Great romance movies tell powerful love stories that can motivate and uplift you on your way to Union. Jeff and Shaleia have made a list of 12 beautiful Twin Flame movies that will help inspire you and serve as a reminder of the power, beauty, and strength of Twin Flame Union. (FYI, there are spoilers in some of the descriptions below).

1. Cinderella.

This is Jeff and Shaleia’s absolute favorite Twin Flame movie of all time. Cinderella and Prince Charming take a beautiful journey to find each other. They draw closer to Union as Cinderella claims her power, sets boundaries and stands up for herself. When she claims her values, she claims her prince. In a 2015 re-make of Cinderella, she says, “Be kind and have courage.” Her prince, called Kit in the 2015 re-make, demonstrates what it is like to live by that motto. Kindness and courage are core values for Kit and Cinderella as Twin Flames. Their dreams came true because they followed their heart and never settled. Do you want this for yourself, too? Try out our e-course Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True to help you on your way.

2. Spiderman

Like The Lion King, this Twin Flame movie is all about sharing purpose together. Spiderman brought Jeff to tears as a teenager. Peter Parker is fighting crime for Mary Jane. The purpose of his work in cleaning up the city is to make the city a wonderful place for Mary Jane. That is Peter’s real inspiration, even though the film doesn’t ever directly say it. For her part, Mary Jane drives Peter to do all of this, and she lovingly supports him in it.

3. Beauty and the Beast.

They look opposite on the outside, but in reality Belle and the Beast are perfect complements. Despite Beast’s wealth and power, he lives alone in his castle and doesn’t have love. The bookish, dreaming Belle feels isolated in her happy village. When they find each other, Belle re-awakens the love in Beast’s heart and they share their kingdom together.

4. Romeo and Juliet.

This is a timeless classic for a reason. Romeo and Juliet have deep love for each other even though they belong to rival clans, and they ultimately die together because Romeo made the choice to kill himself, so his Twin Flame Juliet also made the same choice to die. They literally couldn’t live without each other. (We do NOT promote this. There are much easier and less dramatic ways to be in your Twin Flame Union. Claim your Twin Flame now with our Twin Flames: Romance Attraction e-course).

5. Brokeback Mountain.

This is a great film for our LGBT Twin Flames! Twin Flames can absolutely be of the same sex (though there is always one Divine Masculine and one Divine Feminine Twin Flame. Watch this video for more information about this). Ennis and Jack keep coming back to each other even though both men end up marrying women. The passion and longing they feel for each other is Twin Flame love. It keeps bringing them back together. In fact, the most famous line from this movie is, “I wish I could quit you!”

6. Pride and Prejudice.

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy take a lot of time to come into Union. From the very beginning there was tension between them because at first, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy dismiss each other as romantic prospects. Elizabeth thinks Mr. Darcy is arrogant, and Mr. Darcy looks down on Elizabeth’s family and social status. That kind of prejudice is very common in Twin Flame Unions! But with the Mirror Exercise, you can heal this in a snap.

7. Tarzan.

The Disney version of this story captures the Twin Flame energy between Tarzan and Jane really, really well. Although from the outside Jane and Tarzan look like they have nothing in common, they are perfect complements to each other.

8. Aladdin.

Aladdin is the prince of the streets. He doesn’t outright say that, but it is obvious that he owns the streets. His Twin Flame Jasmine is princess of the kingdom, and when they come into Union they rule the kingdom together. They are perfect complements who bring out the power in each other. Before meeting Aladdin, Jasmine’s life was kind of dull and boring. She may have had all the wealth and power, but Aladdin was exciting. When they come together, they bring their talents with them, and bring out the hidden qualities in each other. For example, Aladdin was really wealthy all along even though he lived in poverty on the streets. In his heart, he was wealthy. And Jasmine was fun and exciting all along, but Aladdin had to bring that out in her. Aladdin and Jasmine freed each other by freeing themselves.

9. The Notebook.

This beloved adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel introduces us to Allie and Noah, and their burning passion and desire for each other is unmistakable. Even when they try to separate and be with other people, it was too uncomfortable for them. Allie and Noah work through tensions and blocks to be together, and then at the end, they even choose to die together. That’s a Twin Flame love story right there. This film shows that Twin Flames make the same core choices, like when Noah builds the perfect house for them to share together even though they aren’t in communication at the time that he does this.

10. The Matrix Trilogy.

Neo and Trinity are definitely Twin Flames! Their values align, they own their power, they have complementary energies, and they have the same mission and vision. They just resonate closely together. You couldn’t imagine Trinity with anyone else but Neo, or Neo with any woman but Trinity. Not to mention, this movie is about questioning your reality and all that you’ve known. This is how many people feel upon meeting their Twin Flame, as meeting them is a call to transcend all illusion.

11. The Lion King.

Simba leaves the kingdom after his father’s murder, and wants to find himself. Who came back to call him home, but his Twin Flame? Nala called Simba into his purpose and into his kingdom. Simba answers her call because Nala answers her own call to her own heart. Simba and Nala have a very strong purpose and mission together, as all Twin Flames do. In fact, embracing your life purpose is a powerful way you can call in your harmonious Twin Flame Union! Get started now with Life Purpose Class.

12. The Little Mermaid.

Shaleia was obsessed with Ariel and Eric when she was between three and five years old, and she watched it every day. The Little Mermaid is a story about Twin Flames moving from separation into Union. The movie shows them moving through a communication block and their families supported them all the way along.

So if you have ever wondered, “How do I get more Twin Flame goodness?” look no further. These movies are absolutely premium examples of Twin Flame love. Hollywood and society are aware of this Twin Flame energy. When screenwriters decide to create a really beautiful love story, they create Twin Flame movies because everyone is privy to this consciousness.

Live your Love story

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Transcribed from the video “12 TWIN FLAME MOVIES To INSPIRE YOU Into YOUR UNION” by Jeff and Shaleia.