Have you ever found yourself walking through a field of pristine grass, glistening gold in the sunshine? You feel the tingle of the warm blades on your skin and smell the soft earth under your feet. You find peace in this meadow, you sense you belong, for a quiet presence knows you and is welcoming you. There is nothing impeding your freedom, only an expanse of beauty before you. You roll around in the grass, chuckling with the delight of a child.

The truth is, we never have to leave this meadow. We have always been here, in our hearts. God is beckoning us to understand that we have never really left. We are a part of the meadow, we have grown and evolved with it. There is a place for us here that only we can fill, it is meant for no other, and the meadow cannot continue growing without us. Soon, it will become a forest, as the grass is overtaken by both shrubs and trees. But the glade needs us to complete its purpose and give way to the woodland.

I invite you to step into this meadow and join us in Toronto at Jeff and Shaleia’s Twin Flames Universe Ascension Workshop.

This gathering is a place where our feet can find the path again. We are inspired and driven by the immense support we receive from the collective. Surrounded by friends who are committed to this work, this is a high vibe community. All who attend are acting with a single purpose: Love. We can see the same passion in our heart animate the faces that accompany us. As our heart beats, so do all the others. As we heal, so do all the others.

While we benefit greatly from the presence of our companions, the teachings of Union really bring us home. There is no mistaking the power and sincerity with which Jeff and Shaleia love their students in every lesson, in every moment they are speaking.

Their YouTube videos have impacted thousands, while their classes have changed the lives of everyone that has watched them. Jeff and Shaleia speak directly to your soul. Perhaps we have felt this before, when they have touched something deep within us and rung a bell that does not stop ringing. But when we actually sit before them, we feel their energy with a direction that is undeniable. We receive a teaching just by feeling their presence. We realize that there is a place for us here, in this vibration. This is the essence of Jeff and Shaleia’s teaching. Love yourself, as God loves you.

We get exactly what we need when we attend an Ascension Workshop with Jeff and Shaleia. They serve our ascension path directly. There is no fluff or filler: Jeff and Shaleia open a channel to the divine and speak to our core. Working with Jeff and Shaleia in person is a very intimate experience; we are able to open up to our blocks and fears in the same way we open to God. Jeff and Shaleia bring the presence of God before us, guiding us into our depths with His gentleness and power. We sit before them and allow them to show us the next steps in our Ascension.

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with our beloved spiritual teachers. Jeff and Shaleia have completely given themselves to this work. Their only desire is to love you in the exact way you need to be loved. Let them guide you to the places within that desire it. Let God in to those parts. Let them show you the next step. Sign up for the Ascension Workshop in Toronto now.