If you never see this one thing, you won’t get into your Twin Flame Union. But if you do see this one simple thing, Union is imminent and obvious. We’re talking about seeing the Truth. You start seeing the true nature of Twin Flame love as you enter an elevated, ascended state of consciousness.

That’s why Jeff and Shaleia call their school Twin Flame Ascension School, not Twin Flame Union School. Seeing the truth of Twin Flame love requires that you transcend the limitations of your current level of awareness. If you don’t see that Twin Flame love is real, true and has always been there, you are not going to get into Union. The truth about Twin Flame love is that Twin Flame love IS the truth!

Let the veil drop

Are you having trouble grasping this? There’s no need to worry because it’s not just Jeff and Shaleia showing you the truth of Twin Flame love. God is showing you the Way to Twin Flame love in every moment. The moment you choose your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, that very instant the journey begins. In that very instant you start receiving the lessons. You start getting the opportunity to see the veil of perception open, and your vision gets clearer and clearer.

Little by little, wherever you are willing to see, the illusory veil starts to come off. In this way you begin seeing the Truth about the nature of Twin Flame love and how reality is created. The true, core nature of the Universe is unconditional love. You access it by cultivating a loving state of being, and if you are not willing to go as deep into this love as your Harmonious Twin Flame Union requires, your Twin Flame Ascension journey will end.

Twin Flame love gives, it doesn’t take

You need to be able to see love when people are offering it to you. You also need to be able to discern when people are pretending to offer love to you, while at the same time robbing you of your life force energy by preying on your weaknesses. Even the people in this latter group are teaching you a lesson, however. They are teaching you to see the places where you are not loving yourself. Do you hesitate to put up boundaries where they are required? Do you let people invade your energetic space? These are places where you are choosing fear when instead you should be choosing love. If you can’t see the love in these situations and choose love, you’ll never get into Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Love is everything. Love is everywhere. Love is ever present. Love never fails. Love conquers all. Love always achieves what it sets out to achieve, which is the expansion of love.

Not everyone chooses to act or speak from that feeling of Twin Flame love, however. Today’s wider Twin Flame community is full of so-called teachers and coaches who are simply trying to figure out how to take money and energy from you, instead of serving you in love. You’ll recognize them by the feeling that you are being sized up by someone who is trying to figure out what they can get from you. These people are not living their true Life Purpose.

A real coach or teacher will instead try to understand how they can love you. Jeff and Shaleia see this a lot in other Twin Flame groups on Facebook. People struggling with their Twin Flame’s behavior, and struggling to believe in Twin Flame love, will open up completely and vulnerably post about their difficulties. Then others will respond to these posts by trying to control and manipulate the original poster in some way, usually by instilling fear in their heart.

 Jeff and Shaleia found this very painful to witness, because when someone is being vulnerable, they are less careful about who they let in to help heal their pain. It is a common mistake to desperately seek love outside of yourself while struggling with the intensity of Twin Flame love and the pain of separation, but unless you commit to doing the Mirror Exercise, you will not attract healthy, supportive relationships. Jeff and Shaleia caution you to be careful when joining various groups online, because any group that lacks love will have an energy of fear and control. Join our loving and supportive Twin Flames Universe community – click here

Be careful about letting fear and control be your source of information about Twin Flame love. Coaches who control their groups and clients out of fear are not equipped to get you into Harmonious Twin Flame Union. It doesn’t matter what they say or do, and it doesn’t matter what they look like or what they have, it only matters whether they are choosing love or fear. Love gives to you, while fear takes from you in order to subjugate and manipulate you.

You are responsible for your vibration

Jeff and Shaleia’s teacher told them, “You know, you get burned by people because you have this place inside of yourself that doesn’t feel whole yet.” For example, you might want a sisterly relationship and bond so badly that you will just dive in without developing that relationship first within yourself. Simply do the Mirror Exercise that is taught in Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover and this upset will be healed.

When people post in toxic Twin Flame groups, seeking these kind of supportive friendships without doing their inner work, they will attract a leech-like energy that wants to pull them into drama and out of their Twin Flame journey. To a heart that has not been opened to self-love, the leech-like energy and behavior will look very similar to love. Ego will tell you, “This person who is screwing you over is actually loving you.” But if you truly have the eyes to see beyond the veil, you will stop being drawn towards people who just want to take from you. If you don’t see love, you will get burned until you see it.

Jeff and Shaleia don’t control you by telling you who to trust and who not to trust. They give to you by showing you the way to develop that clarity for yourself. You alone are responsible for claiming this new level of awareness. Until you do this, you will never reach Harmonious Union.

Choose to see the truth of Twin Flame love in all situations, and know that you are safe and protected as you do this. You will experience your energy draining away until you do.

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Transcribed from the video “IF YOU CAN’T SEE THIS YOU WILL NEVER GET INTO YOUR TWIN FLAME UNION!” by Jeff and Shaleia.