As I was going through one of the many classes from Twin Flame Ascension School, I listened to my teachers, Jeff and Shaleia, explain how God had created His Children and how everything that exists has been created for them. After hearing this, I immediately thought of the Bible’s book of Genesis and how God created Man at the end so that he would be supported when coming into being.

Just as we would prepare a baby’s room before he is born, God created the heavens, the earth, rivers, animals, and plants so that Adam and Eve could be fully supported in their existence.

This is how much God loves us and how life’s perfection works.

Claiming Our Good

In this knowing, we can see that there is always an abundance of love for us. Sometimes we may think that life does not feel good and use this to reject the idea of Love and God. I hear you. I did that too before coming into this work.

But thanks to the Mirror Exercise, I was able to learn and understand, bit by bit, that life’s challenges—those moments that we don’t feel so good about—are only the contrast we experience when we are not choosing to love ourselves. All of the hurt, sadness, anger, or disappointment we feel is there because we didn’t know how to choose love in those moments. Luckily, we can heal these parts of us by using the Mirror Exercise. By looking at those feelings and choosing to heal, we can bring the love we rejected back into our hearts.

After all, this is what God is always waiting for us to do: to find, see, and choose love, to choose Him again, to rebuild that relationship with Him and with life, and, in so doing, become open to receiving all the love that has always been there for us.

What You Seek is Seeking You

“God’s voice is the gentle whisper beckoning from within and always calling you back Home, back to Love.” – channeled by Debo

There is a voice that is always guiding our steps. I know this because this is the voice I have been following since I can remember, even if there are times when I am feeling doubtful about this path. Still, one thing is undeniable: ever since I committed myself to this spiritual journey, I have had to face challenges many times because my external reality wasn’t looking a particular way—my way. And because of this I was a) feeling unsupported, believing I couldn’t move forward in my healing and b) allowing myself to fall into this trap, not realizing God is supporting me (and everyone) always.

The problem isn’t whether God supports us or not, because He does. Problems arise because His support often times won’t look the way we were expecting it to. Yet, when we let go of our ideas of how things should be, when we let go of our attachments, we can surrender to God’s way for us—for the truth is God takes care of us like a loving father would. We may think all we desire is to eat candy all day, but in reality that is neither in our highest interest, nor is it what we need to grow and be happy.

When things don’t seem to be going how you expect it should—surrender. Rest in the knowing that you are indeed being provided with everything you need, especially when you are consciously and actively choosing to heal your Union with God.

Keep this in mind as you move forward and you will succeed in your endeavors because God has already created everything your heart desires; for it was He who put those desires there in the first place. Everything you dream of, and more, is waiting for you to claim it and see that everything God has ever made are the things you want most for yourself too!

It bears repeating, God created everything you need to be supported in being who you desire to be. The only reason anything exists is to serve as the means through which you experience your relationship with Him. There is absolutely nothing that should be stopping you from getting what you desire simply because it is already yours.

I would like to close by sharing a message that God gave me not so long ago.

“Your love can never leave you.
It comes from far back in time,
from the moment I created you.
You then chose to walk alone,
apart from me, apart from all.
Until you chose not to do so anymore.
This right now is one of your gifts,
to have direct line and communication with me.
You are bright as a star, a diamond in disguise.
If only you knew how much I (have always) love(d) you…
You would see how special you are in my eyes
and you would doubt no more
how much you are worth.
Do you choose to see now
how special and unique you are?
How all else has (already) been forgotten?
Only you punish yourself
for deviating from my hands.
Let me wash it all away for you,
so you can finally lay rest
right here, (in) to my warm embrace.
I forgive you my Child, 
For there´s never blame.
You were only experiencing life
without knowing how far you’d get.

You know your way back now.
You just need to take the steps.
And I will be here always
watching you come closer (to me).
Lay rest, it is ok.
Everything has already been forgotten.
Love yourself,
for there never was, and never is,
any punishment.”

*Channeled by using a card from Alana Fairchild’s Journey of Love Oracle cards.

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