Did you know that healing your childhood trauma clears the way to your Twin Flame Union? The wounded inner child is a big block to Twin Flame Union, and healing your childhood is a major victory! Jeff and Shaleia are not here to discuss all the mother wounds, father wounds, and other issues that make up childhood trauma, that would be an entire seminar by itself. Instead, Jeff and Shaleia are going to simply and easily show you the way to clear your childhood trauma 100% and be free forever.


You might be wondering, “How could someone make a claim like that? Is it really possible to clear your childhood trauma 100%?” You might be skeptical because this sound rare. Most people’s parents haven’t even cleared their childhood trauma, after all. But don’t underestimate the Mirror Exercise. It is a fast technique for healing even the deepest childhood trauma. Jeff and Shaleia’s students in Twin Flame Ascension School have had huge success with this healing technique, and have found that 100% healing truly is possible.


Healing childhood trauma with the Mirror Exercise


Here is the entire, easy 7-step process of the Mirror Exercise! You might want to grab your pendulum as you read this. Jeff found that being able to talk with God through a pendulum helped him find out what his childhood trauma was, and measure how much progress he was making as he healed.



1.       Get triggered. Find someone in your reality who is pissing you off. That person has to be the most annoying, most ridiculous jackass in your physical reality. That person could be your Twin Flame. They could also be a sister, a colleague, or just anyone you really despise. They have to be in your reality right now, not someone from your past who still brings up residual feelings of resentment. It has to be the one person in your reality right now who is bothering you the most. And if you insist that you’re not upset with anyone, then you’re either lying to yourself or you’re an ascended master. (Hint: you’re lying to yourself.)


2.       Write out the upset. Bust out your trusty notebook or notepad. You are going to write down what it is that is pissing you off about this person. Don’t just write, “I am upset with Rob because he is a jackass.” That is not enough. You have to get really clear and specific about what action Rob took that made you upset.  For example: “Rob called me irritating names and makes fun of me and spilled my coffee on my lap and I hate him and it made me feel sad, depressed, angry, upset and hurt.” That’s a pretty good, thorough statement about why you are upset with Rob and why Rob is a jerk. You don’t want to fill up a page with all the reasons why Rob is a jerk. Usually someone is going to upset you for one set of succinct reasons, which can all fit into one sentence.


3.       Switch the pronouns. Remember that sentence you wrote describing Rob’s actions? Now write out that whole sentence again, but switch out Rob’s name for your name, or the pronoun “I”. Turn the whole sentence around to point back at you. Now you can see that all the things Rob did to you, are actually things you did to yourself. Everyone outside of you is mirroring an aspect of you. If someone outside of you seems really irritating, they are just reflecting what you are doing to yourself or saying to yourself. When you are in your Twin Flame Union, you are going to have a lover who cares about you so much that they are willing to act as a mirror to the deepest parts of you. If someone cares about you and loves you, they don’t allow you to numb out.


4.       Is it true? Now read the second statement you wrote. There’s no need to get caught up in the specificity of the actions, like whether or not you actually spilled coffee in your lap. Instead, focus on the emotional trigger behind each action. Then ask yourself, “Is there any truth to this?” Could you be doing this to yourself inside, in some completely different set of circumstances? If you search within yourself deeply enough, you will eventually hear a reluctant “yes”, no matter how much resistance comes up.



This is the step where you take a great leap of faith inside of yourself. Ask the trigger where it is taking you, and then let it guide you. It will lead you to an image or a memory, whatever pops up, that is the wounded part of your childhood. Then you sit with it and breathe. You might let it go and come back tomorrow, and that is okay. Be gentle with yourself, because this is the hardest step in many ways. You are bridging the gap between what the universe is communicating to you and what you are doing inside. The universe is always reflecting your mind back to you, but it doesn’t communicate in English or in any direct language – it communicates almost like a dream. Let yourself learn how to communicate with the Universe and be gentle with yourself.


5.       Invite God’s help. Now it’s time to let God heal this upset part of your consciousness. Jeff likes to use a pendulum at this stage to communicate with God and ask questions about his upset. You do not need special psychic powers or lineage to communicate with God through a pendulum. God is always present, always patiently waiting for your attention. When Jeff uses a pendulum, he gets “yes” or “no” answers that act as confirmations. This helped him find the lost, hurt child within who had been figuratively spilling coffee on himself. Jeff always found that this child part of him had become disconnected out of fear. Since that experience of trauma, that part of his child self was hanging out in Fear Town, but now Jeff could heal it in an instant. The pendulum helped Jeff identify that part of himself.



6.       Give yourself love. You go within and speak to that frightened part of yourself. You don’t need the pendulum anymore, only your compassionate attention. You could start by greeting your wounded child in a friendly way. And gradually, the traumatized child self will talk back. Maybe it will say, “I have a problem. This person once bullied me.” And you talk back and say, “I won’t bully you. You’re safe here, nobody is going to hurt you.” You communicate with this wounded part of yourself with love and peace. As you beam love at that hurt child, you’re inviting that part of yourself back into your heart to integrate. If this child self is resisting the love, just keep beaming love at it until the resistance dissolves. Be patient with this frightened part of your inner child. You might feel the urge to give it a hug at this point, because this is a piece of you that has been separated for a long time.


7.       Integration. When this frightened child has been welcomed back into your heart, you can slowly open your eyes and rest in your new awareness. It might take a few days for this integration to be complete, but your work here is done. The last thing to remember is that old emotions will going to come up afterwards. You might experience pain or a headache or a cold. Just take loving care of yourself and take rest, because this discomfort is part of the integration. All the pain of that old trauma is coming up to the surface and clearing away. You might take a couple of days to clear this toxicity, and then you’re done forever. You’ll never experience this trauma again. When Jeff heals his trauma, he uses the pendulum again to ask God if he is completely finished with this trauma.


Childhood Trauma doesn’t make you a victim


As you can see in the steps of the Mirror Exercise, only you are responsible for your feelings, because only you are pissing yourself off. Rob, this person you just wrote about? He loves you. He loves you so much that he is willing to help you with your inner work. Don’t struggle with this awareness if it’s too much for you right now. If you really complete this process all the way to the end, you’ll end up feeling some serious gratitude for Rob anyway! And Rob won’t bother you again with this issue, ever!



Rob, or your Twin Flame, or whoever is bothering you, does not need to be involved in this healing process. Once they have triggered you, only you are responsible for finding the wounded part of your childhood that they are reflecting. Whenever Shaleia triggered Jeff, he did not involve her in his healing process – she had her own traumas to deal with, and she had done her job by triggering Jeff’s childhood trauma. Now it was up to Jeff to heal it. Every time Jeff completely healed the part of his childhood that an external person was reflecting, he found that he never had to deal with that person again.


Sometimes it can be hard to take this much responsibility for your pain. If it is a really big trauma, it might be hard to get through this because the pain seems so overwhelming. If you are struggling, don’t hesitate to call in the FREE support of a vetted TFU coach if that is what your inner self needs. You can also join us at Twin Flame Ascension School! Each class delivers a powerful vibrational healing, and by going deeper into Divine Love you will find your childhood trauma dissolving automatically.


Transcribed from the video “YOU CAN HEALYOUR CHILDHOOD TRAUMA (and clear the path to your Twin Flame)” by Jeff and Shaleia.