One of the most enduring misconceptions in the Twin Flame community is the idea of the Twin Flame Runner; one Twin Flame runs away while the other Twin Flame chases them in a nightmarish cycle of co-dependency and rejection. Prepare to be surprised when you learn why your Twin Flame is actually “running away” from you.

Living as you do on a planet steeped in separation consciousness, it’s normal to think that the so-called Twin Flame runner is responsible for not picking up your calls. Gently bring the focus back to your inner self now. This requires a healthy dose of contemplation, self-realization and responsibility, but we know and trust you can do this.

You Choose Together

You and your Twin Flame are one, created from the same soul blueprint. If you are one, how can your Twin Flame be running while you are chasing them? There’s something that doesn’t quite make sense here.

Your Twin Flame’s external behavior doesn’t reflect what is in their heart. As an example, let’s imagine that Divine Masculine Jeff was running away from Divine Feminine Shaleia. This scenario assumes that the Twin Flame runner, represented by Jeff, does not want to be with his Twin Flame Shaleia. If you think Jeff is separate from Shaleia, then you would interpret his behavior to mean that he is making different choices than she is. You would tell yourself that Shaleia is making the choice to “chase”, while Jeff is making the choice to “run.” Because if he wanted to be with his Twin Flame, there would never be any question of running, right?

If two people are making different choices, then they are not Twin Flames. A “Twin Flame runner” and “Twin Flame chaser” situation can only happen with a person who is not actually your Twin Flame. How can you tell? If you do the Mirror Exercise, your real Twin Flame will stop running from you. Anyone else will continue running away.

The Real Twin Flame Runner

This brings us to the big secret. Have you guessed it yet? Yep – that Twin Flame runner is actually you. There is no “chaser” in the so-called runner-chaser dynamic. There is only you, the real Twin Flame runner, running away from yourself.

Does that shock you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Just do the Mirror Exercise that is taught in Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover and find out where you are running away from yourself. Are you running from your Life Purpose? Are you rejecting yourself, abandoning yourself, or shaming yourself? You, dear Twin Flame runner, have only ever been running from your own love. The Twin Flame runner is running away from their authenticity, from all of who they truly are.

If it appears that you are chasing your Twin Flame and they are running away, the truth is that your Twin Flame is reflecting where you are running away from yourself. Externally it might appear that you are chasing them, but the truth is that you are subconsciously afraid to be in your Union. You are the one pushing them away from you. You and your Twin Flame are one eternally, so you do not choose differently from your Twin Flame. Incarnating on Earth was a core choice that you and your Twin Flame made together. When you make a core choice to eat healthy and feel good, your Twin Flame is making that core choice simultaneously. You make a core choice to stop being a Twin Flame runner – and guess what? They’ll stop running from you the second you stop running from yourself.

Stop focusing on your Twin Flame.

Is it confusing to conceptualize this?

There’s no need to get caught up in external appearances, because there is no Twin Flame Chaser. You cannot “chase”. There is only the Twin Flame runner, and that Twin Flame Runner is you. You only appear to chase your Twin Flame because you think they are a separate person. If you want to stop seeing them run, do the Mirror Exercise and resolve the upset within yourself.

Let the documented successes of Twin Flame Ascension School help and inspire you when you feel discouraged. Every week, Jeff and Shaleia’s students come together in recorded classes to discuss what’s going on in their Twin Flame journey. Whatever upset you are going through with your Twin Flame – he’s not returning your calls, she’s dating someone else, he won’t leave his wife – it is guaranteed that someone at Twin Flame Ascension School experienced the same upset. The difference is that they chose to go within and heal the upset instead of “chasing” someone. Every student at Twin Flame Ascension School experiences miracles when they bring love into the place where they used to run from themselves.

This is an ongoing spiritual journey and you will always go deeper and deeper within yourself. There is no rush. Your Harmonious Union is coming together in Divine timing, all you have to is keep loving yourself and discovering your true self with the Mirror Exercise.

Let us help you

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Transcribed from the video “Omg…WHY THE TWIN FLAME RUNNER RUNS!! (the REAL reason)” by Jeff and Shaleia.