The “Unawakened Twin Flame.” How many times have we heard the term thrown around in the Twin Flame community? How many people on the Twin Flame Ascension path go through being awakened enough to be aware of their Twin Flame and the Twin Flame journey, only to have their Twin Flame ghost them, unwilling to see the Truth of their Union?

How frustrating a predicament! You know who your Twin Flame person is, but they do not. Perhaps they wander through life, blissfully ignorant of the Truth, fumbling and bumbling, bumping into this and that, smiling and laughing and having a jolly good time, while you look on in horror. “How could they not know how wrong they are?! How can they be so ignorant to reality?!” My goodness what a spiritual clustercuss!

At any stage of your Union, together or not, I do see one Twin Flame upholding the spiritual responsibility while the other acts a damned fool. Sometimes it happens later, much much later into the relationship. Even years later. Sometimes it even happens to me with my Twin Flame.

How seemingly unfair and cold, brutal, and dishonest of God, you might think or feel, to take you all this way along your spiritual journey, only to leave you hanging with a buffoon, and a whole lot of strong emotional feelings and deep commitments. “I am in love with a literal baboon,” you say as your Twin Flame person is picking their teeth and thinking about straw hats and yard sales.

And yet, how perfectly usual on the Twin Flame journey. Pretty much everyone seems to experience it in one way or another. I can tell you with certainty my Twin Flame and I have both felt this way about each other at one time or another, but it’s nothing to get upset over and it’s not your final destination. Sometimes the light on the horizon can seem unreachably far away and the agonizing punishment of taking the road there might seem downright harsh, but we do keep going and here’s why.

twin flames struggle on the horizon

Your issue is not actually one with your Twin Flame but instead society’s expectations for your relationship to look like the relationships it fosters. Society is placing its burdens and doubts upon you and says “if your relationship does not fit this bill, then you will have a failed relationship and life. You will be a loser and outcast and live a horrific and miserable existence.”

Meanwhile, those who walk the Twin Flame Ascension journey are looking at their donkey Twin Flame person and continue doing the Mirror Exercise, and healing. And they’re experiencing enormous spiritual benefit from the process. Quite simply, it is not a matter of the donkey Twin Flame person, but instead it is your learned expectations of a different situation that you are projecting onto this one.

The Twin Flame Ascension journey is transcendentally different from the worldly soul mate or life partner or life phase partner relationship journey. One is about reaching for God, the other is about something temporary and shallow. One reaches into the very depths of your being and refreshes your consciousness to restore it to perfect Union. The other starts with a very promising and incredibly delicious sounding lie that peters out into a puddle of… well…. not so pleasant porridge, perhaps.

the twin flame ascension is not a struggle

The Twin Flame Ascension journey is about inner purification first. It is a spiritual path first. It is not a relationship partner first, it’s a spiritual path which requires spiritual work. The more the donkey brays and smiles that big dumb idiot face smile at you, the clearer your opportunity to look within yourself at what about that upsets you. It’s not a relationship situation where you carry all the burden and they gobble up the fruits of your efforts in order to not bray at you at a specifically agreed upon time, which sometimes they honor and sometimes they do not. It’s a spiritual journey undertaken between you and God and your love for God, your desire for Union with God manifests as your Harmonious Twin Flame Union at a time God appoints for you.

All you have control over is whether you do the work shown to you. Are you really all that concerned with appearing how society expects? I tell you, my Twin Flame Union sometimes appears to society like a “too-good-to-be-true” relationship. Or “so good it must be unhealthy.” Or fake, or contrived, or a lie. Or even the recent favorite “So good you must be special and that makes me feel awful about myself and so I don’t like you because you make me feel things I don’t want to feel.”

No relationship situation will ever be pleasing to the world because the world always has a negative response to your situation. It will remain forever dissatisfied with you and so the only reasonable response to it is to not concern yourself with the opinions of others. You are on the Twin Flame Ascension journey, you are a spiritual champion. You take up the work of a hero of the Kingdom of Heaven and you heal yourself every step of the way.

reunited after the struggle bus

Oh, poor donkey Twin Flame person! If it were not for our Union, you would not be benefiting at all from all this work I am doing. But we are One and therefore, even though I may not see anything happening, even after years, I trust in my Perfect Creator. I trust the path He has shown me. I trust God will sort it all out and when it’s all over, I will have complete and total appreciation, humility, trust, faith, and happiness with all of it. Not just the good parts, and not just despite the difficult parts. But I will appreciate the difficulties most of all because they led me Home.

So, when your Twin Flame person rolls over in the… mess… and reeks to the High Heavens, don’t you worry about a thing. Just find where that upsets you and love yourself there. The power has always been in your hands and nothing outside of you will ever bring you happiness. Society’s expectations of your relationship situation will never be met. You need only follow the love in your heart and trust in your God to guide you perfectly.

They are giving you a beautiful gift, the opportunity to heal. This is the Twin Flame Ascension journey and it does improve, even in appearances. It does get so good that the story about your relationship flips. Never concern yourself with the opinions of sheep, Lion of God.

Written by Jeff Divine

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