Ever wonder what it would be like for Shaleia to do a reading for you? This reading with the Whispers of Love Oracle deck is exactly what your Twin Flame Union needs right now, no matter when you are reading this.


Medicine for your Twin Flame Union


God is loving you perfectly through this reading. The Whispers of Love cards will address your sexual blocks, the power of presence, and the importance of giving and receiving.



Be in the Present and Dream of the Future. When we dream, everything is possible. This is about being present in your Twin Flame Union and what’s actually happening, as opposed to being ungrounded and projecting onto your Twin Flame. That’s when you try to control the outcome of your Union.


But when you let go of control, you allow your Harmonious Twin Flame Union to come to you. The woman on this card is sitting in the corner, contemplatively looking up at the sky. She’s really looking within, and this attitude represents you. The energy right now is really perfect for being contemplative, being in your inner world and not expecting your Twin Flame to do something for you. Your Twin Flame is you, and they are mirroring all your upsets. The advantage of stepping back and going within is that you get some space to heal these upsets with the Mirror Exercise.


So be present with yourself, and be present in your relationship with the Divine. And as you grow closer in your relationship with the Divine, your Twin Flame naturally matches your vibration and meets you where you live. That will be a much better experience for you than if you went to your Twin Flame from a place of neediness. You have to unconditionally love and accept yourself, and unconditionally love and accept your Twin Flame. That’s what is going to really create an opening for them to enter your life.


Remember that your Twin Flame Union is not like any other relationship you’ve had before. The blueprint for Twin Flame Union is so new that you can’t really apply the dynamics of your Union to any other relationship pattern. It doesn’t help to think, “My Twin Flame is like all the men in my past.” He really isn’t. What’s happening is that he is bringing buried stuff up for you to heal. It’s important to be present with these triggers. Don’t give up on your dreams! Don’t give up on your Union, because you don’t want to give up on yourself.


The power is in your hands. You are no weakling. You are not helpless. You are a very, very powerful being and you can make all of your dreams come true. This is something that Jeff and Shaleia’s students are constantly reminded of in Twin Flame Ascension School, as they are given support and encouragement while they heal their toughest blocks.



Express Love Through Gifts. Giving a small token to someone expresses your love to them. This card shows mermaids in mermaid heaven. The merman is presenting a beautiful pearl to the mermaid. Are you properly expressing love by giving to yourself first? You can’t give to anyone else unless you truly give to yourself.


Shaleia remembers reading in A Course in Miracles, “The highest form of love is gratitude.” Shaleia meditated on this idea a lot and she realized that the times when she felt the most loved by anyone, including her Twin Flame, was when she felt appreciated. When Shaleia is appreciated, she feels really seen and really heard. It makes her feel really loved and it gives her a sense of belonging. Being appreciated is romantic. So it’s important to think of ways you can appreciate yourself right now. That’s truly being loving, kind and compassionate to yourself and to your Twin Flame. You are truly giving to your Union when you do this.



Physical Touch Is Important. For some of us, nothing is more important than a tender touch. This might include a pat on the back or giving a hug to someone who needs it. Isn’t that sweet? It can be such a simple act, like a hug or a kiss on the hand or even eye contact. Eye contact technically isn’t physical touch, but Shaleia finds it so intimate. Give yourself the love that you need in order to attract your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame is not going to ride in on a white horse and give you all the love that you never had before. While there is romance in your Union, it only manifests to the extent that you have given yourself that romance.


We are all physical beings, so let’s not deny that. Yes we are multidimensional, but in the spiritual community there is often a denial of the “3D” reality. Shaleia thinks it’s an act of separation to deny the physical, 3D reality we live in. All dimensions are one and the same. As above, so below. There is no separation between dimensions, because God created this Earth, God created your body, and God created you.


What’s important right now is that you fulfill your physical needs. Try not to demand that someone else should fulfill the physical needs that you have. Going back to the earlier guidance about giving a gift, don’t take that to mean that you can give your Twin Flame a gift and expect a hug or sex in return. If you are giving gifts to someone this week, then truly give and don’t expect anything in return – just as God does.


And yes, this also means that you are responsible for loving yourself sexually. If you feel sexual desire then you can give that to yourself. Don’t put that expectation on anyone else. Even Shaleia doesn’t put sexual pressure on her Twin Flame. When sex is in the flow, it’s totally in the flow. When you try to harvest sexual energy too early in your Union, from a place of control, nothing ever really blooms. You end up actually taking sexual energy, as opposed to giving and receiving to build the sexual romance and allowing sex to just happen when it’s meant to happen.


When you are loving yourself sexually, you can connect with your Twin Flame in your heart while you are doing this. Not sure how to do this? Jeff and Shaleia teach you how to connect with your Twin Flame from within your heart in Twin Flame Ascension School.


When it comes to receiving love through physical touch, and especially about sex, it’s really important to set boundaries with anyone who is not your Twin Flame. Shaleia knows it’s really easy to accept attention and affection from someone who is not your Twin Flame. You can lie to yourself and insist that you’re not flirting, you’re just being friendly. But in your heart of hearts, you kind of know when you’re being flirty, and this leaks your sexual energy. When you’re sharing your sexual energy with many people or doing the opposite, which is withholding your sexual energy by never being sexual at all with yourself or your Twin Flame, you’re actually creating a huge imbalance in your Twin Flame Union. We are sexual beings and sexual energy does need to be expressed appropriately in a safe container. Your Twin Flame Union is a very safe container for that sexual energy to be expressed.


When you are not leaking your sexual energy in anyway (and withholding sexual energy from yourself is also a form of leaking), you are creating a powerful, magnetic sexual energy field that is going to be very attractive to your Twin Flame. You can compare sexual energy to money. Leaking sexual energy is like going into debt. Containing sexual energy and expressing it in your Union is like building interest. And since your sexual energy is so beautiful and sacred, that is something that should really be saved for your Twin Flame.



Romance. Lavish the one that you love with your personal attention and affection. So look guys, this is what you get when you stop leaking your sexual energy: romance. This is what you get! This is what happens. This card shows a couple with a powerful bond. Look at the romantic attraction between them. Do you think she is leaking her sexual energy to anyone else? No. Do you think he’s leaking his sexual energy to anyone else? No. Do you think they’re withholding sexual energy from themselves or each other? No. This is a perfect example of a balanced, sexual, romantic energy between Twin Flames. All the love they’ve been cultivating gets to remain in their safe container.


Shaleia feels exactly like this couple. This is what Jeff and Shaleia experience in their romance, and they’re always going deeper. They are also going deeper with and building that dance of sexual energy. Shaleia shares her knowledge about how to attract this balanced, contained romantic energy in her Romance Attraction eCourse. Watching this eCourse is a powerful way to stop leaking your sexual energy.


Shaleia remembers that with previous partners, she felt that they tried to harvest her sexual energy way too early as opposed to just allowing it to be and allowing it to build up. Shaleia would wonder, “Why can’t we just cuddle and kiss and grind a bit without sex having to happen?” Even with your Twin Flame, don’t ever have sex just because you’re pressured into it. That’s harvesting the plant too early.


This card is also encouraging you to lavish your attention not just on your Twin Flame (if that’s appropriate), but also on yourself. If your Twin Flame has set a boundary with you, then it’s more appropriate to give yourself the love and attention that you need.


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Transcribed from the video 💖TWIN FLAMES SEXUAL ENERGY!💖 What’s happening and how it effects our UNION~ October 2017 Reading by Jeff and Shaleia.