It was January 2018 when I first found the community that Jeff and Shaleia created. I still remember it clearly, although, at the time, I had no idea how much their work would change my life.


I found them after nearly a year of watching my entire world crumble and meeting my Twin Flame. I was broken down and on my knees. Like many of you reading these lines, I needed to make sense out of all that I had experienced up until that moment. In that search, I first discovered Jeff & Shaleia through their videos on YouTube, and shortly after I found their book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.


To this day, I can not recall when I last read anything with such delight and eagerness. I simply couldn’t put it down and, after I finished reading the book, I knew Jeff & Shaleia held the answers I had been seeking. However, I was still missing “something.” Soon after, I learned about their Twin Flame Ascension School (TFAS) and Life Purpose Class (LPC) and there wasn’t any doubt—I was on my way back Home.


Now, I don’t think I can fully do justice in explaining how each class addresses, with unimpeachable accuracy, the issues that you need to work through right at that moment. That is how, as I watched one of these classes (Wed 7pm #73) not long ago, I stumbled upon the echo of my father’s voice:  being happy, having the life of my dreams while living in a peaceful and loving place—was either impossible or, at best, well reserved to a few. I learned this from him when I was a teenager, and I then heard it repeated over and over with anyone I met. I barely realized I was still holding on to this voice, this belief: “This all sounds very nice, but it’s not possible. You cannot feed a family pursuing such a dream. It is a utopia.”



God has been guiding us Home all along

Like many of you reading this article, I was raised to believe that living in a world where Love was sovereign was nothing but a child’s dream and that pursuing it would not only be a waste of time, it would just never happen. Yet thanks to Jeff & Shaleia, TFAS and LPC, their live students, and everyone in the Twin Flames Open Forum, I now see it was not a dream. With each step I take, I keep discovering that my perfect life of love, in every single aspect of my life, is real. It only requires my choice and persistence in taking those steps towards unveiling it before me.


For many years I have felt I was alone in this pursuit, seeing life as an outsider while holding this amazing gift no one seemed to want. But not anymore, as I have found many who, like me, also choose to commit endlessly to their journeys, living a life filled with love and purpose. I could not be happier to see my dream is, and always was, an attainable reality–and so is yours. Despite the challenges that may rise, I am assured that everything can be surmounted, for Heaven on Earth is nothing but my, and everyone’s, true state of being. It is God’s gift to all of us and the fact that you are reading these lines is proof that He has been leading us in love all along.


I know none of this written here would have ever been possible without the love and support reflected in these teachings and throughout the whole community in the Facebook forum. I know with absolute certainty that as long as I keep committing myself to this journey, this dream of seeing Earth transforming into my perfect Heaven is becoming more and more an undeniable reality. In truth, I wasn’t dreaming it; I was, and am, claiming and creating it with each step I take. That is why I want to invite you to join—for your prayers have been heard and it is time to follow your call back to God, back to your Heaven on Earth, our eternal Home.



If you are ready to dive deeper into your Twin Flame journey, knowing you are being safely guided on your way to your perfect life of love, reach out to one of our amazing coaches.  We are here for you, always welcoming you into the community with open arms. You can request me in the comments box and mention this article. As a Twin Flame and Life Purpose coach, my goal is to help you align with your heart’s truest desires. I’m looking forward helping YOU turn your dreams into your reality.


Debo Bassow has been committing herself to the teachings at Twin Flames Universe, for in them she finally found the right tools to help others on their spiritual journeys too.

She enjoys reading about numerous topics (e.g. art and culture, astrophysics, psychology, among others), and learning languages (Spanish, English and German, so far). As a mother, she wishes to see this work expand to parents and their children, as well as spreading these teachings to the Spanish speaking public.

Her website, both in English and Spanish, offers coaching services, biodescodification reports, and oracle card readings.