Twin Flame ghosting is when your Twin Flame suddenly stops communicating and nothing you do has any effect on changing it. Why is this so common among Twin Flames? And what can you do to begin communicating easily again?

What Is My Twin Flame Communicating By Not Communicating?

Have you been experiencing the very common phenomena called: Twin Flame ghosting? Then you will know exactly what it feels like to be ignored without explanation. 

But don’t give up hope! All is not lost.

Let’s explore this topic of Twin Flame ghosting together. Understanding why this happens is important for your journey deeper into love to continue.

The mystery of Twin Flame ghosting

Your Twin Flame is the perfect partner that answers all of the desires you have in your heart in terms of romantic relationship.

But, if your Twin Flame is supposed to be your perfect partner and lover… why are we talking about Twin Flame ghosting? It’s not rare to find that your were in an incredible relationship, then all of the sudden, everything stopped or shifted. And then you awaken to the Twin Flame journey and find answers to your questions on that path.

You might, quite rightly ask, “Why are they doing everything possible to avoid communicating with me?”

Let us help to provide you with the reassurance you seek.

It’s true. Your Twin Flame is your perfect partner and lover. The misunderstanding happens because we haven’t really learnt what it means to be loved by our Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame is your teacher too. Through these experiences, they are showing you where there might be misalignments in your consciousness or belief system.

Would it surprise you to know that your Twin Flame is actually loving you perfectly when they ignore you?

“How on earth could this possibly be true?” we hear you ask!

You and your Twin Flame are a perfect match and share One consciousness. This is why they are so compelling to you but also why there can be a feeling of repulsion between you if you are not yet aligned with Love.

Within your shared consciousness are all of your thoughts and beliefs about Love Itself, including misalignments, wounding and trauma. So when you meet your Twin Flame, they will reflect to you all the love you have for yourself, but also all of the places you may have rejected yourself too.

Let’s explore this topic together until you find the clarity your heart is looking for and very much deserves to have.

twin flame ghosting

A tale of two Twin Flames: Josh & Leesie

In 2018, Josh and Leesie serendipitously crossed paths at a Reiki gathering. They came together for a while, until the Twin Flame Mirror Effect separated them. Josh even said he would not want to see Leesie ever again.

However, today, Josh and Leesie share one life together, living peacefully under one roof, offering unwavering support to each other. Leesie has embraced her Life Purpose as an Ascension Coach, helping other Twin Flames out of separation and into Harmonious Union. Josh supports them by tending to their home, cultivating vegetables, mastering culinary artistry, and ensuring a pristine living space.

Their journey seemed impossible at times, and yet, they found their way back into eternal love. How did they achieve this success?

What does it mean when your Twin Flame is ghosting you?

The purpose of meeting your Twin Flame is to begin a spiritual journey of Ascension. Your Twin Flame is your companion for the journey. They help you to see, through the mirror reflected back to you, all the places within you that need to be loved and healed. They are your perfect Divine mirror.

This is how you create your life of perfect love with your Twin Flame. It’s an ongoing process that you partner in together.

In order to have Union and to ascend, you need to come face-to-face with the parts of you feeling separated from Love. When the feelings of separation are healed, you will experience deeper Union within. Once all areas of your lives are in harmony, you will have attained the vibration of Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The journey continues until Perfect Union and the end of your relationship with fear and separation completely.

Twin Flame union

Why does the Twin Flame runner ignore me?

Why does my Twin Flame ignore my text? Why is silent? Hint: it has nothing to do with the runner-chaser dynamic!

When exploring the world of Twin Flames, you frequently encounter the concept of the “runner” and the “chaser.” This idea depicts a dynamic in which one Twin actively avoids the connection while the other seeks it. But let us take a moment to challenge this viewpoint and investigate a deeper truth.

Union is our natural state

First and foremost, the concept of separation in the Twin Flame journey is a myth. Our natural state with our Twin Flame is always one of Union.

The perfect mirror

Your Twin Flame acts as a perfect mirror, reflecting not only the love and passion you share, but also your insecurities, fears, and unresolved issues. If you feel your Twin Flame is “ignoring” you or drifting away from the connection, keep this mirroring principle in mind. The distance or silence you feel is often a reflection of an unresolved emotion or belief within your consciousness.

Twin Flame ghosting or resonating emotions?

When you feel upset or hurt by your Twin Flame’s actions, it’s an invitation to introspect. What are they mirroring that resonates with an emotion or belief within you? Are there feelings of unworthiness, fear of abandonment, or insecurities that are coming to the surface? The feelings of being “ignored” are not about the physical act of being avoided but rather about the emotions it triggers within you.

Moving beyond the myth

So, when you ask, “Why does my Twin Flame ignore me?”, it might be more beneficial to rephrase that question. Instead, consider asking, “What is this experience revealing to me about my own feelings and beliefs?”

By shifting the focus inward, you begin to transcend the illusion of the “runner-chaser” dynamic and recognize the ever-present state of union that exists with your Twin Flame.

Should I stop chasing my Twin Flame?

Is it safe to continue on the Twin Flame journey? How will you know if you can trust your feelings and continue the journey despite your Twin Flame ghosting you? These are the perfect questions to ask. You absolutely need to know the answers so that you can feel safe and secure to follow the path of Love.

First of all, you can definitely stop chasing them. But you don’t need to block them out of your mind in order to arrange the situation.

Whatever your Twin Flame is reflecting to you, or mirroring to you, is yours to heal. You are responsible for healing your own feelings. And everything in your life is healable. As soon as you feel a bad feeling or discomfort.

If you choose to actively begin healing everything your Twin Flame is showing you, including your feelings about their unwillingness to communicate, you will be moving in the direction of deeper love.

You do not actually need your Twin Flame physically next to you to do the healing work. But eventually they will be magnetized to you once the blocks to Love and communication are cleared away.

It is safe to continue healing because your connection can never be lost because you are both One at the core of your being. Twin Flame ghosting can then become: Twin Flame connection.

As you learn to love yourself, you learn to love them.

Does the Twin Flame runner feel jealous? Let’s get real..

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room

Yes, your Twin Flame loves you. Always has, always will. Twin Flames share an unbreakable bond that goes beyond the temporary emotions of our human experience. It’s the kind of love that’s so deep, so intense, it can sometimes even be overwhelming.

So, about that jealousy…

Jealousy is a complex emotion, right? It’s tied to insecurity, fear of loss, comparison, and a whole cocktail of other feelings. Now, if your Twin Flame runner seems to be giving off some envious vibes, remember that they’re going through their own internal battle. They too are navigating their insecurities and triggers. But here’s the kicker: even if they do feel a pang of jealousy, it’s not necessarily about wanting to “own” or “control” you. It’s often about those deep-rooted fears and insecurities getting a little spotlight.

The real goal: the best version of you (and them!)

Your Twin Flame loves you so much that they want the best for you. And, funnily enough, that includes wanting you to be the best version of yourself. Sometimes, that journey to your Divine Self means there are things to heal, shadow aspects to confront, and growth to achieve. The same goes for them. If they seem distant or if there’s tension, it’s often because both of you are working through these kinks, getting closer to that radiant version of yourselves.

What if they end up being a false Twin Flame?

Could it be possible that they’re really just a false Twin Flame?

Yes, it is possible that the person you believe to be your Twin Flame ends up being a false Twin Flame. But this doesn’t mean your journey has been for nothing. The healing work is the same.

God, or the Divine, will always give you the perfect experience you need to begin the journey of healing, including a false Twin Flame experience.

All the love you give to yourself is always safely contained within your true Twin Flame Union and can never be lost in any way. When it is time to reveal your true Twin Flame, this will happen very naturally and easily.

Your true Twin Flame is the only one you are ever loving at your core.

Twin flame love

5 techniques to master Twin Flame communication

Even when there is no communication, your Twin Flame is still communicating to you.

Firstly, they are always connected to you in your heart and you can speak to them there.

Secondly, let’s take a look at what the lack of communication and Twin Flame ghosting might mean.

Jeff and Shaleia have refined the Mirror Exercise healing tool to help you locate the misaligned beliefs in your consciousness so that you can heal the patterns keeping you and your Twin Flame in separation.

The Mirror Exercise can be applied to any upsetting pattern you may be experiencing.

Let’s apply the Mirror Exercise to the pattern of “No communication.” We can begin by using Step 1 to help us get clear on what’s happening.

Why not grab a pen and paper and write this out for yourself?

Step 1: Define the upset.

I am upset with my Twin Flame because they are not communicating with me.

Step 2: Change the pronouns back to you.

I am upset with myself because I am not communicating with myself.

Step 3: Does this resonate in your heart?

Tip – Is there a place within you where you have ignored yourself? Maybe you have rejected a part of yourself, or refuse to listen to your own heart? Do you feel unlovable or unimportant and not worth connecting with?

When you feel you have connected with that part of you in your heart that is feeling ignored, stay present with that part of you.

Step 4: What does this part of you need to feel, to feel loved?

Ask this part of you feeling ignored, what do they need to feel loved again? Listen for their answer. And be patient with yourself.

Tip – The answer will always be a feeling that you can invite into your heart right now. For example, a hug, connection, forgiveness, unconditional love, self-acceptance or peace.

Step 5: Bonus step!

Come into Union. Repeat all 4 steps as much as needed (because upsets don’t stop when in Union. Live your perfect life of love!

twin flame harmonious union

How Can We Begin Communicating Again?

When you have worked through this upset, layer by layer, using the Mirror Exercise until it’s completed, you will find that communication opens up again.

Don’t control or try to force this to happen. When you have genuinely healed, your Twin Flame will not be able to resist connecting with you. Only true Twin Flames heal together at the core in this way. 

You have the power to heal your Union completely.

Give yourself all the time you need to work through the layers of feeling that will undoubtedly come up. There may be many layers to go through.

Persistence is key here. Don’t ever give up on yourself. You deserve to be loved.

Conclusion: the Twin Flame journey is never truly over

Your Twin Flame is always communicating with you in your heart. They are One with you and nothing can ever change that.

Your Twin Flame ghosting you and refusing to communicate with you in your external reality, is simply pointing to a block that will need to be healed.

Blocks to communication, are mirroring a place within you where you are not listening to or communicating with yourself. The easiest way to heal this block is to apply the Mirror Exercise and bring love to that place that has felt so left out.

Once you move through the layers of upset that this pattern of no communication is showing you, you will easily experience a new level of communication with your Twin Flame.

When you’ve healed the pattern, you won’t need to experience the pattern any longer and you can enjoy a healthy and deeper level of communication with your Twin Flame.

twin flame ghosting

Written by Julia Martin-Woodbridge

Edited by Yoreen Marcin

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