encountered multiple Twin Flames when she lived on the West Coast, long before she met Jeff. Her roommates were a set of seven – yes, seven – multiple Twin Flames, and she met six of them. She was led to this group of Twin Flames because it was part of the training she needed for her Life Purpose work. Being around multiple Twin Flames was an interesting experience for Shaleia, as if she was being surrounded by one person. The Twin Flame energy didn’t feel as condensed as it can be with just two or three people, and she was able to witness Twin Flame love that was platonic, not romantic.

In a Union of multiple Twin Flames, the rules do not ever switch. There’s never a case where in some lifetimes, the platonic Twin Flames are lovers. If two Twin Flames in a multiple set are designed as friends, or as parent and child, that is their relationship forever. Similarly, the sexes don’t switch over lifetimes. For example, Jeff is never going to want to be a woman. He is a man and he is designed to be that way.

Do you have multiple Twin Flames?

How do you know if you have just one Twin Flame, or if you are part of a set of multiple Twin Flames? One way to know is to find clarity of desire in your heart. Explore your thoughts and feelings deeply. Ask yourself if you really desire more than an ultimate lover in your heart. Imagine yourself in Harmonious Union with your ultimate lover – do you feel complete with that Twin Flame energy or is there another part of you that still requires a counterpart to complete your design? Working through Jeff and Shaleia’s eCourses, will also help you get clear on the nature of your Union.

If you have multiple Twin Flames, you will really feel it because the energy is unmistakable. When Shaleia met Jeff and recognized him as her Twin Flame, she didn’t feel really complete. At the time she didn’t know why. She was confused because in many ways she did experience fulfillment with Jeff, but as their Union progressed, a nagging thought became stronger: “There’s another one. I don’t feel that this is all there is in my Union.” Shaleia could sense a completion in the energy of people who have just one other Twin Flame, and she noticed that she and Jeff did not have that same energy of completion yet. God confirmed to Jeff and Shaleia that they did indeed have a third Twin Flame.

You can also receive your guidance directly from God. Simply choose to allow God to reveal the truth of your Union to you.

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Transcribed from the video “MULTIPLE TWIN FLAMES: Is It Possible To Have More Than ONE Twin Flame?” by Jeff and Shaleia.