Building a spiritual family can help your Twin Flame Union! Better yet, having a family can accelerate your Twin Flame healing (not block it).

Imagine this:

You have had a long day at work. You come home. The babysitter seems to run out as fast as she came in while handing you a broken tea mug. She drops it in your hand: “Sorry about the mess.”

You stand there wondering what happened as it looks like a big paper explosion has hit. Your children run to you and give you kisses. You give a little smile. You love them so much!

Now it’s time to cook dinner, look over some homework and get them settled for bed. All that you really want to do is sit in that old rickey brown chair and fall asleep.

You wonder what life with your Twin Flame would be like. Would it be easier, harder? Would they help you? Would they accept your children as their own?

I asked community members to help me understand how life with kids impacted their Twin Flame Union. I am a mother myself, but I believe that everybody with the desire for a family contributes to the conversation.

What’s your vision of a spiritual family?

You will have days like this. Whether you are a two-parent household, divorced, a single parent, widowed or adopting.

The spiritual family is one based on unconditional Love. Because of this understanding it gives life to the nurturing of children. Raising new generations of children that will have a positive and loving impact on our world today and in the future.

In unconditional love our world changes. Just imagine our world in the future. It will be a world in such a high vibration. We will be raising a whole new generation of truly loving thinkers, world changers, mirror exercising doers, and teachers.We will all be calling in all that love to change. You are an amazing gift and right where you need to be, whether you are their biological parents or not.

Oceana, who’s in Harmonious Union with her Twin Flame Charles, talks openly about her experience:

I am a mother and have a daughter with my Twin Flame in Harmonious Union. It’s absolutely amazing to raise a child with your Twin Flame. Like you’re just in alignment with everything when it comes to raising your child. I find our daughter is such a mirror for me in helping me heal through stuff from my own childhood. She is here to help us ascend as well.

Ocean adds:

You’re in alignment with everything when it comes to raising your child and that’s what makes it so Divine. It’s a family harmony that every person desires at their core even through the challenges.

How would you like to create your own heaven on earth in your spiritual family? You have come to the right place. Check this out Twin Flames. A daily channeled devotional is at the end especially for you and your Twin Flame family.

What does having a child with your Twin Flame feel and look like?

It is a beautiful journey. If you have children, how do you feel? If your Twin has children, how do you feel so far?

Here is a list of the challenges, the benefits and the only tool you will ever need to heal on your Twin Flame parenting and spiritual journey. See if any of these resonate with you.

The Challenges: change is coming!

  1. At times, as the Twin Flame spiritual family maintains their own identity and autonomy, they feel overwhelmed by the intensity of the connection. It doesn’t look the same. The family may compare themselves to others as this may be a trigger within the Twin Flame family. Keep in mind that this is an ascension journey for everyone.Connection is key. Be willing to go to those places with vulnerability and love.In doing so you will be maintaining a strong family connection in the process.
  2. At times contrast will come up within the Twin Flame spiritual family. The Twin Flame family may have a hard time viewing what society is telling them, as there will be a contrast.It may come up many times.In seeing this you can discuss and cultivate a loving open environment for discussion.
  3. As a family you may have to deal with external pressures from family, and friends, who may not understand or support your relationship. This may seem very unloving, but remember these are “external” pressures.The most important thing is how you feel internally as only Love is real!. Value yourself and your family and the Love you show to it.

Keep healing it and making the change with the Mirror Exercise! Here is how to do it friends. I have done them too! This is the only tool you will ever need to heal an upset.

But you can experience Union through family

Twin Flames you can experience Harmonious Union in a loving family and environment that supports your children’s growth and happiness.The Twin Flame spiritual family set an example of healthy relationships and true love that never fades, and lasts forever.

You are teaching your children the valuable lessons of the Mirror Exercise at a young age. This sets the tone for a happy and peaceful household with kids who know how to express and navigate difficult emotions (and healing them too).

Your children are awakening to their own gifts within your spiritual family, as they inherit your soul frequency and vibration. They become great motivators for change, because they have been able to find the gifts within themselves first.

How important is it to raise a child through Harmonious Twin Flame Union?

My Ascension Coach, Leesie, is in Union with her Twin Flame Josh. She is loving and inspiring, and I am so thankful for her guidance and love on my journey. Here’s what she says about spiritual family:

I feel it’s really important to the world that parents be in harmony, and as Twin Flames in Harmonious Twin Flame Union, this would provide the most stable foundation to raise a child.

She continues:

This would include all types of parents from Twin Flames who have a baby together, to those with blended families, having children before meeting their Twin Flame, to those who choose to foster or adopt, as my Twin Flame Josh and I desire to do. A secure home derives from a solid foundation, and when parents are inherently meant to be together, as in the case of Twin Flames, they can establish a remarkably secure, nurturing, and resilient foundation through their Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Here are 9 ways you’re helping your child through the Twin Flame journey

Healing your Union means your are building the healthiest and strongest foundation for a spiritual family. According to our Twin Flame community, here are 9 ways you are helping your children:

Care: They are emotionally supported.

Compassion: Having an understanding of their feelings and being able to be compassionate towards themselves.

Empathy: Understand their own emotions.

Encouragement: Encouraging independence, but also being there for assistance.

Healing: By acknowledging their emotions and the impact they can be healed.

Love: Unconditional Love, as it seeks nothing in return and promotes acceptance.

Nurturing: A foundation of love, care, support, and guidance.

Reliability: Having the ability to continually be there for each other.

Supportiveness: Being supportive, but also setting clear and loving boundaries.

Does it delay Union to be a parent?

Deborah has one child and is in Union with Paco. She took the time to answer my question. Everything she share felt very powerful:

Being a parent won’t prevent your Union. But once you are together, it will call for a lot of patience and space for everyone to process their feelings and the changes in the family dynamic.

For many, upon coming together with their Twin Flames, they suddenly find themselves becoming a parent overnight, which can be challenging. Same for the kid/s, who, up to that moment, was/were living only with one parent at the time, in the best-case scenario.

I believe we each need to find what works best for everyone involved and be respectful of their experiences. Some kids are traumatized from their previous parent/s. Some kids take changes with open arms. Same applies to adults, as it all depends on our life experiences.

My Twin Flame has a child biologically with someone else, is this my child too?

Your Twin Flame is you at the soul level as you have the same soul blueprint, so any child from one of them is also the child of the other. A child’s soul chooses their parents before they incarnate, and they may have a special bond with them regardless of whether they are their biological parents or not.

Will she/he accept my child as theirs?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever asked yourself that question! Kanisha is a mom of 2, and in Union with her Twin Flame. Read what she says about the healing they went through. A beautiful tale of unconditional love and acceptance:

My Twin Flame went from not wanting to partner with me in parenting to naturally partnering with me and parenting. It’s just unfolded so naturally.

Also, being able to demonstrate Union and the Mirror Exercise to my children is such a blessing!

Deborah shares the process to uniting their family:

When I revealed Paco as my Twin Flame, he already knew I had a son from a previous relationship. He accepted this, and welcomed my son. Not without some blocks to be healed though. Us coming together was a process, as a Union and also as a family.

There were, of course, upsets and challenges. Paco wasn’t a parent, but I was. And since my son’s birth, I always knew I desired a partner who was accepting of my son. Someone who wants to take care of him and love him like I do. Someone who would be open to adopt my son as his own, provided that both of them felt guided to receive each other as adoptive father and son.

Having Union is the first step towards spiritual family

Laying the foundation of unconditional love is showing your children what true love is. This is a big gift for children, seeing what true love is and in seeing that teaches them to seek that same foundation of love.

From Tara, student of Twin Flame Ascension School and member of our Open Forum:

I have four children. They have been one of the biggest ascension tools to help me on my Twin Flame Journey. They are all amazing and a special piece of God.

A loving channeled daily decree for you and your Twin Flame Family: 

Our family is one of love, joy, and peace 

We will cherish each other as we celebrate our differences

We will continue to grow and learn together

   We have purpose, passion, and power 

Our spiritual family is one of love and gratitude 

We are loved and love each other unconditionally

 Our communication is honest and kind

Putting value on fun, and laughing together 

As we comfort and encourage each other everyday.

Thank you!

Thank you to all the amazing people within our community and the world that they are changing, by doing the work every single day. You are facing the challenges and offering your ideas and experiences within your own Twin Flame spiritual families, and we appreciate each one of you.

If you feel the desire to go deeper in your spiritual family and Union Subscribe to our free Twin Flame Introductory Course.In doing so you are claiming your Union and Divine journey.

Written by: Jenny Jenkins 

With contributions from wonderful members in our Twin Flame community

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